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Hello Vinglers,

The time sure does fly!

We are excited to announce the 2016 Q4 Vingle Moderators!

As previously outlined, the Moderators will promote the growth of the Community that they and their fellow Vinglers love. From October 1st to December 31st, 2016,
Moderators will bear a lot of responsibility, so we ask all Vinglers to extend their gratitude and aid to the Moderators of their Communities.
As we look to consistently improve the Community Moderator system, we urge Vinglers to feel free to give us feedback and suggestions for future improvements.

Our Moderators are:

Japanese Anime - @AimeBolanos
Fairy Tail - @Tylor619
Bleach - @ZephyrBlaze
Kpop - @MattK95
BTOB- @Helixx
VIXX - @JiyongLeo
Cross Gene - @AimeeH
G-Dragon - @BBxGD
Pokemon Go - @Nyan
ASTRO - @Isolate
Fan Fiction - @Bangtanss
Jay Park - @pandaqueenbee
UNIQ - @MadAndrea
Monsta X - @MonAnnahiX
Big Bang - @KwonOfAKind
Kangin (Super Junior) - @KokoroNoTakara
Chanyeol (EXO) - @SarahVandorn
SHINee- @VixenViVi
Red Velvet - @kpopandkimchi
Seventeen - @IsoldaPazo
GOT7 - @Luna1171
History (Kpop) - @Storiamom426
Simon Dominic - @DayDaySMDC
Boys Republic - @MelissaGarza
Travel South Korea - @caricakes
Winner - @resavalencia
Super Junior - @KaiLuhan4ever
Big Bang TOP - @Lovetop
Day6 - @ChaErica
Donghae (Super Junior) - @QueenPandaBunny
Skincare - @amobts
Marvel Comics - @BeannachtOraibh
There were many applications, so if you did not receive the position you hoped for, please message the Moderator of that community and ask to be Support. You help is appreciated!

Congratulations Moderators and thank you to all that applied!

Congrats to all the Mods!❤
Congratulations to everyone and all my beautiful friends.
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@IsoldaPazo thanks!! 😊
congratulations everyone I can't wait to see what yall are going to show us this quarter
Congratulations everyone! also @resavalencia I would love to help you with winner!
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of course 😚😚😚
Congratulations everyone!!!
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