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day 05: anime your ashamed you enjoyed
ok i didnt really enjoy it.....but i did enjoy tricking people into watching it, and watching them freak out!
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yeah pretty much sums it up...
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School Days is what I'm ashamed of watching 馃槴
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What is the first rule of the anime community? We don't talk about Boku no Pico! What is the second rule about the anime community?! We don't talk about Boku no Pico!
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but its the only thing that im ashamed I watched...
a year ago
@PhoenixPixie I don't remember this being a rule and I've been here for a while. come to think of it I seem to remember a lot of talk about it when I first joined.
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Twas supposed to be a joke. Lighten up a little.
a year ago
i agree with you @NinjaMouse I've never seen that rule
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