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So most people probably know that I've been obsessing over Infinite's comeback pretty heavily, just like I did for VIXX, so here's my struggle as a multi fandom fangirl...does anyone else see it? Compare these two images.
See anything?
I circled my dilemma: VIXX released Fantasy a month ago and we Starlights worked so HARD to get them to 3 million views, fought YouTube and streamed the MV so many times it felt like our screens were crying with repetition. However, Infinite released their newest MV: The Eye, and within 4 DAYS it reached 3 million views. To be exact:
Now I love both groups, VIXX being #1 and Infinite being #2, but I'm conflicted because I'm proud of Infinite for getting so many views in such a short time, but I wish VIXX was more renowned at the same time. Anyone else experiencing the same dilemma?
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I completely understand. Starlights worked so hard to get those views up, and it's even worse for groups with less recognition than VIXX. It sometimes takes months or longer to get just a million views on some of these MVs. I wish there was a better system. With VIXX it always seems like we are fighting the system. There were a number of shady things in play when it came to Dynamite and Fantasy this year. The music shows were against us, Youtube was against us, other fandoms were trying to pick fights. It's really a battle to get these guys a win. With lesser known groups, it seems like they don't even have a fighting chance if just one big group has a comeback at the same time.
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Exactly. That's a great way of looking at it. It's really unfortunate how the cards are stacked against the underdogs. It really seems it doesn't matter how good the song is or how amazing the stages are, if a tier 1 group has released even a decent song, these other groups don't even have a chance.