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A couple of days ago as many of you know G-Dragons Private Instagram was hacked and made public.
Since then it's been announced that YG will be taking strong legal measure in response to the hacking
YG will not only be investigating those who hacked his account but also those who made malicious comments and spread rumours. This is being done to prevent future incidents and to warn others to refrain from invading the privacy of artist.
good job papa YG... that is sad that his account got hacked. I hope they find the people that were the ones that hacked his account and put out those bad comments
This should simply be done to help idols sanity and privacy. This is just sick for people to do. Why would an idol want to continue this career if they have every aspect of their lives on display for the world... I'm so happy that YG cares enough to prevent this and fight it. It must be hard as an agency to stand up to "fans"
YG's doing noble by his artists I applaud that, others should take notes from him and take care of their artists
Well done YG... is time to put a stop for idols own privacy and false rumors. Idols also deserve to keep their private life to themselves and their love ones.
Thank you YG! It's about damn time someone does something about this sort of invasion of privacy.
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