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And we're back again with more disbanded girl groups!
As we know K-pop has a huge industry and some groups out there don't get the attention they deserve and unfortunately disband. Or other factors cause them to break up. This list is of girl groups that should've had more attention and should totally come back!

1. Evol

2. Bob Girls

3. K-Girls

4. The Ark

5. D-Unit

Anyone else miss these groups?
Which group do you miss the most?
A lot of these groups were underrated and that's unfortunately why they disbanded.
Hope you enjoyed this special card!
I do not own any of the videos, all credit goes to the rightful owners!
GNMR Staff:
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Also we take suggestions! If you think a group/soloist is underrated let us know and we will add them to the list!
Do you have any disbanded groups that you wish would come back?
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I miss EvoL, D-UNIT, and The Ark so much... all fantastic groups that shouldn't have disbanded...
I couldn't agree more!
I miss The Ark. They were a great group and overall were one of my favorite girl groups. Why did they disband?
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Right!? I was waiting for their comeback, but then I find out that they disbanded. I really wanted them to comeback! ;-;
The Ark is amazing at dancing. They should come back!!!!
I know I loved their dance covers!
The ark!! They would have made a good career
k-girls is the only one I didn't know... but definitely yes to the rest... I love the ark
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네, 맞아요... very sad about some... others, it was time because they were starting to ruin their music