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Rappers Identity Ch.2

Who: Reader x Woo Jiho What: Semi-angst, Semi-smut. (I honestly don't know how to place this) Chapter 2 For those of you that haven't read Rappers Intent this is the second part of that story. I have decided to make a second part it may become a trilogy I don't even know. Story: At your three year mark as a group, NTERNational has come a long way since that performance after your brother's death. You and Zico have been dating almost a full year but stress has overcome you in a much different way. No one seems to know what's wrong with you not even your best friend Jihoon. With another mini album coming out and you working on your solo mixtape, the pressure becomes harder to handle and your relationship with Zico wavers...
Y/N's POV You listened to Jay explain his music video to you and nodded along to show him you were listening. He kept running his hand through his hair and the tattoos around his body had your eyes trailing him. Each one looked more beautiful than the other. His hands looked like they could firmly grasp your shoulders or thigh and you mean FIRMLY GRASP it. He licked his lips a few times and you caught how his tongue traced over his lips in a seductive manner. When Zico did that, you were falling all over the place. He did it when you were in practice too; it would distract you so much you'd stop dancing just to kiss him then kick him out of the room because he was stealing your focus away. Jay was doing the same thing and that made you feel weird. Your heart fluttered just slightly at the look in his eyes. You looked away, Jay was just like that though. He flirted. You two were on a variety show once and the host asked you if you were to go on a second date with Jay Park what would you want to do? "I wouldn't go on a first date with Jay." you said. "What's wrong with me?" Jay said laughing. You laughed too hoping you hadn't offended him. Jihoon was sitting next to you, he said, "She's into rappers." Jay feigned a shocked face and put a hand to his heart, "But I rap too, what is going on? Tiger what are you trying to say?" You were laughing embarrassed at the situation and said, "Here's the thing Jay is an amazing artist but he intimidates me. I'm a huge fan of his but if you read his lyrics it makes me wonder sometimes if I were to go out with this guy I would need some experience? And I have none." you said hinting as obviously as you could without having to say it. The host recognized immediately what you were saying and was shocked and adored your innocence. Jay laughed and said, "No worries when you grow up give me a call." He winked at you making you laugh, Jihoon partly faked his protective side and wrapped his arms round you to keep you safe. Obviously, this all happened before you and Zico slept together or even decided to go public with your relationship but back then you were still happy. You were still you. Jay snapped his fingers in front of your face when you spaced out and you came back to reality and looked at him with a blank face. "What?" you asked. If he had said anything you hadn't heard him. "I was just asking you were okay with everything I explained?" he said. "Uh, yeah I just have to tell Zico about it." you said. "Really? About a music video?" he smirked. "A music video in which you're touching me in a suggestive manner. I'm his girlfriend, he should know." "I didn't think you two would be like that." "Well if your girlfriend were being touched like that by another man would you be happy?" you asked. "You have have a point there. If you were mine I'd do a lot more than Zico did though." he smiled. "I'm sure you would, you'd probably kiss in front of people right?" you said jokingly. He leaned over and his hand touched your thigh. You kept eye contact trying to show that you weren't fazed by his hand but you were. You felt a tingle go up your body from....Jay? "I'd do more than a kiss baby, my hands and lips would be all over you. I'd leave my mark on display so he knew that you belonged to me. I'd touch you slow and teasingly and make him watch so he knew I was the only one to make you feel that way." he said. Finally, getting too hot and bothered for your own comfort you pushed Jay's hand off your leg. You gave him a small smile to be polite, "But I'm not yours. I'm with Jiho, me and him are dating so please, if you're going to touch me in that manner do it during the filming of your music video only. Out of respect for me and for Jiho." you said. He nodded, "Understood, now I know why you took the name Tiger." He got up and headed to the door, "I'll see you tomorrow Y/N." he said. "Ne." you responded. "Boy what was that all about? Can you spell sexual tension in the room?" You looked up to see Yoojung sort of floating with his leg crossed over the other like he was sitting in a chair. You narrowed your eyes. "You know the more you show up the more annoying you become." He shrugged, "What are brothers for?" You shook your head with a slight smile. "So have you figured out what your problem is?" "Other than you?" you retorted. "Hey now that's just mean, I'm trying to help my dear little sister and you're bullying me? How is that fair? You shouldn't treat your oppa so poorly." he said with a fake pout. You smiled and leaned against the desk, "I remember back when you were in a play in highschool and you asked me how you did and I told you, you did bad. You said the same exact thing to me." "Well what do you expect baby sis?" His voice got soft and he looked at you with tender eyes. The way he always did when he felt bad for you. "I'm just a figment of your imagination, I'm your subconscious talking to you. I'm not really here. These are just words you think I'd say if I were here now." You wiped away growing tears, "I know." you said. "Look just don't do anything you'll regret with Jiho and be mindful of Jay. I'm not sure you should trust him." "Why?" you asked. He simply shrugged. "Just a feeling." Haneul's POV "Hey can I talk to you guys for a second?" Haneul said walking into Heechul and Hae-il's bedroom. Jihoon was sitting on Heechul's bed closest to the door and Heechul sat with Hae-il on his. They had been passing a ball back and forth while singing together, every now and again one of the boys attempted to rap one of Y/N's parts or one of Haneul's. Jihoon caught the ball when Haneul walked in and held it when he asked his question. They all looked at him while Haneul grabbed a chair and sat inbetween the beds. "What's up?" Jihoon asked. Haneul looked to the ground and sighed, "Haven't you guys noticed something's wrong with Y/N lately. For the past few weeks she's just been... off." he said. He saw Hae-il look down almost sad, "She's been short tempered lately. I heard her screaming at Zico earlier today." he said. Jihoon looked to Hae-il surprised, "Wait, what? Why?" he asked. "It sounded like she caught him cheating or she thought he was cheating but he was saying it was for the drama he's in. He didn't tell her I guess so she thought it was a date. She was so upset." Hae-il said. Jihoon crossed his arms and sighed heavily, "Damn it I knew she wasn't ready." "Ready for what?" Heechul asked. "Ready to date, like Haneul said she's been acting different lately but this has started beyond a few weeks ago. She's cut off so many things that she used to do just to make him happy. Then there was the company asking her to lose weight for our comeback eight months ago." "She was unhappy about it I know but she seemed fine afterwards." Haneul said. "But you remember how cranky she got? I'm telling you Y/N isn't ready to be in a relationship. Plus she has the company changing her image, she's preparing for a solo mixtape, she's working over time for our mini album, she's taking heat from making their relationship public and she's getting harassed for her weight loss. She's wearing herself down and she won't talk to us about it cause she's stubborn as hell. She's our leader and she doesn't want to bother us with her problems so she's taking it out the only way she know how, through her work." Jihoon explained. "She's