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EXPERIENCED ONE PIECE WATCHERS ONLY Alright nakama, Ive been going between watching the anime and when im on the go i read the manga, but I just came across this part in the manga, and it was completely different than the anime! When Luffy and everybody come up from Fishman Island into the New World. In the anime, they end up in that super stormy sea and rescue Panz Fry, in the manga they end up next to the sea of fire and the Island where the the two admirals fought. are they going to correct themselves and line up or is this where they split paths??
it's just anime filler they have random episodes like that and sometimes it can be really jarring. I wouldn't worry about it to much just Google a guide to help you skip the filler ;3
@ZephyrBlaze Thank you for the response ! 😛
There's little filler to pass the time, or to give context (Like how Coby and Helmepo were taken hostage by Morgan) on events that happened (the cover art shows the story pieces by piece, but since that's doesn't exist for anime, they just made it an episode), but characters that appear only in the anime probably won't have any affect on anything.