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Hello and welcome! The seventh episode of Foreign Flower~ TOP's Petal edition! :D I hope you're ready for everything that's to come^^ >:3 Just in case you want to turn back now~ > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3 ---> Episode 4 ----> Episode 5 -----> Episode 6 Ready or not, let's start! ;D Please enjoy!^^ *bows*
Episode 7~ You wince- the pain from the stiletto heel keeping you from running full speed. <<Aishh!>> You take a second to stop and yank each shoe off, tossing them towards the car. TOP had left you no time to thoroughly react after he took off running towards the foreign man. You had struggled to unbuckle your seat belt and open the door with fear the potential danger that TOP could put himself in overflowing your imagination. The frigid concrete against the balls of your feet didn't feel so great, but the mere mental image of a beaten up TOP felt worse. Your feet carry you until the end of the street where you catch outline of a tall figure walking back with their head dropped low. "Oppa?" you call out, regretting it immediately with the uncertainty of being alone still incomplete. The figure looks up, letting you define the characteristic outlines of TOP's facial features. He crosses the street in a few long strides and throws and arm over you, pinning you to his body on the spot. "Aishh! Who said you could run after me? It's dangerous for you!" TOP muttered in a low growl. You manage to pull back from his grip far enough to make him loosen his grip. "Of course I'd run after you, something could have happened." He shakes his head, "aishh, you don't trust me and my super powers do you? Well, whoever that was, he got away, but now it's a matter of being more careful. I don't know what he was doing or why he was here, but I don't want to take any chances in being safe." "I think I've seen-" "Omo, are those your shoes!?" TOP gasps, letting you go to run over and pick up your heels off the street. "Why aren't you wearing shoes!? You could get sick! Aigoo! I don't want to deal with you sick again!" "I had to! Or else I couldn't catch up to you as quickly!" you protest. TOP's eyebrows creased into one another, "that's not a good enough reason, my darling is not allowed to get sick any more from now on." He reaches out and takes your hand then sinks down to a knee and puts your hand on his shoulder for you to balance yourself as he slid your heels back onto your feet. "There. Now let's get inside and give you hot tea so you don't catch a cold," he commanded. You watch as TOP secures the locks on the door then peeks through the curtains, double checking the locks once more before turning to you. "Yaah! Go put on something warm! And slippers! What's the point of coming inside when you're not going to look after your health without me!?" He finishes with a fox like grin, throwing you in for a loop with his serious voice yet gentle face. Despite the temptation to respond with a snarky remark of your own, you bit your lip and erase the mental pictures of smacking him for running after a stranger without calling the police. "What do you think he was here for?" you ask as a way to divert your thoughts. TOP shrugs, closing the gap between the two of you. "I can't say. I lost him right around the corner, and he didn't seem to be carrying anything harmful, maybe he was just some sasaeng," he answers, slipping a warm hand underneath your jaw, his thumb caressing your cheek as lifted your face up to receive a soft kiss on your forehead. "Don't worry about it," he says pulling back with a tender facade. "I'll take care of it, just be extra careful this weekend when I leave." "China..... right?" You ask, recalling the documents you received from a Chinese magazine company that requested to interview the members of BigBang. TOP's eyebrows shoot up. "Aigoo! Are you that big of a fan that you know all my appointments, or do you just go through my profile at work?" "Yaah! I do no such thing! I had to fill out the paperwork for the interview so that's how I found out! Why would go through your profile?" His lips curl into a mischievous smirk, "because how long have you loved me?" Your cheeks flush bright tomato, causing you to yank yourself out of TOP's arms and turn to head into the bedroom to change. "Yaah! Come back and love me!" TOP whines while holding back his deep chuckles. With the days advancing towards the date of TOP's departure with the members to China, TOP had dedicated himself to making sure there were locks on the windows, and upgrading the new security system, using the excuse that he would kept procrastinating the topic and wanted to do it so no one could sneak in and copy his precious art. Those days, TOP had driven you to and from work, even when he wasn't required to show up at YG and even after he left to China, your phone opposed to letting every message TOP sent you via Kakao and Snapchat go off without beeping about its presence every fifteen minutes. "Do you not have things to do? I'm cooking e.e" Your phone beeps seconds later with a reply. "Oh really? What are you cooking? Show me~ seeing the picture will fill me up instantly!" You grin, "No, go eat. Make Seung-Ri oppa pay, he always has money." Again, your phone beeps before you managed to set it down. "kekeke that's what I'm doing~~"
Your phone rings early morning, stirring you away from pleasantry. <<Holy crap, does he not sleep? Is this his way to mess with me for running barefoot that night? Hasn't it gone too far?>> Eyes still closed, your hand locates the device and pulls it closely to your ear. "Helrro?" you mutter. "Why didn't you tell me!?" You flinch, jerking the phone away to save your eardrums from being blown out. "Put her on speaker phone!" "I want to hear her reply too!" You crack an eye open, managing to see Seung-Ri's contact photo on your screen quickly enough before the light in the room could completely penetrate through. "Riri oppa?-" "You're on speaker phone with now so answer truthfully! Why didn't you say anything?!" He repeats. "About what?" "You know exactly what we're talking about; about that night with TOP hyung," you hear Ji-Yong yell in the back. Bed covers well over your head, you curl up into a ball and lay the phone on your face. "He said I didn't have to worry about it." "Worry about it? And you agree to this or did he make you agree?" Seung-Ri contends. "Uhh, kind of both. I mean, he knows what he's doing right? I trust him." "Could you give us a warning next time?" Tae-Yang shouts over Ji-Yong's laughing. "Uhm, sure? If I can figure out how, I will." "Aigoo! We were thrown in for a loop! We thought TOP hyung was just being playful like usual, not serious!" Dae-Sung inserts with his own laughter. "Where is he, by the way?" you ask after being unable to detect his voice. "Finishing a photo shoot. We went first after the interview so that's why we're in the make up room calling you. But seriously, why didn't you us sooner!?" Seung-Ri continues whining. "Well- it was kind of unexpected. I can't really predict when you get stalked." "Wait what? "What?" "What are you talking about?" Your eyes slowly open underneath the blanket, "what are YOU talking about?" "TOP hyung said he had a girlfriend to the interviewer, and that's you right?" Tae-Yang asks. You shoot up from the bed immediately, "He said what!?" "Guess he didn't tell her what he was going to do did he?" Dae-Sung's smile carries on to his words. "He didn't tell any of us- we'll have to pick this fight with him," Ji-Yong chuckles.
