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My friends have all been doing the "describe yourself in 3 fictional characters" challenge, but I wanted to put a Kpop spin on it :)

Pick 3 idols that together make up your personality!

Make your own card and tag me or comment below~

For me:

1. J-Hope

I can get super hyper and ridiculous like J-Hope and people usually have to tell me to calm down. I'm totally fine doing embarrassing things if it gets a laugh :)

2. Hakyeon

I can seem bright but sometimes there are times when I just want to be home, or with a small group of friends, and just be quiet. I like to sit back sometimes, which I've seen Hakyeon do often. (also, I'm super sassy)

3. Hyori

I wish I was more like her. She really does not care about fame or anything (she currently lives on a mountain in Jeju with little contact with the entertainment industry. She deeply cares for animals and is a real role model for me, as a vegetarian.

So together I'm Hyo-Yeon-Hope haha!

Who are YOU?!

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TOP, Yugyeom, and Amber
I'm Suga ,Gd Amber 😊
I am Kris, GD, & Jackson something like WuJiSon πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I have Character, Leadership, & Charisma πŸ˜†
i'm taeyeon, mix with v, also, dongwoo, and daehyung
I'm juizy,coker and ennie