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Here is the old commercial from adultswim when Inuyasha would come on. I was in middle school at the time and I've now been a high school graduate since May of 2010. I've decided to look for this and share it thanks to another Vingler, @OtakuDemon10. You can see their card here. PS: Best. Anime. Ever. XD
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Jesus Christ I forgot about this commercial lmfao xD it's been so long since its been on tv 馃槀
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Lol. Yeah, my best friend and I still do this from time to time. 馃槀
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This is basically what the anime was
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My favorite commercial was the one that had her yelling "Inuyasha! Sit boy!" and his face slams into the ground.
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omg I remember this!! so many memories 馃槩 bring back my childhood! !
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