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Also a special Happy Birthday to My Wifey who shares a lot of biases with me including JinYoungie.... I love you @TwistedPuppy and so happy we met and became friends. I hope to meet you in person one day. You are such a great girl!!! I'm glad we share a lot of interests!!!
So now let me kill you with one of our biases who happens to share a birthday with you!!!
Don't worry he ain't jealous too much. He knows he is a sexy diva!!
Who ever created this fan art is a genius...I just now need @TwistedPuppy or @PrettieeEmm please make me a Vampire One shot of our boys or just my bias JinYoung.... Pretty Please....
another awesome fan art. I wish I had these skills!!!
I hope they all vie for your attention today!!
Keep being the fabulous you!!!
got7 team
the rest of the lovely team: @Mandubum @UnnieCakesAli @MarcelvaRomero
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thank you Vero so much lol your the best wifey!!! lol jinyoung kill me lol