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Hey Guys! I'm going to explain this app as I am playing the game ^3^ So here is some basics if anyone wants to play. (and what I know as of right now, no spoilers in this card please)
When you first load the game you can only pick casual story, where you can unlock either, Yoosung, Zen, or Jaehee. In the game you can collect hearts to give you a hourglass or gain an hourglass by the characters. (or of course buy them with money, but I am poor) Once at 80 hourglasses, you can spend them on unlocking deep story, which you can find out what is up with 707 and Jumin!
The game is a dating Simulator game. You have 11 days to complete all your emails, and during this time you find out what character you will end up with at the end, IF YOU make the right decisions. The Emails are clients you are trying to invite to a party, hosted on the 11th day.
What makes this game different from others is, you can receive emails, phone calls, text messages, and also involve yourself in groups messaging chats. You can also see if you have miss calls from a character and use 5 hourglasses to call them back. (doesn't mean they will always answer though TT..TT)
Whats really cool about this game is you can click their cute little faces and see what is going on with them, it's profile pictures and status updates! You can also receive photos throughout the game and they are saved automatically, so you can go back during the game and after the game to look at them!
A cool thing this game offers is the save and load feature. Let's say you're switching phones and don't want to start over; don't have too with this game. Just sign in and load where you last left off.
On the 11th day (the last day) you get to be with the one you love on that round. It's quite cute I must add.
I've personally been playing this game for 25 days! I'm on my 3rd ending and having so much fun keeping up with everyone's stories. ♡♡♡♡♡♡ I'll start posting spoilers in my next card about my first time around. Until then here is Jaehee upset about all this damn work!
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I'm totally obsessed with this game. I've finished Yoosung's route and I'm currently playing Seven's route. I wish the chatrooms would come at more appropriate times though. My sleeping schedule is totally messed up now...
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@MaroonEverHart Many of the chat rooms tend to occur during my classes so I tend to miss them. I actually wanted to save 707's route for last since I heard that his story was the best, but I unintentionally began his route instead of Jumin's. I wish I could just reach into my phone and give 707 a hug..
I actually just started it yesterday, but I like it so far
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@MaroonEverHart thanks for the warning xD
Thanks for this! I've been curious since I've seen this game mentioned so much, but wasn't sue what it was all about. I considered trying it out, but I'm a little scared to download it because productivity...
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haha, okay!
Im playing it my 3rd time, 707's route! First i did Yoosung and Jumin, and im excited for Sevens!
I'm trying so hard with 707! so hard TT..TT
I'm on my second run through because I needed to catch up on sleep after my first play through. My life is all about Yoosung now xD he's so perfect in like every way and I fell for his voice in the first moment he called me too 😍 playing his story was a lot of fun, but my curiosity for the others dragged me back. I'm playing for Zen now, but I'm having a hard time holding myself back from Yoosungie in the process 😅
I understand! Zen is so narcissistic and yoosung was so sweet! it was so opposite