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Que tal peeps!

I know the 17 fans will murder for this but I found this funny! Who would make an article about this? Why not write about how many records and awards 17 is bringing home? Kpop and Korean culture as it relates to bromance cannot be viewed with a Western lense. So what 17 was acting silly but bashing them is wrong. I'm not a huge 17 fan but bashing them for doing nothing is wrong. All male Kpop groups hug or even kiss eachother. If they are gay that their business. But Kpop groups believe they belong to their fandom. What their fans want their fans will get. If fans want to see bromance then thats what they will get. All in all enjoy the music and leave the drama alone! PG 13
Source to original article I just copied and paste this for yall to read. A Seventeen fan wrote an online post titled 'Come at me bro: rebuttal against Seventeen gay controversy' to defend Seventeen for their alleged 'gay acts' and call out the netizen who had taunted them in a post titled 'Seventeen's gay acts during meet and greet controversy.'  The OP wrote, "I'm writing this because I find it bothersome that someone tried to bring [Seventeen] down with such a ridiculous rumor. I'm a Seventeen fan who is relatively new to the fandom but I've always regarded the group positively, and I was honestly shocked AF that this post had so many likes looool. Below is the original post I'll be referring to." 
The OP continued, "These photos show them playing the 'Pepero' game," and listed what was wrong with the post that had called Seventeen 'gay.'  "※ What was wrong with the original post:  1. Belittling homosexuals by using the words 'gay behavior'     - 'Gay' is a term used to refer to male homosexuals, and it does not hold any negative implications whatsoever; however, the OP used the words 'gay behavior' in a manner that attached 'gay' with a negative connotation, and referred to Seventeen in the same fashion even though they are not known to be gay. This is not only a discourtesy to Seventeen but also to everyone who identify as gay. 2. There is no explanation whatsoever regarding the photos.  - The one who wrote the belittling original post is a fan from a different fandom who assumed things based just on the pictures, purposely omitting any sort of explanation for the pics and making it all the more easier for new Seventeen fans to misunderstand. Through this design, we know that the OP caused over 1,000 people to believe that Seventeen members are gay.  First, I want to clarify that all the pictures included in the original post are showing the members taking part in the 'Pepero' game during their meet and greet with fans, and there is absolutely nothing 'controversial' about them. When you watch variety programs, it's commonplace for idol group members to play the same game or a similar one in which they transfer a piece of paper using their mouths. If we follow the writer of that post's logic, that must mean almost all idols are homosexuals. Also, in the picture in which a Seventeen member is holding up a sign saying 'sex & aegyo, & tough,' the actual words are supposed to read, 'sexy & aegyo & tough.' I don't how that error came to be; it could be a mistake made by aPledis staff member but what's certain is that it is an error. The agency would be crazy to purposely use a word like that in front of fans. And what's worse is the comments [on the post] which are full of people saying that [Seventeen] are 'dirty,' and even going over the line to write hate speech. There were lots of falsities, as well.  Be strong, Carats."  Most netizens who read this post seemed to agree, commenting, "The error was thanks to a local foreigner staff who made a translation mistake. When you watch the actual clip [from the meet and greet], the members were also flustered, but because foreign fans can't really read Hangeul, they smoothed over the situation. I'm just leaving this comment so that people who are curious will know."  "As someone from another fandom, I really can't believe this lol. My group has actually done worse than's a very common game so I guess whoever wrote that original post is pretty much ridiculing nearly every idol group and their fandom?"  "Everyone who was insulting [Seventeen] for being 'gay' would stay mum if they saw other people play the same game hahaha."  "Where are the 1,500 people that pressed 'like' on that post now? You piece of garbage human beings that leaves hate comments based on rumors and not fact. Don't live your life like that because karma will bite you in the ass eventually."  "After I saw that post, I realized what a dirty place Pann is," and more. 
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let's be honest here people need something to bitch about so they go searching for it and then they find the most random thing and thus a rumor begins. How many kpop idols have done this and never heard a word on it? Lay and Sehun N and Ken and so many others . my say in this is get the he'll over yourself and let them be them whether they gay or not or just let them be and let's enjoy the music these guys put out and admire the hard work they put into it and the quality they achieve
I'm really not a 17 fan either (those boys are just that....little boys...way too young), but leave 'em alone. Geez, don't people have anything better to do than belittle them. I feel bad for any group that starts to get bashed. While at KCon NY, my daughter and I heard some very nasty, rude, and homophobic comments about Mamamoo. It was awful and I felt so bad for the group. I did tell the guy to keep his comments to himself if he had nothing nice to say...but I was slightly afraid to say too much for him and his group of friends were intimidating.
I like the person that actually wrote the rebuttal. Their rebuttal was very well put together. Props to them! Also, being gay isn't bad. Even if certain members of each group, girl and guy groups, are gay/lesbian/bi there is nothing wrong with it. If this goes against one's religious beliefs than you should know better to treat other humans with respect. Even if you're not Christian, most other religions preach about being good and treating others with respect. If you're not religious than get your act together! Writing hate, or even liking hate is a form of bullying. You don't have to be the main person writing hate or physically hurting others to be a bully. I will respect the Kpop idol's choices, even if it goes against my beliefs. Being respectful and allowing others to bloom and become who they are is a major factor in human society, so please try to abide by this factor.
whaaa! wayta go TRUE FANS!!! but remember... the world is full of hypocrisy and hypocrites bc the same person who wrote the "OP" will write a GREAT REVIEW of something the achieved. the world we live in is a nasty dirty place and the mi D's that say and think these ugly words and place them on comments for the world to see, are going to be those carding for your beloved families and idols when they are old and grey... it is sad, but so. ething has got to change!!!! maybe a "Cyber-Police station! " no seriously... where all the IP's are monitored and those who write things like this can be "Taken OUT/DOWN " without any problems!!!
In the picture, it's either edited, or the angle is just making it hard to see the paper
yeah thats what was said un the article. it was a pepro challenge.
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