not even doing that anymore. She'll go to the practice room if she's really frustrated but she's stopped writing. She hasn't been in the studio for a week. She has a solo mixtape coming out and she's not doing anything for it. The only time we see her is if we're working but on days off like this she doesn't even hang out anymore. I know she's unhappy." Haneul said. Heechul looked to Jihoon, "She normally talks to you doesn't she? Has she said why she's doing this?" he asked. Jihoon shook his head, "She doesn't talk to me anymore. It's like our friendship has taken a dramatic shift. That's why I didn't want her dating in the first place. She's changing too much; she doesn't even feel like the same person anymore." "It's because she's not." Haneul mumbled. "So what do we do?" Hae-il asked. Haneul looked to the ground, Y/N had been avoiding him as best she could since he got upset at Zico flaunting that they were together. Before he was able to pass by it, he got that she liked him but he just got sick of the teasing he did. His feelings for her hadn't died yet and it seemed they only got stronger the more Zico teased that she was his. In reality, Zico was probably only showing the natural affection that any boyfriend would show his girlfriend but the fact that Haneul still liked her made everything irritating and seem like he was just doing it to piss him off. He didn't want her to ignore him though, he missed staying up late to make music with her. They rushed into things after her brother died. It still made his heart ache thinking of how she didn't believe that he was dead and how she tried to call him. Anytime she was in pain it hurt his heart and he hated how he couldn't help her fix this. To Jihoon's point, after the company asked her to lose weight for their comeback, she had gotten really angry. She just wanted to be left alone. She stopped smiling as much and she pushed them out. They didn't play video games with each other any more, they didn't eat together any more, they were always missing their leader during quality time. He had noticed Jihoon was growing frustrated by it too. Jihoon was the closest one to her; he had known her for years, since they were in grade school together. The fact that she was cutting him out now was like taking a smoker off cigarettes cold turkey. There was no gradual cut back, she just stopped talking to him. Every now and again he'd cherish the moments she'd come to him, like when she snuck into their room to sleep next to him during the thunder storm. Haneul still didn't know why she was afraid of thunder, he never thought to ask. Jihoon probably didn't know either, he probably didn't care, it was just a known fact that if there was a thunder storm she was going to be sleeping beside Jihoon. One night she didn't because she had stayed with Zico but she was probably fine because she wasn't alone. Haneul some how got the feeling this went beyond just her trying to satisfy her boyfriend. It seemed like she had just lost herself. She had stopped acting the way she used to and it was just confusing all of them, it was like she wasn't having fun anymore being an idol and anytime she was in front of people she had just faked her smile. She barely touched the members anymore. She didn't even wake up Jihoon anymore. "It's killing me but she won't stay in the same room with me long enough for me to ask what's wrong." Haneul said. "Same here." Jihoon said. He was now laying back on Heechul's bed spinning the ball in his hands. "She doesn't hug me anymore." Heechul said. "She doesn't try and kiss us anymore. She's there for us but it's like she's not even really here." Hae-il said. "She doesn't even like to get out of bed, some days she just stays locked in her room alone." Heechul said. They all sat their silent and slightly depressed themselves. Jihoon's phone rang and he went into his pocket and sat up. "Hello?" he answered. There was a moment before Jihoon's face twisted in confusion, "H-hold on hyung what do you mean she stormed out what happened? Where did she go?" All the boys were now paying attention to the conversation waiting to hear what he said next, "Wait you did what? What the hell- look just stay away from her for now I'll go out and find her. I'll text you when I do." Jihoon said. He hung up the phone and Haneul said, "What happened?" Jihoon sighed frustrated and stood up, "Y/N caught Zico and that girl Yoona kissing in the studio." he explained. "What?" Haneul said pissed. "Relax, he said it wasn't what it seemed, she kissed him and he pushed her off of him but by that time Y/N had already seen the kiss. She broke up with him and stormed off. He tried to stop her apparently but she got in her car and drove away." Jihoon explained. "She broke up with him?" Heechul asked. "I have to go find her and talk to her." he said heading for the door. "I don't think she'll be in the mood to talk Hyung." Hae-il said. "She won't have a choice." he called back because he was already in the hallway headed for the door. He would let Jihoon take care of her for now. If anyone could get through to her it was him. He'd see if he could talk to her later.... Y/N's POV You went back to the practice room to listen to some of your older songs from when you first debuted. You could hear the changes in your voices and the complexity of your dance moves had changed just in the past three years. You sighed to yourself thinking about how the company decided to revamp your image specifically. It was like they were trying to turn you into a Barbie doll. You didn't think you needed to lose weight you had already lost weight after Yoojung died just from your lack of eating and you dancing too much. You were already malnourished and you had just started eating again. The company saw that you could lose another ten pounds and you'd be perfect. Perfect. That word pissed you off, what the hell did they mean perfect? You were trying to refuse when Jihoon told you to just do it. It was the first time you ever really got offended by Jihoon. You thought out of all people he would be the one to tell you not to but no he was all for it. Nothing was wrong with losing ten pounds. You were skinny enough. You were as small as a person with your build could be and still be healthy. You were a size eight around that time but you had lost more weight and were a size six. Then fans started to tell you to eat because you were too skinny. You looked unhealthy and part of you just wanted to scream you knew. It wasn't from the fans that were genuinely concerned about your health it was from the more ruthless fans. Some how it always came back to an issue that you couldn't sing or you had no talent, which had nothing to do with your weight. What the hell? Did people not know if you can't say anything nice then don't open your damn mouth at all? You know people were entitled to their opinions and they were entitled to not like you but it was beyond hurtful and rude that they said all of this to you. It hurt, it all hurt. It hurt worse than it did two years ago, it hurt more for some reason and you didn't know why. Maybe it was because the wound from Yoojung dying was still fresh. They had complained about you dating Zico which was why you didn't want to reveal you were dating in the first place. It hurt when Jihoon told you to just drop the ten pounds. He was probably trying to be supportive and he was probably thinking about the group. He probably didn't even think it was a big deal, you were never one to really get upset at things like that but that had pissed you off. *eight months ago* "What the hell do you mean just lose the ten pounds?" you yelled at him. "Y/N you're taking it the wrong way I didn't mean you're fat." "Then why do I need to lose the weight Ji?" "The company asked you to." he said. You looked at him like he was insane, "Fuck the company!" you said pissed. "Y/N calm down." "I swear to god Jihoon if you tell me to calm down one more time I will throw a shoe at your damn head." you said rapidly. You were just walking around pissed, "What's going on? Look they asked me to loose weight too it's just a part of the concept." "Jihoon