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I had a random moment with my sister talking about noses ( This guy from a show called "Love at First Kiss" had a weird nose). Anyways I was telling her how I think J-Hope has a perfect nose that I like to admire and decided to make a card of this masterpiece 馃榿馃榿
Isn't he cute?! He deserves more attention (he's not my bias but he is adorable)馃槉馃槉
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@RebeccaLondon haha me too that is why I had to show appreciation for this un-altered face
Ugh! J-Hope's black hair needs to come back!!!
he looked like an angel with his black hair... so perfect... he isn't even on my bias list but I can appreciate his beauty.
his nose is perfection. I love it. it really defines his profile and face. awe he's just adorable and needs to stop being a wrecker for me
not to mention he has some cute ears too