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Okay, so I got this idea suddenly in my head and I just started writing it. It involves Jackson and vampires. The first chapter will be posted Monday. Here's is a preview: --------- Outside, Mrs Wang stopped to smell the air and feel the breeze of the night on her face. She loved this weather. Her eyes traveled to the dumpster. The street lamp close to it was broken. You could barely see anything there. Mrs Wang sighed looking at the bag of trash she was holding and reluctantly walked that way. She stopped when she heard a bottle rustle close to the dumpster. "Hello?" No one answered. She wasn't too fond of the dark, but she came to the realization that it was probably a rat causing all that ruckus. She lifted the lid and dumped the bag inside. She quickly turned around and started walking away to get to the car. The wind suddenly picked up, the hair on her arms stood up and she got goosebumps all over her body. The sound of footsteps and growling behind her made her stop.
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