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gosh I feel like I'm posting this late, but I just finished writing it a little while ago! today was a crazy busy day, on top of it being Jongdae birthday I it was my mother's so I spent the evening with her doing fun things and didn't get to finish it until I got home. plus in a few days eek I get to see my besties and do road trip out to visit one of them! crazy whole week lol. so I did a really long chapter, plus we got a couple special appearances from people randomly popping up! so look forward to that as you read!
Jenni was startled awake by a dream. It shook her to the core. Reading that book was starting to effect her and it was seeping into her conscious. She was going to have to stop reading it before bed.  Looking over to her side she saw namjoon was still asleep next to her. It brought a smile to her face as she saw him sleeping and holding onto one of her panda stuffed animals. He had one hand wrapped around it and the other she had been lying on so he could hold onto her as they slept.  It was becoming very common for them to sleep together.  Kooki stayed over just as much and was probably doing the same with sarah. Namjoon turned in his sleep and his hand that was behind her groped around until it touched her back. "Panda" he mumbled in his sleep. "Sleep" With the reassurance that she wasn't alone, she laid back down and cuddle into his side. The next time she woke up there was a low rumble and vibration under her ear. There was a light brush against her cheek  and she had to brush it away with her hand and turn her face to bury it so it didn't happen again. "You awake panda?" Namjoon murmured making hee groan. "Now I am, what were you doing? " she asked turning her face up so she could see him. " Baby panda wanted to wake you up" he told her with a grin. It made her smile and bury her face against his chest. Jenni made an inaudible groan and then unburied her head. "What time is it? " She asked "3. Your alarm woke me up" he told her.  "Ah  oh work that's right" jenni groaned. "Did you wake in the middle of the night?"  Namjoon asked her "I had a nightmare" jenni said "Im sorry panda" he said as he started to rub her back "did it go away?" He asked.  "Yea it did. " she said then turned to him, "the sight of you cuddling with my panda helped alot" She giggled "Oh did it?" He grinned  "You have so many animals on this bed it's either snuggle with them and you or get smothered " he told Jenni. "Hey, my animals aren't going anywhere buddy so get used to them " Jenni grinned at him. "Oh yea!" He got a devious look on his face and then started with the panda's and went on to the various other animals until he had her unicorn pillow he was throwing on the ground. "You monster! My poor babies!" Jenni exclaimed staring in horror at what he was doing. He knew she was laughing about it so he was laughing out loud. "Jenni shut up in there! You don't have actual babies" sarah called out. Oh she could hear. "He's throwing my baby panda's around!" Jenni exclaimed . There was alot of movement and then her door flew open. Thankfully everyone was dressed in pajamas.  Sarah stood at the doorway and looked to see all the animals laying on the ground,  she burst out laughing. "Its not funny" jenni whined "Yes it is Jen jen.  Your panda's have been defeated by the god of destruction! " Sarah laughed Jenni sat there as the two of them laughed, finally she spoke up. "I don't know whether I should try defending my boyfriend, agree that he destroyed my panda army,  or feel upset with both of you for laughing about it" jenni stated her three thoughts, it made Sarah laugh harder. Kooki was coming up from behind Sarah now. "Kooki! Go destroy her tiger army!" Jenni instructed. He looked at her and just shook his head. "I like her tigers she named one after me . plus they don't reside on the bed" Kooki said "Well neither does Joonie!" Jenni said  and then laughed at what she said, stretching out her arm over Namjoon she said sorry. "I meant the big panda you got me named Joonie " she pointed to the corner were it sat. "Thanks for not having that on the bed" he told her sarcastically. "Nope but I sometime sit on the floor and cuddle up with it" jenni told him.  "Alright,  Jenni we have to get ready for work now" sarah said finally moving out of the doorway.  "The fun is over " jenni sighed as she got out of bed, she picked up her animals and and put them back on the bed. "Are you staying here or going back to your dorm?" Jenni asked  as she rummaged for clothes. "Stay here, sleep" he said making her chuckle. "Smart man. I guess I'll be seeing you here when I get back," Jenni left her room and met up with sarah, Kooki was staying and sleeping until they got back as well. Ready for the show?" Sarah asked as they took their seats. "Yea, hmm oh so I wanted to talk about my dream" jenni said  randomly. "Really? Oh god not another one" sarah said "Actually a nightmare  and I swear if I don't talk about it on the radio you'll never listen to my crazy dreams " jenni said. "Thats not true.  . . Okay it kind of is " sarah grimaced. "Ten minutes " she put a time limited and jenni smiled and nodded. "Im okay with that" jenni said "So I had this crazy dream that I woke up in the middle of.  I'm kind of disappointed I wanted to know how it ended" jenni pouted "Oh really, Ruby you always have crazy dreams" sarah laughed "Yea but see this was different it wasn't so much weird as it kind of made sense to me." Jenni said. "Alright fine tell me about your dream " sarah said.  "Okay so at first I was with a big group of people, the guys from bts were there and we were celebrating something, I don't really remember the first half of the dream but it's the second part because we were all staying in the haunted house. I loved the house cause it was like an old style Japanese house were the rooms were laid out in a row in a circle all connected  well I would call it a porch but I don't think that's the right word for it  but anyway then in the middle there was an open area that had a little garden and a pond. It was really cool" jenni started explaining it "Wait was I in you dream too?  Why would we stay at a haunted house like that?" Sarah questioned "You did appear so yea and we liked the house and found out it was haunted after we were there " jenni shrugged "Okay continue" sarah urged on. "Anyway so everyone went to bed and in the middle of the night I woke up and felt the urge to walk around outside so I got dressed in this really pretty nightgown, it reminded me of a hanbok, so I started walking around the house, I thought everyone was asleep so it shocked me when I saw someone else walking around, and since she was dressed the same way I thought it was you. But then when I turned the corner the person was gone. I looked around and couldn't spot anyone so I checked your room and you were asleep. Then I heard whistling coming from far away. " Jenni stopped for a moment. "Whistling? Oh god you have that thing from the book stuck in your head" sarah laughed "Whistling is creepy, it freaks me out now. I mean ugh so many bad things tie with whistling" jenni commented "Okay so I followed it and all of a sudden I was walking down a path in the woods and randomly I'm holding a pillow and a panda stuffed animal" jenni laughed "You would wouldn't you? You needed safety blankets" sarah laughed too  "Well earlier that night I had a dream I went shopping for them and got that and randomly 2 cheezits, I don't know why 2 single ones but yea" jenni laughed  "anyway it ended when I got to the end of the path and somebody was following behind me, it looked like an old woman with a dog,  I was trying to get away from her so when someone appeared in front of me I went with him" jenni said "And then I woke up! " she whined the last part. Sarah just laughed. "Oh Ruby, you have too big of an imagination" sarah said "I know, which is why I wanted to know what my subconscious was going to do!" Jenni laughed "So how come you said the dream made sense to you?" Sarah asked confused "Oh well you see before I went to bed I was writing up a short story and looking at Everland, they go all out for Halloween during the month of October and I was looking at all the attractions, so I had spooky stuff in my head to begin with!" Jenni explained. "Okay  and that little bit effects you!  Got it!" Sarah laughed "now your ten minutes are up, moving on" sarah said making Jenni laugh. "Oh fine" jenni huffed. "Okay so let's talk a little bit about the book. Hey I wonder if other bts fans are reading the book 'Demian' as well to get some insight on their videos they did recently " sarah questioned "Oh I bet, I mean we've seen a couple theories on YouTube that stemmed from the book" jenni said,  "Well how about we tell our thoughts and maybe get some listeners to phone in and tell us their thoughts! " Sarah said "Omo, Diamond it's like a book club " jenni laughed The two of them went of in theories of what they thought and then took a couple callers.  It seemed there was alot of people who were reading the book and had theories of their own. They finished the show after reflecting theories and then we're done. When the girls got home from the morning show they came in to find the guys still there, still asleep.  Sarah was the first one to say night and head into her room and snuggle down next to kooki. Jenni being wide awake grabbed her book and crawled into bed next to Joonie. She read her book and eventually fell asleep.  By ten o'clock the guys had to leave,  already an hour behind scedule,  so after getting up they left and said they might come by later that night. The afternoon show was nothing exciting, the girls talked about having 2 pm on the show the other day and then had random conversations.  