You pace back and forth the small corridor in front of the main door. As soon as BigBang landed safely on South Korean soil, you had seen the paparazzi swarm TOP like a fly to a freshly cut fruit, bombarding him with questions and multiple cameras in his face. Even though you watched the mess go down live your laptop, you could only imagine the rush of adrenaline TOP had to withstand with multiple individuals trying to poke a hole in his defenses. The amount of time it took for a "leaked" source about TOP's confession to each the internet, was just as fast as it took to legitimately bake a cake from scratch- if not, faster. You watched the comments take over article pages as the VIP fandom argued with each other about the whole statement being a hoax by the magazine company, and who his sweetheart may actually be. Attending work made it worse with some of the employees cracking jokes about the topic as if it were just another of the many rumors Netziens tried to throw TOP in. You practice a couple of breathing exercises you managed to find online to calm your anxiety, acknowledging in the back of your mind that there was no possible way you could bring yourself to beat his perfect ass for basically screwing his career and your own. The sound of a juggling knob catches your attention, making you freeze and turn in the direction of the opening door. TOP slides in with a small luggage in his hand, closing the door behind him instantly and dropping the bag on the ground so he could focus his attention on you. "A welcome home hug? Kiss perhaps?" TOP grins. "Hug? Kiss? Well, might as well do it in public so they can have the coffins ready for when they come out to kill us," you growl. "Oh, that?" TOP chuckles, taking a long stride to pull you into a tight hug before you had the chance to pull back. "You do realize I didn't say who my girlfriend was, right?" "What do you me-" "I accidentally let it slip that I was seeing someone yes, but when I was asked who, I told them it was best to keep it a secret until the time was right." You pull your head back to look up at him, "and when is the time right? After we've been caught?" TOP leans down to plant a warm kiss on your forehead. "We're not going to get caught. Believe me, I'm good at keeping secrets." You shake your head, "the whole kpop fandom is going to be watching you, oppa, and me living with you is only going to add more fuel to the flame-" "Yaah! If you think about leaving, I'm going to tell them that you broke my heart after all I afford was love!" He grins wickedly. "That's playing dirty!" you protest. "Well I haven't seen you for a few days so I'm allowed to." He lets you go then scoops in to snatch a quick kiss from your lips. "Change your shoes, we're going out to eat tonight." You chew on your lip, savoring the flavor of his lips on yours before it had the time to disappear. "I don't think that's a good idea. I really don't think that's a good idea at all." TOP winks, "I'll take care of whatever happens, come on." Inside the car, TOP hands you a medical mask, helping calm the anxiety in your bones. His large warm hand resting comfortably on top of yours while he drove with a single hand and hummed along to the gentle lyrics that filled the car. Merging onto one of main streets, the car quickly gets surrounded by other cars, trapping you in the dense traffic. But with TOP's maneuvering, he manages to break free and take the lesser packed roads. "We've been around here before, remember? First time you had dinner with the members and I," TOP says with a soft smile as he waiting patiently for the cars to move once the light turned green. You look around, recognizing the street signs and the flashy lights. "This is where we went to that restaura-" Your eyes narrow down on the familiar characteristics of someone you knew too well. "Omo, is the CEO eating there tonight? That's his assistant right?" TOP asks, bringing the car to a stop when the lights had turned yellow just as he approaches the cross walk lines. You hadn't noticed the other man, your attention was on the face you saw a few nights ago, and in his hands open to collect a familiar small bag, like the one you received and had yet to open.
Omo! I think things are about to get intense o.o Like, uber intense o.o Maybe TOPPED ;) Well- maybe..... but you'd have to stick around to see in Monday's episode! :D Thank you all for reading!^^ I hope you've enjoyed! :D See you all soon! :3 *bows*
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Monday is too far away
Wwwaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! Did I miss a chapter or something?????
The secretary is in on it! 😱 or is he receiving orders from the higher uppers?🤔.
i lost it when he told me to come back and love him. cheeky man.
Omo! Omo! Omo! If top gets any fluffier I'm gonna literally die.. *prepares fan girl grave,* Sai you are literally killing me.. I can't possibly be anymore inlove with him why are you doing this to me.. *cries softly* Choi Seung Hyun you are too good for this world.
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