that's not the point, I am fine the way I am. I don't need to change yet now they're saying I'm too big, I'm a size eight! I have a tomboy persona and they're dressing me up like a damn Barbie doll." "As I recalled you liked Barbies when we were in grade school." he said trying to lighten the mood "I will actually punch a hole in your chest." you said. You had been talking with your hands and stopped when you said that. Both your hands closed into fists in front of you. Jihoon sighed, "Y/N it's just a concept after all of it is done you can eat whatever you want. You can have cake and ice cream on the same day." "Screw that I'm eating whatever the hell I damn well want." you said. Afterwards you stormed out. *Present* You actually kept your word and ate whatever you wanted you just exercised longer and cut down your portions by half. It resulted in you passing out one day on the set of a variety show and you were rushed to the hospital. It was a mixture of lack of sleep, lack of food and lack on energy period. Despite having to get it through passing out, it was the best sleep you ever got within a twenty four hour period. After that, Jihoon had made you slow down. He tried cutting you off during workouts and made you add a little more to your diet. You had grown far too skinny and more then ten pounds had been dropped in just three weeks time. You ate junk food for three days straight just to gain something back. Thinking back, that was when everything really started to change for you and you just became unhappy with yourself. You had liked being an idol but so much was changing, you had a boy friend, you had a new image, your brother was dead; it was just too much in the span of a few months and you hated it. You didn't deal with it and that's probably how you got to this point. You shook it off and remembered you had to tell Zico about Jay's video. It was out of respect that you were telling him this would be happening, not just assuming he'd be ok with one of his buddies feeling you up. At the very least he knew Jay, you both did so it wasn't anything too unexpected when it came to him. He was a pretty decent guy to women it was just his songs that were super dirty and maybe when he was in the mood you supposed. You headed down the hallway and made it into the studio only to look up and see Yoona and Zico kissing. What was she even doing here? How could he say he wasn't cheating? He pulled her off of him and looked at you shocked. Yoona was on the drama he was in, she was the female lead. She was very pretty too, skinny, long straight brown hair, she didn't have big thighs like you but she was a beautiful girl. That only pissed you off more, you turned around and walked out. "Y/N wait!" he called after you. You continued down the hallway and he ran up to you grabbing your hand and pulling you back. "Stop, wait it's not what you think." he said. "Get off me!" you said upset. You could feel tears welling up and blurring your vision. "Hold on baby-" "No do not call me that. I am not your baby. I'm not." "Y/N." he said hurt. "This was a mistake, it was." you said. You ripped your arm out of his hands. "Y/N just listen to me." he called as he followed you. "I'm done Zico and just in case you're confused, this time I really am breaking up with you." "Y/N wait." "Bye Zico." you said. You had your back turned to him and tears were falling down your face as you pushed the doors open and walked out of the building. Zico continued to follow you asking you to wait and just listen to him. Mino and B-Bomb saw you and asked what was going on. Mino wanted to know why you were crying but you just shook your head. Zico had caught up to you and you just looked back at him. "Ask him." you said. Your voice sounded broken and his face looked so guilty and in pain. He reached out to touch you but you swatted his hand away and pushed past the boys to get away. You wiped your burning eyes and got into your car and drove off in top speed. You could hear your tires screeching as you went. You drove to a bar nearby and walked in to order a drink. The music playing was really good, they had even played a Jay Park and Ugly Duck song. You drank gin, two beers and taken two shots, when you were on the third your finger traced the rim of the cup wondering if it would be worth taking it. "Damn, he really was cheating I guess. I was rooting for him too." Yoojung said. "Do you only bother me when I'm upset?" you mumbled. "It's the only time you really want me around. Maybe because I'm the first connection to your pain." he said. "So in other words I'm torturing myself." "Yeah you are," he laughed. "Here's the bright side you can always just jump off that hill and come be with me... I'm just kidding don't do that, you'd only make me hate you if you did that." "That's not a half bad idea though, just falling to my death. It's not like things get better." you mumbled. "What the hell did you just say?" Your head snapped up to see Jihoon looking at you pissed. Were you talking out loud? Jihoon grabbed your wrist while throwing money onto the counter to pay for your drinks and he pulled you out of the bar and to the side of the building. "What the hell did you say in there Y/N? What are you thinking?" he said upset. He had you pinned against the wall. "Ji." "No don't you dare do that. Don't you ever say something that fucking stupid again. Are you out of your mind? What is the matter with you?" he said furious. You put your hands to your ears not wanting to hear him and crying at the same time. He pulled your hands away from your face and pushed his forehead against yours. "I would lose my fucking mind if you did that. You would kill me. I don't know what's going on with you, you're not talking to me but tonight you're going to tell me what's going on. You're not going to sleep until you tell me something." "Ji ji." you said crying and trying to pull your arms away. He let your arms go and wrapped his arms around you. Your face buried in his chest as you cried. "It hurts." you cried. "What does?" "Everything, everything hurts. I don't know how to stop it." you cried. You clung to his shirt as his arms wrapped around you tighter. "Damn it Y/N you should've come to me. I should've come to you. Don't you dare push me out ever again. Not when I've been with you through everything you don't get to push me out. You tell me everything, don't you fucking dare leave me don't ever. I never want to go through that with you, just don't leave me." You could hear the fear in his voice that you would do something stupid. He was scared to lose you because he was your best friend. He was always there for you and you had cut him out. You had pushed him away, you had tried to distance him for the sake of making Zico comfortable but you went to the extreme and cut him from everything. You needed him but didn't talk to him because you cut him out. He sounded like he was crying as he talked to you but he held on tight to you as you cried into his chest. He wasn't going to let you go. "Look at that, looks like you found your beginning, let's see if you can follow the rest of the trail." Yoojung said appearing just behind Jihoon. Jihoon was the beginning? He was, because he was the one you opened up to first. The one that protected you, that signed up for dance classes with you. He made this dream with you, he'd fall you to hell and back. He knew your fears, he knew your secrets...he knew you....
Omo I'm crying Tiger just needed her best friend Jihoon!! I can't believe she said she'd fall to her death he'd be so broken up 😭😭😭😭 AND ZICO WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! Side note: I'm sorry but when I read "Firmly Grasp It" my mind went to that spongebob episode 😂
yes you got the reference! Success! I was hoping someone would 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
I hate you Zico!😠😭😭😭 She should like kiss or do something with Jay or Hanuel and BAM! Zico gets jealous
What would she do with jihoon and what would he do if she killed herself smh.. So many feels this chapter..
What did I wake up and just read?? OMO!!!!! Damnit Zico, what the hell?????