Sarah brought up a story about her friend and an interview for hell for a job. "You have to back up and tell me why this was an interview for hell." Jenni said backtracking. "Well its not really for hell but the interviewer was so bad that it would be like hell, at least that's what she said. It's actually a job for a pre-school teacher. I thought it would be a good job for her, I mean she deals with kids alot and has a teaching degree" sarah explained. "Okay,  so what made the interview so bad?" Jenni asked "Well you would think interviews take half hour,  hour tops! Nope hers was 2 and a half hours long Plus the woman only asked five questions. She scedule two parent teacher conferences at the same time and were supposed to happen minutes after her interview." Sarah said. "Seriously?  That's a little scattered brainish, that's saying something coming from me since I'm totally unaware of times ... sometimes " jenni laughed "Oh complete scattered brain, she had no answers to her questions and then she would continue leaving the room,  answering phone calls and talking to the parents. Then the woman said that she had three jobs and she was doing a great job handling it and would love to have my friend working under her supervision " sarah laughed "Oh just hearing about it again, I just laugh at that" sarah said "Yes that sounds like a nightmare, she didn't accept the job did she?" Jenni asked "Oh no, she sent a nicely written email declining,  the woman sent her a message back saying 'that makes me sad'. With a sad face emoji" sarah laughed "Are we high schoolers? Actually I don't even think high schooler would do that maybe middle schoolers!" Jenni laughed "when is it even appropriate to do that in the workplace?" She questioned "I would think never." sarah said. "That sounds like the worst kind of interview" jenni was shaking her head. "So I'm thinking why don't we take a few callers and see what they think.  Is it appropriate to send messages with emoji symbols to possible people to hire?  " Sarah asked "Also what about texting, before even hired should a boss be texting you for interview?" Jenni asked "Thats a little weird too" sarah said "So things that should not take place on an interview!" They took a bunch of callers and just about everyone agreed that it wasn't appropriate and then they got a bunch of stories about people who went on horrible job interviews and when and how it just went wrong.   Some of the stories were kind of funny some were cringe worthy, "Well this has been a different topic, we haven't done serious topics in a while that didn't relate to music but we have to wrap up for the day now" jenni said making sarah chuckle. "Lets play a couple songs before we head out! We'll be here tomorrow bright and early everyone have a good night!" Sarah said before turning music on. "That was very interesting. You ever think about going to work at a school?" Jenni asked "Hmm I've thought about it  but that would be to many kids for me to handle" sarah laughed "Yea, I couldn't do it " jenni shook her head "Its just me and you tonight you want to To grab food?" Jenni asked. "Sure" sarah said. "Maybe bookstore after?" She slipped in there as they walked sarah just laughed, "Jenni we're already reading a book!" Sarah said "Oh but come on, we're almost done and I need a new book that is not physiological " jenni said "Alright fine but I pick food then!" Sarah said. After they ate the two of them went to a bookstore down the way and roamed the aisles. "Jen Jen I found the perfect book for you? " Sarah called out making her look around.  She had become so engrossed in a Manga book. "Where are you?" Jenni called out. There hadn't been that many people in the store so not many people would be wandering around inside. Rounding the corner she bumped into someone.  "Eek I'm sorry" Jenni said "Its okay, you alright?" The guy asked. She recognized that voice looking up she grinned. "Kisu! What are you doing here? " jenni was baffled running into him. "Buying a book" he said lifting his hand to show her a book. "Jen jen I found your book! It's to help you interpret your dreams!" Sarah rounded the corner as she was talking "Oh omg Kisu what are you doing here?" Sarah was startled. "Buying a book" he said showing her the book. "Why are you offering a book about dreams? " he asked. "Your so mean to me" jenni whined. "How? " She asked "You make fun of me! Kisu tell her to stop!" Jenni exclaimed making kisu chuckle. "Im not getting involved. " Smart man  "I also found a romance for myself" sarah added lifting up another book. All of a sudden they started discussing books and then asking kisu what book he was looking at. It turned into a whole discussion about what everyone's favorite genre was. By the time the three actually picked books out for themselves an hour went by jenni asked if anyone wanted bubble tea only to find out that Cory had been waiting at the shop so kisu could get a book.  Sarah was happy to see him and they grabbed drinks and hung out until the two guys had to leave then the girls left.
