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I was tagged by @kpopandkimchi to think of idols that describe me...I could only think of two
the first one that comes to mind is Wonho. Our senses of humor are so similar...I'm not as flirty and confident as he is but we both are awkward,sensitive, scardy cats and we like to laugh. We both love friends and family the most, and most importantly...RAMYUN IS LIFE
Someone I think I can relate to is Taemin. We are both awkward flowers... but once we get out of our shells there's no stopping us. we're playful, and childish, but If we're determined to do something then we're gonna do it. Tbh we can both be savage when the situation calls for it. and we use our awkwardness to our advantage. Also we both like to abuse the fact that we're the youngest (we get away with everything (; )
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