Lmfao 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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Babylon Ch.1
Dedicated to @Starbell808, sorry it took so long Eomma! Who: Reader x Lee Jongmin What: Romance Story: He's has an amazing talent but he doesn't trust the rich... He's about to learn. Y/N POV You were in the kitchen of your restaurant running around getting everything in order. You hadn't been the head chef in years, instead you were going to the sink making sure the salad forks and the dinner forks weren't in the same drawer. You had checked that about three times already so this should be the fourth time. People kept saying your OCD was annoying because it was like you didn't trust that they did their job the way you wanted it to be done. They were only right by a fraction, they knew your OCD was a very legit condition and most times they tried to keep their murmurs to themesleves once they had figured it out. Though you could sympathize how it might be taxing, it was just how you were, so they either took you as the obsessive boss you were or you'd happily replace them. Luckily over the past five years you only had to make that clear to two employees both of whom you replaced very quickly. "Hey boss, they caught the guy!" one of your waiters said bursting through the kitchen door. Everyone looked up with instant interest but didn't dare leave their station, especially when this was the rush hour. You quickly hurried out of the kitchen to go to the front of the restaurant. Recently, your restaurant became the target of a street tagger and it was getting expensive to get rid of their art and at the same time it was such a shame to you to have to cover it up. You were really amazed with the amount of talent they had and has gotten an idea because of it. Your restaurant was a classy place that made an array of foreign cuisine. Why your place was being tagged, you weren't sure but you had a feeling the location may have had something to do with it. It wasn't the heart of Seoul but it was damn near close to it, where the elites could see the message from the less fortunate. You were no stranger to poverty and even now at twenty-seven you were surprised how far you had come up. You were adopted by your aunt when were six after your parents passed away in a terrible accident so you moved in with your aunt who was your only family willing to take on the responsibility of looking after you. Except, the problem was that she had other children she was taking care of at the time too: her own. Five mouths to feed became six when you joined in plus she was a single mother. Her job didn't pay well and you weren't allowed to make trouble. The girls taught you to fight the boys taught you how to spot danger; all of you had each other's back for a long time until you started advancing in school. You soon became the well behaved child whille the others, save for Winter, your only cousin that didn't openly go looking for trouble, got into fights and failed in their studies. You weren't doing it to be better than them and even more you weren't interested in trying to be out of your Aunt's way. You were just intelligent enough to skip two grades. You went to trade school instead of college and picked up a lot. Your OCD was never a problem for your studies or your relationship with your family, for the most part you were just a smart kid. You went on trips around the world due to scholarships, grants and sometimes charity from teachers that liked you. You soon learned how to start a business, build it up and expand. The expansion was impressive, two restaraunts in North Carolina, one in New york and then your place in Seoul. Though your American chains were different from your international chains and it appealed to a very different crowd. Clearly, someone wasn't happy about that though. You approached the two guards you hired to keep a look out around the building, they had a young man, older than you though, hand cuffed and they were holding him up by his arms. He had a leather jacket on with a black shirt and black leather pants to match. He was adamant about blending in with the dark. His hair was shaved down by the nape of his neck and revealed dark tattoos but the hair at the top of his head was a little longer and seemed wet, perhaps from sweat. A strand of hair from his brushed back bangs was free and hanging in front of his eyes. He had multiple earrings on each ear. Though he was looking at you devotedly irritated, you couldn't help but recognize how soft his features were even while angry. He looked like a guy that could get any woman he wanted just by looking her deep in the eyes one second then ignoring her presences the next. Classic strategy to have a girl begging for the loners attention, he had that Sasuke attuide from the anime naruto. He was an aloof, lone wolf, he didn't want to be bothered with any one. You disliked guys like that, most of them had a reason for being that way, you just hated how they acted like they were much better than everyone else. Just because they were hurt by a few trash people everyone else around them was now a lesser being that they couldn't be bothered with. Never once did you let yourself forget where you came from. It didn't matter that your cousins were passive agressive towards you, you did everything you could to help out and still act like family. Right now though, right now you couldn't!t afford to be the weak minded girl that wanted to make people happy, in fact, there was a bigger reason to why you wanted this guy caught than just making him pay for tagging your building. You gave him a straight face and then waved your security guards to make them bring him while they followed you to your office. Once you arrived and sat down you said, "You can uncuff him." They didn't hesitate; the one holding onto him took out his keys and released the guy. He looked at the security officer annoyed while rubbing his wrists and looked at you still obviously upset he'd been caught. "Have a seat." you said plainly. There was formality in your voice but it was stern enough for him to know that you were very serious at the moment. When he didn't take a seat, one of your guards put a hand on his shoulder and pushed him down into the seat. When he looked back and acted like he was going to get back up you said, "I could always have them call the cops to come and arrest you if you'd like that better. Although, i can't imagine sleeping in a cell would be more comfortable than being able to go home." He looked back at you, "I could be wrong, but you do have a choice." you finsihed. "What do you want?" he said annoyed. You leaned back into your chair comfortably and said, "First, I want to know why you keep tagging my building." He scoffed through a short chuckle and said, "Just like rich people, can't see the message in the art." "What's your message, that you have nothing better to do with your life than to vandalize things that people have worked hard for." you bit at him. "Oh yeah worked hard for, you think just cause your American you can come over here and act like you had it hard." You laughed, "You don't know anything about me and just because I'm American doesn't mean I came from money dumbass." "And just because I'm a tagger doesn't mean I'm some low life thug with nothing better to do." he snapped back. You relaxed after he said that but a smile creeped across your lips. "Point taken. So why are doing this, to make some sort of statement?" you said. He just looked at you, the glare in his eyes tried to pierce through your own barrier but it was unsuccessful. You pulled out a folder from your desk drawer and opened it to show him photos of the tagging he did on your building. There was also a list of how much it cost to have the tagging covered each time he did it. You showed him the pictures and he smiled. "Nice statement, take from the poor to make others rich. Poverty, pain, suffering. It says a lot- Babylon." you smirked at the end. He looked up at you slight nervous or shocked, perhaps a mix of the two. You chuckled as you pushed the bill over to him so he could look at it. "I'm very obersvant, enough that I could make out your signature in every tagging you've done and actually you've done a lot of work around Seoul. The police would be very interested in finding you I bet," He looked from the bill to you. "What it cost to cover up what you did on this restaurant is nothing compared to what the bill might be around the city." "What's your point? Threatening me to pay your bill or turn me in?" he said seething. You shrugged and leaned back comfortably once again. "Something like that. I'm willing to make you a deal. It'll settle the debt and I won't even turn you in, in fact I'll even burn these pictures if you do one thing for me." He seemed interested now, he leaned towards the desk. His eyes narrowed on you half interested by the idea of a deal and the other half supicious of what you'd say next. You smiled, happy you had his attention and said, "I bought a large building in Busan and you've got some talent, raw talent I don't think most people see. I'd like it very much if people got to see your work." "Wait what exactly are you asking?" "Come paint for me." He looked at you shocked, actually, baffled was more like it. He leaned back in his seat, his eyes shifted to a