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It's Official. The 14th has taken over Allen's body. The chapter starts with a flashback of the 14th when he was younger. He was talking to the wind, when his mother interrupted. Nea complained that he thought Mana was going to die b/c he had been in a coma for a month. Then Mana jumped out from under her skirt, which made Nea cry in the dream and "Allen" cry in reality. Then "Allen" wakes up. Johnny starts to take care of him and then "Allen" knocks Johnny out. That is when we realize that it is Nea and not Allen, but something is still strange. Nea called it unexpected as if this was not part of the plan, also Timcampy seems to be very friendly and familiar with Nea. Nea asks Tim to tell him about Allen (so I guess he is going to use this opportunity somehow) Kanda comes into the room and immediately realizes that this is the 14th and not Allen. Chapter ends. -----Now you only have to wait another month (more likely two) to get the next chapter. The story has moved so slow over the past 4 years.
me too! I hope they go back and finish the anime when the series ends (kinda like what they did with Inuyasha).
ouwww.. its loooong indeed. I love this anime since my brother force me to watched it :p