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Hello again! Welcome to the second to last Moonbin Friday! Can you believe Q3 is almost over? I can't! It went so fast!! I'm so sad!!!

This weeks card is Moonbin with his members!

Moonbin with his eldest Hyung, MJ.
Moonbin and Leader JinJin.
Moonbin and cutie Eunwoo.
My bias and my bias wrecker!
The dancing machines Bin and Rocky.
Bin and the Maknae, Sanha.
Some with all the members!
That's it for this weeks card. Look forward to next weeks card! ;)
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I got Bin and Rocky mixed up and Bin and Eunwoo mixed up
Haha whenever I first got into Astro I kept getting Bin, Rocky, and Eunwoo mixed up! XD
Ship binny with everybody because his heart is the size of a whale and there's tons of love to go around.