The early morning show the next day went by in a breeze and uneventful and the afternoon flew by. Namjoon and Kooki were busy working so they could take a day off over the weekend to spend with them. So the girls ended up starting to watch 'Lets drink' drama and got sucked into it. By the time the afternoon came and they had to leave for work they didn't want to so they could just finish the episode, even though they were only half way through.  Reluctantly they paused it and left.  "We're back in your ear Seoul!" Sarah said opening up the show. "And guesses what! It's almost the weekend! Woo-hoo it's Friday! " Jenni said excitedly making sarah laugh. "Yup and after our eventful week we'll need a break!" Sarah said "Oh we don't get a break!" Jenni said innocently "see we have to see what people want us to do this weekend!" She added making sarah laugh. "Thats right! We gotta have something fun to do so we can tell you about it on Monday! " Sarah said "Lets take a look at some suggestions!" Jenni said pulling up their website on her computer. Sarah did the same "So I'm looking at the forum people made for us and Ruby is looking at our official Web page! If anyone has suggestions you have until 4 to post it! We won't decide until near the end of the show!" Sarah said "Oh I'm seeing some good ones posted! Someone suggested sumo wrestling! And there's Karoke! Hey this is interesting they tell us to check out this music cafe!" Jenni read a few of the comments. "Those are pretty interesting ideas.  Sumo wrestling oh gosh I'd need alot of padding. I'm skin and bone here!  I'll go flying! " Sarah laughed "That just means we'll have to do it in costumes! Omg do you remember those balloon unicorns we saw in a video! If we dressed up in those outfits we could so do it!" Jenni laughed "I'd want to be a tiger!" Sarah declared "I'd be a panda! And guess what it would actually make sense cause panda's are big and fluffy!" Jenni laughed "and I would so win! My panda army has to make a come back!" Jenni exclaimed ,sarah just laughed. "I am not the one who destroyed your panda army!" Sarah announced. "Your boyfriend did!" Sarah added. "But you laughed at it!" Jenni said "For those of you who don't know, actually I don't think we shared this epic tale!  So Ruby here has alot of pandas on her bed and so when she sleeps she cuddles with them and her boyfriend when he stays the night" sarah started. "Omgee your giving away my private information!" Jenni stated in fake horror. "Oh please! Like you care if people know you sleep with stuffed animals" sarah laughed. "Yes but-" "Besides if anyone knows you they could invision it in a heart beat. Fact I think even our listeners can as well!" Sarah added. Jenni thought for a second,  "Im going to take that as a compliment and overlook it, go on" jenni allowed her to continue the story.  "Alright were was I? Oh yea Ruby sleeps with panda's and yesturday her boyfriend got sick of it and decided he didn't want to sleep with them too so he threw them all on the ground" sarah laughed "Oh if you could have seen the look of horror on Ruby's face, it was so funny she looked so devastated. I came in and told her your panda army has Been destroyed!" Sarah laughed "You two ganged up on my poor panda's! " Jenni pouted. "I'll get you back for it! And him!" Jenni warned. "I didn't even do anything!" Sarah exclaimed. "You laughed and pointed it out " jenni narrowed her eyes. "Ooo you hear that! She's warning me she's gonna do something " sarah laughed again.  "Just wait!" Jenni said "Okay let's play a song so that Ruby here can settle down and become happy " sarah said "Ruby what song are are you addicted to this week?" Sarah asked "Dancing king! I love that song it makes me so cheery!" Jenni said "Your making up words again!  " Sarah said. "But I love the song too so I'll allow it to pass! So here we go dancing king!" Sarah said and turned on the song. "I can't believe you shared that on air " jenni glared at her friend "Oh please!  I'm really hoping the guys heard this and Namjoon heard your warning to him" sarah grinned. "Oh he better watch out!  Who knows panda Joonie might just end up On the bed instead of him" jenni said making sarah laugh. "He's a replacement for when he's not there not for when he is " sarah told her.  "Oh so you do that with tiger kooki?" Jenni questioned "I doo" she sang out. When they came back on the two for them went through a list of new songs and comebacks that we're taking place presently. When they were done sarah wanted to play her addicted to song. "So I'm going to bring GD back up with Black because I'm am loving the hell out of this song right now! " Sarah said "Oh thats a good song!" Jenni said as they played it. "So it's already three do we want to take a bunch of callers after a couple more songs?" Sarah asked "Sure" jenni shrugged. "See what's up with people!" Jenni said. After four more songs they came back on and said they would take a couple callers. The first three callers talked about their day and an eventful thing that happened. One caller had said they were at a book store the other night  and had spotted kisu from 24 K,  she had been so excited but hadn't approached him because she was to shy. Apparently she saw him walk away with a couple other people who he probably came to the store with. She had wanted to tell us about it because Jenni had pronounced him her new best friend when they came on the show a couple weeks ago. It made Jenni and sarah blush that they had been spotted but hadn't been known. After that call they got another interesting caller. "Lets take another call!" Sarah said flipping a switch  "your on with Diamond and Ruby, how are you doing?" Sarah asked "Hi, um is your refrigerator running?" The caller asked. Jenni and sarah stared at each other for a moment. "Are we getting pranked here" jenni questioned "No" the caller said "Okay, then no my refrigerator is gone" jenni said "You scared your refrigerator away!" The caller said. "No it was stolen, in the middle of the night" sarah said "I stole it" the caller was trying not to laugh. "You stole it! Omg Diamond this guys the one who keeps taking our left overs!" Jenni exclaimed nor able to hold back her laughter. "And they were yummy!" The caller chuckled "Hey that means you took my panda cookies" jenni gasped. "Ruby that was . . wait yes, yes it was him! He killed your panda army!" Sarah changed her thought half way through.  "I knew someone did!  You killed my baby panda's,  you devoured them! " Jenni laughed "Wow wow,  no I like panda! I like tiger too! I eat tiger cookies too" the caller said. "What?" Sarah blinked "you devoured my tiger army too!" Sarah exclaimed "Uh oh you think panda bad, tiger ferocious!" Jenni said "Be ready for tiger animals to attack when they see you " sarah said.  Jenni covered her mic for a second.  "Do you recognize the voice? " Jenni questioned, sarah nodded. "Then the refrigerator I took will keep me housed inside away from tigers! " he said. The girls laughed.  "Oh best prank call! Thanks for going along with it there,  thought you would give up " sarah laughed "That was fun" he said. "So you want to tell us who you are, cause I swear I've heard that voice before,  hmm, somewhere " jenni faked not knowing. "Its Jackson baby!" He said. "Jackson! You missed us!" Sarah said "I couldn't stay away!" He laughed. "You know I can totally see you doing prank calls, how did I not see that coming " sarah laughed. "Because we don't get to many of them " jenni stated. For the next couple minutes they talked to Jackson and Randomly their new comeback was brought up.  "Your trailer is coming out soon isn't it?" Sarah questioned " at midnight on Monday!  Keep an eye on it! It's about to rock you!" Jackson was pumped. "And Ruby and Diamond will so be staying up to watch it come out!" Jenni laughed "I have to get back to work now. It was fun playing with you! " Jackson. The girls said goodbyes and told him to have a good weekend. Jenni was giggling like crazy in her seat. "That was fun! Omgosh he is just like a kid,  love it" jenni giggled "Play with us any time Jackson! Games are always fun!" Sarah said. "Um people's I think Ruby has gone crazy-er! " Sarah declared. "Oh that was so awesome! Love having people having fun with us! Not to mention we just got to talk to Jackson " jenni said "See! This is why we make friends with people,  they call us and entertain us and people get to hear it!" Sarah said.  "Okay okay I have to settle cause it's time to finally go over the recommendations for what to do this weekend!" Jenni said breathing in and out as to slow her heart down. "Lets take a look!" Jenni and Sarah went through several comments reading just about all of them then narrowed it down to two choices.  "Okay so we each have an event we want to do let's have you guys decide which one! ” Sarah said "So we narrowed it down to either laser tag or a festival that is happening this weekend" jenni said "Im personally voting for the festival but I think laser tag would be good to do with more then two people " sarah said.  "True!" Jenni agreed. After taking a bunch of calls it was decided they would be doing the festival.  "Alright well that is times up for us! We'll let you guys go and have a good weekend everyone! " Jenni waved at her mic. "This is Diamond and Ruby signing out! " Sarah said then turned the mics off and switched to music. "Well this will be a fun weekend. Oh my gosh I can't believe Jackson called in. He was so funny " sarah said. "We've been having a bunch of people we've seen. I can't believe someone actually saw us with kisu last night though,, that was shocking" jenni said as they stood up and started to leaving the studio. They said goodbye to Julia. "Oh wait wait" she grabbed ahold of them I wanted to talk to you two!" She stopped them "What's up Julia?" Jenni asked. "Well I want to thank you for letting me come with you guys when you took 2 pm out to dinner " she said. "Yea no problem,  you know you can join any time " sarah said. "Well I also wanted to thank you, he asked me out" she squealed  jenni stared "Who?" Jenni asked making them laugh. "Chansung" Julia said. "Oh yea, you two looked so cute together " she squealed, "So when are you two going out?" Sarah asked. "Uh Sunday night.  