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Describe Yourself In Three Idols.
Lol there is only one that I am like and we all know who this beautiful wonderful man is, Suga from BTS.
I am known for being quite lazy and not really wanting to do much. I also can sleep all day but still not have any energy what so ever.
I can get really happy and a tad bit excited over certain things. I don't like crowded places or a lot of people. I like to keep to myself and quiet places. I listen to music almost all day.
Also you should be honored if I ever decide to diss you lol my insults are lit!
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@kpopandkimchi Lol I'm glad you saw this! I was going to tag you but I was having a hard time with my phone rn it's being mean to me qwq Also yuush! He is also my Bias! He's great and I'm so happy that we actually have a lot in common lol I guess that's why I chose him as my bias.
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I feel like he has a lot of qualities I WISH i had, but i do think we're really similar too^^
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