corner of the room while his hand covered his mouth. He was thinking about his options and honestly the one you just gave him was his best way out. Perhaps he wanted to make sure his work wouldn't compare to his other stuff, you really weren't sure but he was in deep contemplation. "Do we have a deal?" you asked. He looked back up at you and sat up, "Just to clarify, I do this job for you and you don't turn me in, all of this goes away and when I'm done you'll leave me alone." he said. "Of course, what else am I going to do with you?" You joked. He was silent for a moment, "Fine." he finally agreed. You both shook on it and you allowed him to leave the restaurant but you had your security follow him first to find out where he stayed just in case he tried to pull a fast one on you. The rest of the night went by fairly slow after that happened and closing seemed to take forever. The situation must've taken a bigger toll on you than you were paying attention to because you usually lock and unlock the door six times but you did it sixteen times tonight. You didn't even realize until you turned to walk with Hwa Lee, your head chef, to go to your car. "Something wrong Y/N?" she asked you. You looked up at her after snapping out of a daze. "Huh?" you responded. She chuckled, "Are you okay?" "Oh yeah, just a bit tired I guess." "You locked the lock like sixteen times, are you sure?" she chuckled "Sixteen, really? To be honest I don't think I was counting, I guess I am kind of out of it." "Nothing a little sleep can't handle right?" she smiled. You nodded and you two waved at each other as you got in your car and she hailed a cab. You headed back to your loft which was a bit bigger than you thought was necessary for one person. You bought it because it was close, comfortable and when you were out of the country you used it for Air BnB. You picked up your pug, you named Honey and locked the door. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. The door was locked, your shoes were off and you headed to your room to pass out on your bed. At least tomorrow was your day off, the restaurant would be fine without you but you'd stop by anyway just to make sure the forks, knives and spoons were in the right place, and the door was locked. Jongmin's POV When Jongmin got home, he flopped down on the couch irritated. He should've known his streak wouldn't last that long. He'd gotten away with some of the biggest jobs ever, like that girl had mentioned. He couldn't help but feel a little tingle of excitement inside thinking of what he'd be able to paint on the walls of whatever new project this chick had. He scoffed to himself. She must've been looking damn close to notice his signature in those taggings. Her building was perfect for tagging though, important people went there to dine, political people. Jongmin reached into his pocket to pull out his phone, he should've been at least grateful that she didn't turn him into the police. There was a message from his boss complaining about him being late and that he was fired. That was the whole reason he even went to go tag the building when there were people there, he should've been smarter about it but he was pissed, he was stressed and he was heart broken. His little brother was in the hospital with cancer and Jongmin was up to his neck in medical bills. He took on two roommates just to take down his cost in rent but when his brother came home he didn't know where he'd stay... If he came home. Jongmin ran his hand down his face. He was going to go see his brother tomorrow but he wasn't quite sure what he'd say to him. No way was he going to tell him that he couldn't afford his treatments. It pissed him off that, that American girl could just come over and plant her base her like some operation when there were so many people in Seoul that needed help and were struggling. Sure, she had the previlage of having money, he wasn't upset at that but he was upset that she'd created a safe place for the elite to get on with their business in privacy; he wanted them exposed for spending thousands of won on luxury cars, vacations and food when others were fighting to stay alive. He was upset she cared more about the money than the message. She just wanted him to use his talent for free but he didn't have much of a choice now. "I didn't even get her name or number, how the hell am I supposed to hold up my end of the bargain anyway?" He threw his head back and ran his fingers through his bangs. Jiho, Jongmin's roommate walked out of his room to see Jongmin on the couch. He went to get water as he said, "When did you get in?" Jongmin looked over noticing his friend dressed in grey sweatpants and a long sleeve sweater. "A few mintues ago." he answered. "Want something to drink?" "Unless there's beer over there not really." Jongmin stayed on the couch with his hand on his head just trying to de-stress himself. Jiho came over to the couch and held out a beer to him. Jongmin laughed when he saw the can and took it. While opening it he said, "What are you doing up so late anyway?" he asked. "Just woke up to be honest, I'll be back to sleep soon I'm sure. What's up with you? You seem tense." Jiho answered. "Just a lot of shit going on right now." "Have you talked to your brother?" "I'm going to see him tomorrow. By the way, I may be late on rent this month." "Fine by me, I think me and Joon Kyung can handle it. Something happen with your job?" "Let's just say I'm one step away from becoming a male prostitue at this point." Jongmin said sarcastically before taking a large sip of his drink. Jiho laughed, "Oh come on you're not that desprate." Jongmin gave him a look almost as if to challenge Jiho's statement. Jiho made a "yikes" kind of face. He decided to joke a little more, "Look on the bright side, if you do have to take up sleeping around for money you'll at least release a lot of- tension if you get what I mean." "Don't tempt me." Jiho laughed as he walked back to his room to sleep. Jongmin would have to start looking for a new job soon, tomorrow wouldn't be soon enough. He relaxed more into the couch and started to fall asleep. If that Ameican girl was so rich perhaps he could get something out of her... Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre
Love Is Not Over Chapter 25 19+ Rating
Wassup everyone. Kim here just dropping the latest chapter. I hope you all enjoy!!!! After cleaning up and straightening out your boss's beach house and getting reconnected with Jay, you were glad to come home. Exhausted, you kicked off your shoes and flopped down on the bed with your head in your pillows. You just closed your eyes for a brief second when your phone went off. Damnit!!!!!! Who could be calling me now!!!!?????!!!!!! You reached over and saw that it was your best friend, MJ. You immediately accepted the call since you heard that she just got back from Japan. "MJ!!!!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!!!!!!" "Lol well it's nice to see that you're still alive!! "Girl, I got so much to tell you!!!!!You have no idea what's been going on. I feel like I'm going to die. There's so much I gotta catch you up on!!!!" "Oh my.. So who did it? Who are we fucking up?" MJ said while laughing. "Lol, we're not fucking up nobody, but there's something that I gotta tell ya and please, put the gun away." "Fine, I'll put it to the side but im still keeping it with me....So then tell me what did you do?!" asked MJ. "Lol so remember when I caught Jay cheating??? Well, guess who's my client now?" You thought that MJ hung up on you until you heard her yell,"That two timing, good for nothing muthafucka is your client?! Oh hell no what the fuck yo? Wait wait... Please don't tell me... Please please don't tell me that you did what I think you did?" You blushed as you stammered out your words. "We..........uuuummmm.......well.........." "Uuuummmmm.....................I'm waiting." "We talked it out, I heard his side of the story and my meddlesome boss of a second father suggested that I give him a second chance, and we worked well together and there's lingering feelings for him that I thought I've buried but didn't and he feels the same way and he's been making it up for the years that he fucked up." "And in other words you wanna give him a chance because you feel like he's changed and he's a better person.... So then is this actually y'all talking or was it the sex?!," asked MJ. "No I mean.. Did you both have a sit down talk and actually talk about what happened? At least you walked away but still.... I know you and I know how are you. I just wanna make sure that you're doing this because you want to and not because he convinced you to do so." "I know. We had a sit down prior to this where we met at a coffee shop beforehand. And things went well then." "Uh huh.... Well I'm not gonna stop you and even though I don't like him for what he did to you.. If it's what you want then I'll be there... But just know he and I are gonna have to have a little chit chat... Cause I don't play that shit. And don't expect me to play nice either," said MJ. "Girl, I'm not asking you to go easy, I'm asking you not to kill him cause I can't afford to bail you out of jail. You look good in orange, but not in an orange jumpsuit." "Who said i was gonna get caught?! Lol.. I do look good in orange though, don't I," said MJ. "Lol, girl but not THAT orange jumpsuit!!!!!" "Lol, well i can find one fashionable enough and just tie it over with a cute belt. No one will ever know lol. But tell me was the sex still as good as you remember it?!" asked MJ. "Girl!!!!!! I never knew I needed it!!!! He STILL can put it down!!!!!!!! I'm kicking myself in the ass cause it's like I'm craving it now!!!!!! I'm mean, shit, he had me soaking wet!!!!" "Of course you needed it!! You went cold turkey after he did what he did... You had that one guy but still.... Umm too much information.. I'm done with you lol, teased MJ. "You're never done with me!!!!" You were extremely glad that you had your best friend in your corner. The two of you continued catching up well into the night. Once you got off the phone, you looked over and realized that it was way past the time you was supposed to be sleep, but you didn't care. You knew tomorrow was another day and you couldn't wait to see what it brings you. 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Danger PT 121
