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Since there are only now 19 days left until our eternal maknae leaves for his military service (*sobs*) I thought it would be good to share his on here.
This is the newest SM Station single, out today. It is a duet between Bada (of SES) and our Ryeowook. Please enjoy!
I knew he had to leave soon. The evil maknae should be entering soon after him. But hey, we get Shindong back soon.
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Thank you so much for the tag I didn't even kW it was out till now your awesome thanks. 😭😭😭 I don't want him to leave no Oppa don't leave me 😒😒 but I'm glad his atleast leaving us this present until his return he will be missed by us al 😘😘😘 Wookie SARANGHAE
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I just saw this about 20 mins and this was beautiful!!!!!
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