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☆Previously on Bad Love!☆

 "Y/n are you going to keep being this way? You haven't left your room". "Don't you think you're exaggerating about the situation with Yoongi and that girl kissing? You made it seemed like he wanted to kiss her. "Omg who side are you on right now? He didn't even attempt to pull away from the kiss." "Listen, just tell him how you feel. Hear him out, please?" "I'll think about it" Jin just spazzed out! "YOU IDIOT! HOW COULD YOU LET THIS HAPPEN?!". He grabbed Yoongi by his shirt. "Ya! let go of me!" "Rose... I've come back.. I miss you and I miss my sons.". I had to raise them on my own!! while you were out here hoein! "Yoongi.. Hey son it's me, your Father". "Eomma.. what is this? You called me here for this??" Would it hurt to start over with your family? Wouldn't it be nice for guys to get together and make up for those lost times? Why do you even care?  I thought you were mad at me.", "I'm still am mad at you idiot but  I'm also concerned about you..." Ailee's team won and everyone, including you rushed down to the gym floor where she was at. "Yoongi... Yoongi! wake up man, you can't keep laying here, trying to sleep away your problems. That's not the way." If she wants to go out on a date with him, let her." "are you going to be alright then? are you going to be alright if they start dating? "Ya Yoongi where are you going?!" "I'm going to go get my girl back".

Chapter 8:

-We Belong Together-
》Your P.O.V :《
You and Ravi arrived at the movie theater that's inside a mall. You two stand in line to get your tickets. You were very nervous.  Ravi was one of those kind of guys who were too popular and handsome, it only made you look and feel like you're nothing but a potato. Girls were staring at him hard and whispering to their friends. "Wow.. Ravi must be really popular with the girls.". So you two got some popcorn, something to drink, and went to go watch the movie. Who would ever thought that I would be going out on a date with Ravi? My former crush from middle school.. It just feels weird. While watching the movie, I couldn't stop thinking about Yoongi.. I tried to stay focused on watching the movie but I couldn't. I was lost in my thoughts. Ravi noticed that I looked spaced out. He whispered to me, "Y/n.. are you okay?". I snapped back to reality, "uh yeah I'm cool". "You sure?". I just nodded yes. He smiled at me then put his attention back to the movie. A few minutes passed. I guess the movie got more interesting and funny. I laughed so hard at one of the parts in the movie. Then suddenly Ravi leaned closer to me, he was about to whisper something in my ear. I got startled a little when I felt his hot breath against my ear. "You look so beautiful . I want you all to myself y/n". I can feel my face turning red. Wtf Ravi... I turned away feeling embarrassed. He laughed at me. Afterwards, the movie was over. We walked around in the mall. We found a Chinese food restaurant and went in there. As I was eating, I felt like I was doing something wrong. It only made me feel more anxious and nervous. Should I really be here with Ravi? Why does it feel like I'm cheating or something? Me and Yoongi isn't even together. I started to miss him.. Ravi interrupted my thoughts.  "Y/n it looks like  you have a lot of your mind. Is there something bothering you?". "No.. I'm fine Ravi, thanks for being concerned though". "No problem. ".
■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ Meanwhile, Yoongi is trying to get back to the other side of town. Namjoon's place was far! He was going to have to take 3 buses to get back. He was already on the first bus. His phone started ringing, it was Hoseok. He answered, "what Hoseok". "I just want to say I'm proud of you hyung.. I knew you had it in you". "What are you blabbing on about?". "aren't you going to see y/n?". "Sighing.." "Lol why are you sighing?". "Namshit told you guys didn't he?". "Yep. We are rooting for you hyung, go get her, FIGHTING!". "whatever". He hangs up. Yoongi cracks a smile and laughs to himself, shaking his head. "What did he say bae?", said Ailee, who's arm was connected around Hoseok's. He looked at her and smiled, "He's on his way to see her". "That's great! I knew those two liked each other. They're going to make a great couple!", said Ailee. Hoseok and Ailee  was hand in hand, Ailee's head rested on his shoulder. They were at his house. The rest of boys except Namjoon came over to see them all booed up. "Aww yall so cute!", said Jin. "Are you guys going to get married?", said Jung Kook. "Omg Kookie hahaha", Ailee said laughing. "Ya don't you think it's too early to be asking that? We just started going out", said Hoseok.
