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This was in the Palace of Versailles in France during my travel with my whole family. I enjoyed this trip mainly because i shared it with the people I love and also because It's such a great privilege to travel back in time and know something about France which I love so much. There are a lot of Palaces in France and this is one of the most popular i know about. It's really wide especially the garden. You will need the whole day to see the whole place. From Paris, we took a train and travelled for 1 hour I think or more.
@nokcha yeah, I would imagine that it'd get really lonely really fast if you don't have at least a couple hundred people around all the time because it's so big! haha.
Can you imagine having a house/palace that big?!!?!!
@sofiamullet758 hmmm I think it depends on your preference like for me I like nature more so I enjoy sitting at their parks (park floral having picnics). I will be posting photos of that soon :)
what do you love most in Paris ??
wow versailles !! lot of important event has happened here !!
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