Hey guys its been a while am I right? I had so many ideas....but nothing would stick to paper. and finally I got it written and corrected. (the best for a few run throughs Im sure I still missed things.....anyways) Thank you guys for your patience and waiting for this update!!! for thise if you who are still reading I LOVE YOU!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️ "Eliza!!!! Can you believe it they are coming back today!!!" Belle ran into the shop. "Belle you need to calm down." Eliza laughed as she finished with a customer. "I can't!!! How are you calm? Its almost been 2 months!!!" "Trust me sweetie I am not calm on the inside." She laughed and started cleaning up her area. "I seriously wish I coulda gone with them...wait no never mind its a good thing I didn't go...who knows what woulda happened." Belle smiled like an idiot. "I know you want there to be more with you and Jimin....but just remember the rules. Thats why it isn't to hard for me to just be here. I can be with Yoongi now." Eliza smiled "Are you guys official?" "You will never know." She laughed evilly and walked away. Belle was not calm because of how her and Jimin had left things. She was over thinking that maybe being away from her changed his mind. Yeah they did talk almost everyday but not for too long. Usually he was awake while she was asleep. So they had limited time. Once Eliza finished her shift the girls left to go get coffee. They had only been there a few minutes it seemed like when a familar bunch walked in the door. Belle tried to contain her excitement but Eliza could see her friend failing. "You wanna go hug them?" Eliza asked "No...why would I want that. Its not like I ever did that." "Really? I remember several occasions when you..." "Ok shut up Eliza." Belle laughed cutting her off. "Just admit it. You wanna go over there now." "I do. But...they are busy." "Wow....Belle....what is wrong with you." Eliza turned to look at the boys. They hadnt noticed the girls yet. They all grabbed their drinks and started to walk out the door. "What? Did they not see us?" Belle sound upset. Eliza continued to stare looking for the one guy she missed the most. As he turned to head to the door his eyes locked with Eliza and she couldn't help but smile as did he. He hollered for the guys and then headed to the girls. "Yoongi you are amazing." Eliza said as he sat down next to her. "I felt like someone was staring at me." "That was Belle she almost had a broken heart because you guys walked out before saying hi." "Really?" He turned to look at Belle. "Yes! And seriously that jerk!" Belle pouted and crossed her arms. "Now shes going to be a brat." "Well you got to see Yoongi. I saw his face light up when he saw you. Ugh so jealous now." Yoongi laughed. "I see you missed us alot." "Clearly." Eliza said and grabbed Yoongis coffee. She took a sip. "What do you think?" "Its good try mine." "Ugh you two disgust me....I want to share my drink." Belle whined. "Share with me then." Belle smiled and turned to the voice. "Yeah and what did you get?" Belle asked. "Just try it." Belle took his drink and sipped it. "Hot Cocoa is the way to go." Belle laughed. "Right." "I missed you! " Belle hugged Taehung. "Same my bestie being here was no fun, I missed goofing off with you." Tae ruffled Belle's hair. "Someone missed you more than me though." He whispered. "Yeah?" "Yeah." "How was the concerts?" Belle asked trying to ignore what she wanted to say. "It was good but you know lots of things happened." "Yeah, is Jungkook and Jimin ok? " Eliza asked "Yeah, they are ok now but...there were some issues we had to solve when all that was going on." Yoongi said. The four of them talked for a bit longer until they all had to go do their own things. Tae and Yoongi went back to the studio and Belle and Eliza went home. "Belle are you upset still?" "I mean, a little... I thought he would have come back in like Tae did." "So what happened between you two?" Eliza still didnt know what went on on Kookies bday. "Ok, so he told me what happened and he was really upset and I tried my best to make him feel wasnt as serious as Kookies but that doesnt matter he was upset because he couldn't perform. And...." "That is not what I was asking about Belle." Eliza interupted. "I know, I was trying to avoid it. But ok I'll tell you but you cant tell anyone." "Ok so spill." "So you know I confessed to Jimin before they left right?" "Right." "Ok and how on Kookies birthday Jimin got upset and told Kookie that I basically didnt like him, and I had to fix that mess." "Yes, so what happened after that. I know you were going to meet Jimin later that night. Where did you go?" Eliza was intrigued. "Sooo I met him where he asked me but we didnt stay there. We ended up going to a school and laying down a blanket on the center of the field and we had a picnic." "Aww that is so cute." "Right! Well after we finished eatting we could really see the stars so we laid down and were star gazing." "Oh my god you guys did it?!?!?" Eliza exclaimed. "No! My gosh no. We just watched the stars and talked. It was really nice. But yes we did end up kissing...but thats it. He asked me out then and I said yes. After I talked to Kookie I realized that its not fair for us to not try, even if I lose my job its fine." "Wow!" "I know right!" There was a knock at the door and Belle got up to answer it. When she opened the door there stood Jimin. He smiled and closed the distance between the two and kissed her. "Ok break it up you two." Eliza said walking past the door. "I see she knows." Jimin said setting Belle down. "Yeah I just told her." "Awesome, I had something I wanted to run by you." Jimin said taking Belle's hand and leading her to the couch. "Ok?" She was a bit nervous. "So we had this meeting with bighit....and I was wondering can I just tell them we are dating?" "I could lose my job." "I dont think you will." "How do you see that?" "Oh I am interested in this now."Eliza said walking back into the room. She sat on the chair watching the two. "Ok so the meeting came up with a few things....and I mean Yoongi his prayers were answred. Eliza took another job and made things easier." " wanting my job is hard?" Belle was trying to stay calm. "No...I mean it was something that couldn't be solved easily. But I figured it out." Eliza laughed Jimin and Belle looked at her. "Sorry. I see he's trying to take his foot outta his mouth and I see Belle getting angry... Hurry up Jimin fix this." Eliza smiled and watched on. "Like I said we had a meeting and several things came up but one thing that made things easier was what pdnim said. "What did he say?" Belle asked "He told us that he wants us happy, and if there is something that will make us happy we can do that." "Do you think he meant this?" "I dont care if he changes his mind this." Jimin grabed bells hands and pulled her closer to him. "This is what makes me happy, I was going crazy without you with me, and it killed me the time difference. If he says something that this is not ok I will remind him of what we discussed." Belle looked at him. "So can I tell pdnim about us?" Jimin pleaded And within a second Belle caved. "Ok fine. Im trusting you on this one ok?" "Ok!" He said and they hugged. "Well...good job Jimin you defused the situation." Eliza laughed and left the room. Everything was going to change from this point on for both couples.... Would it be good? Would it be bad? @TesneemElAlami @QueenPandaBunny @MaritessSison @Starbell808 @SerenaArthurs @AmberRelynn @Yugykookie97 @StefaniTre @JaxomB @SweetDuella @Tigerlily84 @VeronicaArtino @QueenyCrossGene ❤Your Hope❤ @SugaKookieV @VeronicaArtino @SweetDuella @jeonraeyoo @Jungkookieeeee Suga's Statgazers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @jeonraeyoo Suga's starchildren @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 Taehyung's Purplers @VeronicaArtino @SugaKookieV @SweetDuella @Gladys21 Taehyungs Purplees @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 @Just2BLoved @lop0929 JIN council : @SugaKookieV @jeonraeyoo @Jungkookieeeee ❤️TXT council❤️ @SugakookieV @Jungkookieeeee
Calling All Vinglers: Running for Fanfiction Community President
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Nocturnal Creature Jun Myeon (36)