After you and Ravi finished having dinner, you two decided to head over to a park; it was near home. You sat down on the swing, he sat next to you. As you looked up at the beautiful blue sky and the clouds, you were amazed by the view. As you were swinging, Ravi gets up and walk behind you. You were wondering what was he up to. He grabbed your swing, stopping it from moving. He then walks in front of you, getting close to your face. You barely spoke to Ravi during the entire date. You stayed to yourself, lost in your head. Ravi looks at you with a concerned look, "y/n you been like this all day.. did I do or say something wrong?". You looked him startled ,"No its not you, it's me". "How? what's wrong". You were silent for a minute, looking away then you turned back to him. You took a deep breath, "I can't do this". Ravi looked confused, "Can't do what?". "This, us.. it won't work". "Why not y/n? I really like you and always have. Is there something about me you don't like? if so I can change it just for you beautiful", he said grabbing both of you hands. You slowly moved your hands away. "No Ravi, you're a really good guy. You been so nice and sweet to me, I appreciate that. But it's just that...", He cuts you off, "what? am I not attractive? what is it?". "You are handsome", " Okay so what's the problem y/n.. I thought you liked me". "I did like you but that was in the past before you turned into a whore bag". Ravi started laughing, "gencha? I never knew you liked me. I am a changed man y/n, I can treat you so good beautiful". He suddenly grabs the swing, pulling you closer to him. You look suprised, "Ravi what are you doing?". "This..", he then grabs your face and kisses you on the lips. Your eyes widen. You pushed him away. "Why did you do that Ravi?". "What do you mean y/n, Can't you see I like you. We belong together". "No.. I belong to someone else..". Ravi looked suprised. "huh? what? who is he?". You sighed deeply, "Yoongi", you said looking away. He looked upset and couldn't believe it. "Yoongi?? are you serious? Haha.. you have got to be kidding me!". "No I'm not kidding Ravi". "I can treat you better baby. Yoongi... he's a loser! what do you see in him? This is the same guy who bullied you damn near all your life! He doesn't give a damn about you. He'll only cheat on you". You got up from the swing and faced him, "says the same guy who cheated on a lot of other girls. Look, I don't care how much you bad mouth him, it still won't change the fact that I like him. We have this connection, this chemistry, I can't stop thinking about him. I love everything about him. I don't care what you or anybody say damnit!". He laughs, "this is a joke. Didn't he kiss the biggest slut in school y/n, you saw it with your own eyes for crying out loud!", he yelled. "For your information, she kissed him! he didn't want to kiss her. I don't have to explain myself to you!". You finally tried to walk away but he grabbed your arm. "Let me go!", "y/n are you seriously going to go to him", He looked sad. You escaped from his grasp and ran off. You were running like your life depended on it. "I have to go find Yoongi..", you thought. The clouds started to turn gray; it started pouring down hard.
Yoongi was finally off the bus. He started running on his way to your house. You two ran into each in front of your house. You both were drenched from the rain. It continued to pour down. He walked closer to you. "Y/n.. look about the other day, it wasn't my fault.. she kissed me. I tried to get her off of me.. I don't like her, trust me". "Ha.. Who said I was upset about that? I don't care", you said looking away. "Yes you do pabo, you wouldn't have stormed off and avoided me for these past couple days. I know you're mad at me.. I'm sorry". You looked backed at him with an irritated look, "Ya Yoongi when did you start to become so nice and sweet to me huh? I thought you hated me. I thought you hated seeing my face. You said I was ugly . You bullied me. Why did you have to show off your gummy smile and make my heart flutter? How do you start to grow feeling for someone you always hated? What are your intentions Min Yoongi?", you started crying. You were angry at him but at the same time you were happy to see him. "I was wrong.. I shouldn't have said and did those mean things to you. I regret it all. I'm sorry y/n for all those bad times I gave you. Honestly, I too never thought that I would be like this.. "Shut up.. just shut up you bastard!". You started to beat on his chest. He pulls you into his arms, trying to comfort you. "Its okay y/n.. let it all out on me". You looked up at him with watery blurry eyes, "Min Yoongi... why did you make me this way? What do you want with me?". He smiled at you, "Y/n.. I think I have fallen for you". You calmed down a bit when you heard him say that. You looked up at him suprised, "huh?". He pulled away from the hug, "I always thought you were attractive, smart, kind, and sweet.. I have always envy you. You had everything I always wanted, a good family, good grades.. you are just awesome y/n.. You're different. You make me smile. You make me laugh. My friends like you. The truth is that .. I love you. I know you feel the same way y/n.. please tell me you do", He said putting his hand on your face. You smiled brightly, "I love you too Yoongi.. I want you so bad.. I can't believe I'm saying this", you said laughing feeling embarrassed. He laughed then pulled you close to him, Kissing you on your lips deeply. You pulled away from the kiss, "hey you want to come in for awhile? it's still pouring out here", "Haha yeah sure". He followed you inside of your home. For the rest of the night, Yoongi spent the night at your place. You and Yoongi ended up cuddling on the couch, watching movies.
