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I have posted a card about how I bought the drama Empress Ki. When the drama first aired I didn't finished it all the way through. However, this past few days I have been none stop marathon on historical dramas. While refreshing my mind on what happened within Empress Ki I couldn't help but put my artistic skills and mind together to create a portrait.
What I did was I drew the picture and then I grab what I usually use. Sometimes I use marker or I'll use color pencils. however this time I just used ○ pencil ○ a paint brush ○ a tissue ○ a charcoal pencil To start I use the pencil to darken the picture and then used the charcoal pencil. the tissue is used to help to were you don't smudge on areas you don't want smudged. the paint brush is to help with the shading. I have been using a tissue or my finger to shade. though when i found about using a paint brush I was happy.
The picture that I used right help me create a portrait was the photo above. So far this is my favorite of what I have done so far.
I have been waiting for that drama to come.out on Viki or dramafever but nothing...where did you get it I want to buy it too..
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@Choijiah OH thanks I try Amazon see if I can find
I have a love/hate relationship with Empress Ki, but I have to admit it was a great drama! Also, you are talent!!! 👏😀💕
thank you and it was a great drama. for my love if history I want to know more about who she was.