NCJM36 "A Future Not Claimed" [For future reference: Present Day chapters in Regular type; Past/Memory chapters in BOLD ITALIC Note: Posting as I go... Sehun looked at the palm of his hands. He could still see the future he would've had in the lines. He hated looking at his hands but there it was, He laid across his bed, scratching at his palms wishing he could change it. He don't understand why he doesn't see something else since everything changed. Those words bounced around his head, Fate changed its mind. Then why is it still there, he asked himself looking at his palms again. He still had dreams of them being together. He once tried to track her down. For nearly a hundred years he followed her, then she all of a sudden disappeared. So he gave up. He heard whispers from vampires passing through town but none ever panned out. He sought out answers from oracles, witches, and gypsies. The ones who had the sight and knowledge. It was always the same. In another life, in another universe, they are together, madly in love but something in this world changed that. The stars aligned and when they did, someone else was standing where he should've been standing. There was thumping coming from under his bed. He slammed his elbow into his bed and glared. “Stop it.” he growled behind clenched teeth. The pounding stopped. Sehun jumped off the bed and went to his window. He stared out over the city lights, he could see the river, it was black and shimmering like the night sky. He unlocked the lock, pushed the huge window wide open. The scent of the humans down below, made his mouth water. He would rather be out in the night, hunting and playing but… he had a body to find. He leapt out the window and headed for the river. Next Chapter: NCJM37 "Lay And His Boys" EXO FanFicsFans: @QueenPandaBunny @Indiglow @JaxomB @Jessicalista @ynsamgwlk @MaritessSison @MelissaGarza @Namjoonsbutt @YasminChavez @luna1171 @Matty0204 @SHINee4ever @tinafalcon22
Babylon Ch.2
Who: Reader x Lee Jongmin What: Romance Story: He's has an amazing talent but he doesn't trust the rich... He's about to learn. Jongmin's POV Jongmin woke up to Joon- Kyung pushing his arm to wake him up. Jongmin was never the type to be pleasant when he was woken up, especially if it was in the morning. A string of curses slipped out of his mouth as his eyes creaked open and his brows pointed down in an angry fashion. "The hell are you waking me up for?" he growled. "Dude, you gotta come see the chick outside our place." he said excited. Jongmin waved Joon-Kyung away as he laid back down on the couch, "I can't believe you woke me up for some chick. I could careless about women right now." Jongmin groaned irritated as he buried his face in the pillow. "She's a looker bro you gotta come see her. Besides she's looking for you I think." Jongmin waved at him again, he heard his roommate sigh and then walk away. Who could be coming to see him this early in the morning anyway? He wasn't in the mood to be pleasant to anyone. Jongmin could hear Jiho's voice from the distance, they both must've been eyeballing that girl. He was starting to wonder who she was but not enough to get up. He heard soft foot steps and then, "Jongmin you should really come out here." Jiho's voice floated over to him. "Immh- nhot imtrested!" Jongmin shouted into the pillow so it came out muffled. "Well she said that's fine but she could always turn in some file she has to the police. You might want to reconsider." Joon-Kyung said. Suddenly, it dawned on him who would be here. He popped up and his eyes snapped open. He quickly got off the couch and came to the front door. Leaned up against a black bently, was the American girl; she had on a white pant-suit with a black low neck blouse. Her heels were short, classy boots and she had on a delicate diamond necklace that was in a sun shape. Her hair was pulled back into a high ponytail and she was talking to Jiho with a bright smile on her face. She seemed like a different woman than who he met last night. She looked up and saw him coming out of the door and the edge of the sidewalk to meet them. "Nice to see you're finally up." she said. "How'd you find out where I live?" he asked annoyed. "You didn't really think I'd let you go without knowing a little bit about you? I mean you didn't even give me your name so I had to do my own research- Babylon." she grinned. Something about her devilish grin annoyed him completely. It didn't matter if she was cute she pissed him off. "So let's go." she said. Jongmin sighed annoyed and looked at Jiho who had just been watching the two's interaction. Jiho just smirked at Jongmin and waved at him. "Nice meeting you Jiho." she said politely. "You too." he smiled back at her. Jongmin rolled his eyes and looked back at her. "Where are we going?" he asked. She circled around the car and opened up the door so she could get into the driver's side. She got inside and unlocked the door. When Jonging didn't get in, she rolled down the window. "You do realize that now that I know where you live I can easily bug you. Besides your roommate Joon-Kyung gave me his number so I can always ask him when you're home or not." "Don't you think you're going a bit far just for me to paint a place for you?" he asked. She shrugged, "I'm surprised you'd say that considering you think I get eveything I want." "Don't you?" She chuckled and looked foreward. There was nothing left to say? Just a laugh and now she was expecting him to hop in her car. He owed her for not turning him in but did she have to that? He knew he couldn't fight it though, he opened the car door and hopped inside. Most of the car ride consited of Jongmin sulking that he had to even go with her and then he started to think about his brother. If he mentioned money, would she just laugh at him? He wasn't going to beg her for money but he wondered if he asked her about it would she just give it away to him like there was no problem? He glanced at her from the side of his eye and noticed that her hands were manicured and she had both hands on the wheel like she was being tested on driving posture. He imagined her being a asshole as a boss, standing as tall as she could despite probably being only 5'4. He could see her giving people a steely eyed look or a similar look that she had given him last night. Her voice would probably be cold, the complete opposite from how she talked to Jiho. Was she the type of girl to switch up how she treated others when people were watching? He looked at her again and this time he noticed her lips moving but she wasn't saying anything. She was focused on the road in front of her and her lips kept moving until he realized that she was counting. Why was she counting though? He found himself staring now trying to keep up with her lips to find out which number she was on. "Please stop watching me it's unnerving." she said. "Here I thought girls liked it when guys stared at them." he said now looking back out the window. "Your first mistake was thinking I'm like other girls." she said. She made a left turn pulling into the parking lot of a large building. It was huge he was impressed with its size. He also didn't realize how a four hour drive went by that fast. She got out of the car and he followed suit. She locked the doors and he heard the beep to assure her all the doors were locked go off twice. Jongmin was looking at the entire outside of the building in awe. "Follow me." she said with a softer smile. She turned and walked towards the door. He heard her car beep again, she must've been making sure she actually locked it. She unlocked the door and when they walked in Jongmin saw a large open floor, at the southern end of the floor was a large stage and there were light fixtures above. The walls were bare white and there were stairs going up to a second level to the building, he even noticed there was a roof top level when he was outside. There was a bar on the northern end, it was very large and there were double doors on the right like something that would lead to a kitchen. "This is going to be my version of a host club. Upstairs is where customers dine, down here is where they can dance and the roof top is open for all to enjoy how ever they wish as long as they're not doing the dirty up there." The way she ended that statement made her sound like she was uncomfortable with even having to say that. Either she was a virgin or she'd actually caught someone in the act before. He didn't laugh but a small smile crept up on his face when he thought about how red her face would turn in that situation. "I'd like you to do something on these walls down here and the ones upstairs. How long might it take you to do the entire area? I'm aware you may have a job of your own and I won't have you work on the weekends." she said. She was sounding more like a business woman now. Something about that irritated him. He looked around though, the bare walls were his canvas to really say something and she was going to let him. He was going to be able to release his stress without worrying about getting in trouble, however the rush of almost getting caught was a thrill to him. He couldn't risk that though, his brother's medical bills were stacking up. He kept telling Hwimin not to worry, he could do that for him. "Look I'm outta work right now and looking for a new job so I don't know how that'll effect my schedule-" "How about I give you two months as a deadline