He said it's one of the few days he gets time off " she said, "Thats awesome!" Sarah said, "But well I wanted your advice on what to do" she said shyly "What do you mean?" Sarah asked. "Like how to act with him? What is like dating a famous person? What you should do on the date? " Jenni asked. Julia looked embarrassed "All the above!" She finally said making them laugh. "Well why don't we go have some food together and talk about it! " Sarah said. "Yea we can, I'm due for my break" she said. "Just an hour though " she said  "Plenty of time " The girls linked arms with Julia and dragged her out.  They went to a nearby Chinese place and got food and talked about it all.  They told her what is was like dating and how she should act like herself. But was refreshing to see her so interested in a guy that they didn't leave any advice they could give out. When they were done Julia thanked them and told the girls she would let them know everything about the date on Monday morning. Sarah and Jenni were looking forward to hearing about it. After that they went back home and finished watching their drama "Lets drink" and then started a new episode preparing to finish the rest of the drama.  They would be going to the festival the next day.   Sarah and Jenni had messaged kooki and Namjoon but hadn't gotten a reply yet and knowing they were probably still working didn't expect a reply until tomorrow. Around 1 o'clock Jenni called it quits and went to bed sarah followed suit.  Jenni left a message for Joonie saying good night and to get some sleep himself and not overwork himself. With a random thought jenni grabbed her big panda and moved it to the bed so she could sleep with it. If she couldn't have her Joonie she'd take panda Joonie instead. In the middle of sleeping Jenni sat up right hearing a noise come from somewhere in the apartment.  Her first thought was burglar her second Thought was,  boys have keys, it better be them or she would throw panda at whoever came in . . . Either way she just might. The door opened to her room and she pretended like she was sleeping cuddling the big panda,  hiding her face so he couldn't see her grinning. Oh she knew who it was. He approached and sighed seeing her and then he was trying to take the big panda away from her. She clung onto it and wrapped her legs around it so it could be moved,  "Come on panda let it go" he heaved. Jenni just held on tighter. "I know your awake panda. I'm tired and want to sleep, let it go" he told her. Shaking her head back and forth she said no. "Panda are you getting me back?" He questioned as he let go of the panda, abandoning it. "Fine then I'll just go sleep on the couch" he said turning to leave.  A split second jenni was letting go of the panda and turning to grab him, except he really hadn't gone anywhere!  "I knew you were awake! " he said. "Joonie!" Jenni exclaimed. Namjoon chuckled "Can you move the panda so I can crawl in bed with you?" He asked. Jenni nodded and he took the panda away and then jenni moved over so he could get in next to her.  She curled up next to him. "Did you just get done practicing? " She asked sleepily. "Yes we came straight here. Now go back to sleep so we can get up tomorrow " namjoon said. "Did you get my message about the festival? " Jenni asked "Yes I saw." He said. "Will you come?" She asked,  "Planning on it. Now panda go to sleep " namjoon told her once more, she saw his eyes were already closed.  Snuggling into him once more she did what he said and fell back asleep.
So I bet you spotted special guests! we mostly got Kisu from 24 K and Cory mentioned and then we got Jackson from Got7. after getting a prank call at work I was all over wanting to do one, except have the person actually be sharp enough to continue on even when it went of script. Jackson came to mind thinking he would so do this!!!
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I love how you put Kisu and Cory in there and the part with Jackson was so cute!
It's funny you mention let's drink. That drama has my crying from laughing so hard
Yea we both decided to start watching it because it looks like fun lol
I'm so screwed up with the time frame....I think we left off on Friday of last week but now it's Friday of this week. which is totally cool....but I shall post later in the weekend. I'll have some time to write while someone *cough cough Jenni * drives, this weekend.
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Yea hopefully I can wrote a bit tonight but if not that's ok lol
So you didn't tell us what kind of festival.....hmm.... We get some very strange ones here.
oh we keeping that a secret, 😏 mostly cause I don't even know. so really its all up to Sarah lol.
Omg! This was so adorable dying from cuteness!!!