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i have 2 share diss read it every one a fan shared dis on oppa video The autograph session held on yesterday. There are only 100 quota. Hyun Joong is such a warm-hearted guy and he told the staff to let the fans outside entered to get his autograph....he said the venue of the event is quite far for fans and in order to appreciate their support, he let all the fans have his autograph. I am so impressed. Not only like his songs but also deeply moved by his personality...he cares his fan so much indeed. oppa is really kind naa as soon as i saw i wanted 2 share it w u all love u oppa :) <3 saranghhaeo :) u r perfect @hebamaher sorry hun i had 2 do this lols 4 give me understand my anticipation and excitement hehe love u :) <3 credit 2 khjoppa @ Facebook official and 2 @hebamaher :)
♥ ♥ ♥
oppa is soooo sweet and kind makes me love him more and more
@hebamaher u r welcome shweety <3
@saharjalpari9 thank you soo much chengoo :* i thank god for meeting you too :* i really appreciate it
@hebamaher u make me think of my friend u r shweeeet i thank god 4 meeting u have a nice day chingu love u :) <3 just let me knw if u need anything i wd do it 4 u :) <3 haha i don't say dat 2 everyone love u <3 t ake care of urself always be happy <3
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