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Ever since I discovered quotes like these about 3 years ago, it's been my passion to find them. After all, I related to them and they were able to put feelings into common tongue when I couldn't do it myself. I think that's why people in general like quotes. But then, there's quotes like the one above that are mostly advice or something that we want. Something that makes us sigh and double tap or download and keep saved on our phones. Why is that? Maybe it's to show to a friend later? Or to put as a caption of a photo? Or maybe, it's because we want to believe it. The quote above was used in my "Hopeless Romantic" card several months ago and I've never really thought much about it. I liked it because in the back of my head, I wanted it to be true, but didn't actually believe it would happen. And then I met her, that girl I am with right now. The girl who owns my heart and willingly gives me her own. And indeed, she is someone who I would never dream of having. So listen, no matter how silly or cliche those quotes are, believe in them. They are actual advice and guidance. They are, and will, come true for you.
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this quote is only true for people who have not yet reached the highest level of love. there is a level of love that is reached where you know what you want to fill an emptiness in you and then you find it and lose it and that is replacable. but then, there is a level of love that you have when you are not needy at all and you genuinely love someones soul and love being there for them so much to the point that you can forgive anything as long as they will still let you love them. you dont look at them as something that was put in your life to fill a position but as someone who is a part of you simply because you love them so much and that love once lost can never be replaced because you werent in love with the position they filled or what they did for you but rather, you were in love with their very soul.