then. Four days a week you choose how you work them." she proposed. He looked at her shocked but she had a stotic look on her face. He saw her press her key again and the familiar sound of her car beeping could be heard even through the door, perhaps because of how quiet it was. Why did she keep doing that? "You do know you've locked the door three times aleady?" he said. Her eyes slightly widend and she looked away from him for a moment. He noticed her cheeks turning a shade of pink. He was confused as to why she was even embarrassed. She walked over to the bar counter and took a seat once again he heard the car beep again. She took out something from the small clutch purse she had and started writing on it. When she was done, she turned back to him and said, "Do we have a deal?" "There's one problem, I can't get up here four times a week, I don't have my own car, train fair will get expensive if I keep going back and forth." "I have a beach house here you can stay in. I usually rent it out for air bnb but the last two visitors have already left and I've put the house on hold for an inspection. You can bring whatever you want and I won't charge you rent so long as you don't damage my home." She thought of everything didn't she? He wondered what this house of hers looked like. It would be convenient to stay here in Busan while he paid back his debt. If he could do it fast enough he could get back to Seoul and take care of his brother. He may not need two months. She stepped closer to him with only an arms length between them. She extended her hand and said, "So, do we have a deal?" He looked at her hand and reluctantly extended his to meet hers so they could shake on it. She then handed him a small slip of paper and said, "Here, consider it a deposit, you'll get other payments as the project gets done with the final payment due the day you finish." He looked at her shocked, "You're paying me?" he asked surprised. She looked at him as if that was a stupid question, "Of course, you're doing work for me why wouldn't I?" She turned around and headed for the door. Her phone was ringing and she was taking the call as she was walking outside. Jongmin was trying to comprehend what just happened. He stared at the check, it was more than enough to cover his brothers hospital bills. He was actually going to be able to take care of him. The amount of excitement he felt was erupting inside of him but he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of seeing that she helped him. He didn't want her pity or charity so as long as she thought she was paying him for an art job he'd continue to accept her checks.... Y/N POV "I'll be there for dinner. I'm in Busan right now." you said to your cousin Winter. "Okay see you then." she said. Babylon walked out the door and you turned to lock up the building. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six times. Back and forth you turned the key to make sure that it was locking. You jiggled the door knob just for extra measure and then headed back to the car. Jongmin was lost in his thoughts for the rest of the ride meanwhile you were counting from one to twenty while driving, over and over again. A few times you knew he was looking at you again but you didn't say anything because he'd just turn away after a few minutes. As you pulled up to his house you said, "Tomorrow I have a few meetings to go to in Busan. I'll send a car to bring you up to the house tomorrow afternoon." "Sure." he said plainly, he started to get out of the car and said, "One more thing, if I'm going to work for you I think I should know what to call you." You smiled at him and said, "The name's Y/F/N and you or would you rather I stick to the alias." "Lee Jongmin." he said. He stood up and walked up the steps to his apartment door. You drove off and headed towards the restraunt to meet your cousin. You met her at a nice little barbaque place. Her hair was dyed blonde and she had it done in tight curls. She stood up and greeted you with a smile. She was the second oldest of her siblings and older than you too. She wore a black crop top with a lacey black cardigan. She had on skiny dark blue jeans with ankle high heels. Her lips were a dark brown and the wings of her eyeliner made her look like a cat. She smiled big and her teeth were bright white like you remembered them. "How have you been Winter?" you asked. "Good how about you? And what took you so long I thought you said that you had the day off." she asked "Oh yeah, I had to settle some business though and drop someone off." "You're such a workaholic. You know sometimes I think it's just to avoid us." she chuckled. "Nonsense I love you guys." You started organizing the silverware on the table and made sure everything was in a line. Your main ocd quirks were locking the door, counting and organizing but as your stress level rose you tended to do more like make everything in a straight line and tidy up for no reason. Winter had become accustomed to these rituals and knew when they switched up even in subtle ways that you were under stress. "What's wrong? I know you don't like it when I talk about the family but I can tell something else is bothering you." she said. You looked up at her and wondered if you should tell her about Jongmin. She'd make a whole case about it though. You were only going this extra mile because you really wanted this club done, you wanted to be there on opening night but you'd be going back to America for roughly three months. You weren't trying to rush the development but at the same time you wanted it done quickly. You only hoped that it wouldn't take Jongmin that long to do what you asked him to do. Still, telling Winter about Jongmin was opening up a world of conversation you didn't want to start so you left him out of it. "Nothing, I'm just thinking about my club. I'll be going back to America in three months and the club isn't ready to open yet. We've already hired staff for the kitchen and bar, interviews for the hosts will start next month and even if we get all the staff on board if it's not done by the time I have to leave I won't get to see it opening night." "You'll have other nights to see it though, is it really that big a deal?" she asked. "Winter, opening night is everything to me I get to gauge public interest and how advertising did that brought so many people out. Besides I've had some of my workers create a social media presence so we'll be live but I wanted to be there to feel the energy of the first night. It's an experience I won't get back with that place." She chuckled. "Jesus you talk about it like it's a baby." "Well- it's my baby." you said and smiled. She laughed at you and threw the paper to her straw at your nose which you were able to catch when it fell. You stuck your tongue out at her and she laughed with you. Winter was the closest thing to a sister you had and you adored her. The waiter came in to place the food on the gill and start cooking before he hurried away to help another table. Winter was checking out all the guys in the restaruant. "Well I certainly know why you love it here." she mused. You chuckled at her. "So how long are you in Seoul?" "Oh I leave Saturday morning. There's a concert friday night my girlfriend is dragging me too." "Kpop?" "No hip hop acutally, I can't deny the guys are good. The group is AOMG i think." "Groovy, I've heard of them just do me a favor and don't go throwing panties at Jay park." "How did you know my secret plan?" she joked. You rolled your eyes at her and looked up when you thought the waiter was coming back. Instead, it was Joon Kyung, Jongmin's roommate, he wasn't with his other roommate but another male and two females. They were being seated when he saw you. You smiled and waved back when he waved at you. He excused himself from his friends for a moment and said, "Well seeing you twice in one day, I must've been a good boy to deserve such a treat." You chuckled, "You and Jiho say the cutest things." you said. "Yeah well just remember I'm cuter than him." You laughed and he said hello to Winter. You introduced them both and Winter seemed enthralled with how he was interacting with you. You knew she'd have a lot to say about it later and you only hoped she wouldn't pass on the message to her mother. "I just thought I'd say hi and I wanted to ask about how Jongmin behaved." "Behaved?" you asked. "Oh yeah, he's such a bear in the morning but he's a total ladies man. I wondered how he balanced that." Winter laughed which made you turn your attention to her. She said, "Y/N knows how to keep everything painfully professional and even more she's super oblivous to guys advances. He could come flat out and say he liked her and she'd just say okay." You stuck your tongue out at her again but Joon Kyung laughed at it. You looked at Joon Kyung and said, "While her description is a bit over done, I'm afraid she's right I kept everything professional, besides he didn't give off any signs that he was a ladies man." "Hmm that's odd for him. Well I have to get back to the crew nice meeting you Winter and nice seeing you again Y/N. Text me sometime we can go out to eat." he said. "I'll keep that in mind. See you." Winter laughed at you and said, "Totally oblivious." Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre
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