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so I have finally picked who are my most favorite Characters in Love Live! Sunshine! Ofcourse I have a main favorite but here are my 3 other favorite in Love Live! Sunshine!
Yoshiko, Mari and Kanan Yoshiko - her acting like a fallen angel is so adorable and she is being herself she's so cute Mari -she came back and wanted to go back being a school idol with her two best friends, plus the way she talks is so adorable Kana - for her caring so much for her friend and the design of her character (personality and art style) is so beautiful

and my Favorite School Idol Character in Love Live! Sunshine! is


How can you not love her! she's so small, she's very shy and her voice is adorable, and her hair is perfect (so much like Nico's hair that's the other reason lol) and she's living her dream to become a school idol and she's doing that with her sister Dia.. .Ruby is just KAAAWWWIIII! I could go on but I won't boar you guys that much longer with this... but stay tomorrow bc soon today I will post something for Pokèmon Thank you!
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I like your choices