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This Man right here kicks me in the feels just by existing. He renders me speechless... He is my got7 bias and the one that keeps moving up my bias list. Right now he is number 4 on my bias list. But this boy argh....does everyone feel me if not let me destroy your feels with the help of Jinyoungie.... credits to owners of all gifs and pics
this right here that smile I feel it all the way to my soul
I have no words but he can pull off that ugly sweater
so Sexy while reading....
definitely a star...I swear I'm not looking at your lips and imagining biting them or kissing them... I am focused on your hands...wish I could hi five it again...or maybe even hold
why do u need to be rude and give my heart an attack...
don't think to hard about me...I think hard enough about our relationship....bahaha
my soul is attempting to leave because your are just too adorable
I'm not ready for the comeback my feels are already all over the place
I want to save you...wait for me
I promise to be hear for you always as a fan. Happy Birthday JinYoung
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Those white pants.....oh my