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If you've already seen this drama, props to you!! But for those of you who haven't, I thought this will be a fun game to play. So the rules are simple, you get to decide how your romance ends by choosing one of these four guys. Start off by watching the first episode and in the description I'll tell you which two decisions you can make and which episode to watch next. It's all up to you, which is why I love this webseries drama.
So, to start off here's episode 1. A. Go to Ro Woon (watch ep.2) B. Don't go to Ro Woon (watch ep.3)
A. "Honestly, I don't know." (watch ep.4) B. "He's just a friend." (watch ep.5)
A. Open the curtain and see Juho (watch ep.6) B. Don't open the curtain and see Juho (watch ep.7)
Happy ending with Ro Woon!!!
Happy ending with Dawon!!!
Happy ending with Juho!!!
Happy ending with Chani!!!
Tadah!!! I hope you guys like this game!! Which ending did you guys pick? or if you watched them all, which did you like best? I hope you like this webseries drama game!! I'll see you guys next time!!