It was the next morning. You opened the door for Yoongi to leave. His hair was messy but still cute. He showed you his gummy smile. "Thanks for letting me stay at your place. It just wouldn't stop raining last night. I enjoyed my time with you". You smiled hard, blushing and all. "No problem and I enjoyed it too... babe". "So cute", He smiled touching your cheek. You just gushed over his touch. "Well I think I need to get going..". "Where have you been staying at anyway?". "Namjoon's place". "Where does he live?". "faaarrr". "like on the other side of town?". "yep..". "Why go all the way out there? You're wasting all of your money. Stop being stubborn and go back home Yoongi!". Yoongi sighs, no I don't want to". "Sweetheart you can't keep avoiding your family like this? They love you and I'm pretty sure they miss you. I know you do too" "yeah but it's going to be awkward.. I don't know what to say". "I'll help you.", you said smiling . He just nodded yes. You two decided to meet up later to discuss more about the matter. While Yoongi is walking away from your house, you two wave at each other. Ailee finally comes home and sees Yoongi coming from the house. She stopped in front of him. You were still by the door. "omg.. I know I did not just see Min Yoongi come out of my house", Ailee said laughing and pointing the finger in his face. "Ya Ailee.. you bet not tell any of my friends about this or I'll kill you". She just laughed and walked off. ●●●●●○●●●●●●●●●○●●●●●●●●○●● After the long two-day break, school resumes. The boys teased Yoongi about him and Y/n. Obviously, Ailee told her boyfriend, Hoseok, and he told the rest of the guys. You and Yoongi was walking in the hallway, hand in hand, While the boys and Ailee surrounded them. "Ya! can you guys please go away! give us some space geez!", said Yoongi. All you did was laugh. "Hyung beat me to the punch.. he stole my gf!", said Taehyung. Everyone laughed at him. "Do you wanna die?". "How about you guys go look for some girls or something", you said. "Oh you don't have to tell us twice, we're already talking to someone.", said Jimin. "gencha? I want to meet them then", you said smiling. While you guys were on the way to class, you see Ravi in the hallway. All of you stop walking. Ravi looks at Yoongi, smirking. "damn.. first you took Go Anna away from me and now y/n.. congratulations.". He then looks at you, "and y/n I hope you are happy. That's all that matters to me.". "Thanks Ravi..", you said. Ravi smiled and walked passed you guys. "That was weird..", said Jin. Everyone agreed.
Later on that day, you were with Yoongi standing in front of his house. "Okay bae you can do this! Just go inside.". He was a bit nervous. "You make it sound so easy". Then suddenly his whole family came outside. They must had saw him through the window. They were shocked and happy to see him here. "Yoongi!", his mom yelled out, walking towards him. She embraced him with a big hug. "I was so worried about you". "Eommaaa let go you're embarrassing me". She laughed at him. "Where have you been all this time?". "Namjoon's place". "okay that's great, I'm glad.". Yoongi's dad and his older brother Jaeyo decided to walk over to where Yoongi was standing. It was really awkward for everyone. You were just standing there on the side. His dad finally broke the silence, "Yoongi.. I'm sorry.. I'm so sorry for everything. If you don't want to forgive me, I understand. If you hate me, I understand, I can't blame you. I would hate myself too. I swear I wish I could take it all back but I can't. I just want to make things right with you guys. I missed you all and I love you so much.". Yoongi wasn't the emotional type but today he shed tears. He couldn't say anything, he just cried there. His dad embraced him, telling him it's alright, promising he will never leave again and make up for everything. Yoongi pulls away, wiping his face. It was Jaeyo's turn. "Little bro.. I'm so sorry too. I was too cruel to you back then. I didn't realize how good of a little brother I had and didn't appreciate you. For now on, I will be a better brother to you. I love you man". Yoongi smiles a little. They gave each other a five, embracing each other. "Jerk", Yoongi called Jaeyo and everyone started laughing. Then they finally realized that you were just standing them. "Yoongi.. Who's the pretty girl with you", said Yoongi's dad smiling. You introduced yourself, Hello everyone, my name is y/n. Me and Yoongi attends the same school.". "Ohh nice to meet you y/n", said his dad shaking your hand. "Hi y/n, I'm Yoongi's mother. Wow you are pretty! are you guys in the same classes?", " Nice to meet you Ms. Min and yes we have the same classes. ", you said smiling. "Great!". "Nice to meet you Y/n, I'm Yoongi's older brother, Min Jaeyo.", you shook hands with him. "Yoongi was having trouble coming here so I helped him. I told him he should be with his family and that you guys love him.". "Thanks y/n", said his dad. You nodded. "Don't get it twisted Jaeyo and Dad, I'm still a bit annoyed with you two so you have a lot to make up for. okay?". They agreed agreed laughed. "So is y/n you're gf?", his mom asked. He blushed a little, "yes.. we just got together yesterday" "awwwww", everyone said. You and Yoongi laughed at them. "You do seem like a smart and kind girl", said the dad. "yeah I agree", said Jaeyo. "Great! Y/n would you like to join us for dinner?". You looked at his mom and everyone else and smiled brightly, Yes, I would love to! ~♡♡♡~
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