NAMJOON'S P.O.V. Darkness. That's all I saw. I lived in the darkness. The only thing that were the way to light were the voices of the people, smell, taste, and touch. I've been like this for 18 years. I wasn't able to see. You know what's sad? When you open your eyes from sleep, but you still can't see anything. It's like you're still asleep. But, I've recently been imagining what she might've looked like. Because of one person. Y/n. Since I was little, I never even tried to imagine what anything lookedlike. The world, the light, my family, not even myself. They all just made me feel like I didn't have a reason to exist. I didn't know what anything looks like. But after I met y/n, she became my reason to live. >>>>>5 years ago<<<<< I was smart. Even if I was blind, I still went to a normal school. If you ask who I am, these are the answers you'll get. "The blind kid." "Super smart!" "IQ 140 guy" "Handicap" Since my grade made the school's reputation nice, we made a deal. If I didn't let my grade drop, they would order special braille books. So, I stayed and I was glad I stayed. Because y/n came into my life. She was a new student from the country side. Her satoori bothered my ears. My class was so loud, that they might be able to take away my ability to understand them; hearing. But on top of that, SATOORI?? MY EARS I already hated her from the beginning, but she made the situation even worse. "Is that kid blind?" She was supposed to whisper to her friend, but she forgot that if someone loses one of their senses, that the other senses are super sensitive. "Is this your first time seeing a blind person?" I snapped. "Uh?... Sorr-" "What ever." That was a bad start. But, we kept bumping into eachother. She lived right next to our family I rode the same bus with her, And she always bothered me. Why? Everytime I got off the bus and walked to school, she would try to talk to me. "Hey, when's your birthday?" "September 14th." "Really?? I have the same birthday!" That bothered me. "What's your favorite color?" "Black." "That's not a color." "That's the only color I see." "Oh.." That also bothered me. "How old is you-" "Let's play a game." "What game?? I love games!!" "It's called, the quiet game. From the moment I say start, the person who talks first before getting to school loses. Okay?" "OKAY!! I'm so gonna win, I got th-" "START" The quiet was nice. But that only lasted 5 minutes. That also bothered me once again. So you wonder, How did I become to love this stupid, excessively-cheery satoori girl? It was the day she flunked her test. We were coming back from school, and she walked with me. "You're lucky you got a 100 on that thing." "Studying works." "That's awesome. Now, you're parents will be so proud of you. Especially your mom, right?" "Not really. They're used to this." "That's crazy. But, your mom would be proud right? She probably makes special meals for you everytime you comeback from taking a test too." "What do you mean?" "I don't have a mom." That surprised me. "My mom was never there for me. She's probably having sex with someone right now. She sends money once in a while. It's money from prostitution." PROSTITUTION??? "I was always jealous of the people in my life that had a nice mom. When they complain about they're mom, I've always wanted to slap them across the face" Inside my head, she started to become a little interesting. Maybe she wouldn't always be the one bothering me. "That's why I always love my dad the best out of the whole world." I was able to hear her smiling. Maybe she's like me. Just hiding her pain. "Nam joon-ah?" "What." I tried to hide the surprised feelings I had for her. "Can you help me?" "On what?" "Can you tutor me?" "NO." "C'mon, can you think about it for a little?" "There's nothing to benefit me." "I'll make you food everytime you come over?" I knew I didn't want to, but I had a weird tingling feeling that I should do it. I fought with myself. 'Should I do it or not?' "FINE. I'll do it." "Okay! Starting from tomorrow!! Thanks Nam Joon!!" And she went into her house. That was another journey. The next day, I went to her house, and we bonded pretty well. We listened to the same type of music, had funny experiences, and were both interested into the same things. Her dad absolutely loved me. I wasn't able to see, but.. I knew he did. Our friendship grew stronger and I became to like her. She became my first love. But she left. And I needed her in my life. Because, I was able to see now.
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