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From London to Korea Pt 8

Even more! As I was writing this part, I saw how many spelling errors I made, and will hopefully be able to go back and fix all of it soon, so bear with me while I work on it.


Jung Nam had left the room, smirking as he walked away, hopefully to follow Yongguk’s recommendation.
I didn’t know what else to do, besides stand there awkwardly, and wonder if B.A.P was paying attention to anyone else. After all, if they did it for one person, you think it’d be fair to do it for everyone, right?
Thankfully, he returned shortly, giving off the impression that he knew this was going to happen from the beginning. I didn’t realize he Jung Nam had returned, because I was calling my mom. Had to do that because I had no idea what was even happening, and she’s always helped me make sense of things.
“Honey? Are you ok?! You don’t sound alright.”
“Yeah, I’m fine mom. Just trying to process what happened.”
“Did you move on to the final round?”
“Not exactly.”
"Did they cut- wait, you said not exactly. What does that even mean?”
“Well, you remember me talking about B.A.P?”
“Yeah, and? Did you meet them and something bad happened? You’re making me nervous baby girl.”
“Well, they were watching my dance audition, and apparently someone had told them about me singing under my breath and how they needed to hear it. So I got to do some vocal warm-ups with them and then they had me sing!”
“Please tell me you did that one really pretty lyrical one that works so perfectly with your voice.”
“Do you mean Butterfly?”
“Yeah that one.”
“I did.”
“And what happened next?”
“Well, Yongguk said to sign me and make me part of their sister group, which hasn’t been made yet!”
Mom didn’t respond for a moment, but I heard the screeching and happy sounds. I giggled, beginning to comprehend what was happening.
“So have they tried to get you to sign anything yet?”
“Not yet, but Sul Jung Nam, the rep with TS who’s been helping me so much, just came back with a contract.”
“Make sure you read every word and ask plenty of questions!”
“Will do mom! Love you!”
“Love you too baby girl! Stay safe and know what the contract is asking!”
We hung up, and I turned around to apologize.
Bowing deeply, I said, “my apologies for that.”
“Oh, Carrie, it’s no problem. I had figured you would call her. You seem to almost worship her, with how you two were talking. Now, I have the contract. Take your time, and sign it when you’re ready.”
“Ok. Do you need me to leave? Is there someone else after me?”
“Yes, but we have given a heads-up that we are running behind.”
“Oh no! I am so sorry for causing this!” Another deep bow.
“No, no. Don’t stress it! Just prove to us we are right in trusting Yongguk.”
“Yes sir!”
I took the contract and sat down, reading it. It had simple things like length of time I would sign for (which was up to me, but they said usually 10), what would happen while I finished high school, dorm situations, group promotions, etc. Having been into Kpop for a while, everything made sense. I read it all the way through, and decided to sign for five years with an opportunity to renew afterwards.
Standing up, the panel looks over at me and Jung Nam is smiling, probably because he just signed a new trainee.
Someone from the panel interrupts my thoughts by speaking, and confusing me because it’s in English.
“Well, Carrie, we are very excited to have you on our label, especially since members of B.A.P had wanted you. That means you will be pushed more than other trainees, because we want you to keep working like you have been and improving so we can impress Yongguk.”
I felt rude, because I was staring in bewilderment, but I had no idea they could speak English.
“Our apologies Carrie,” another member said, “but we had to test if you would be able to work through language barriers. We have big plans for your future group.”
Holy crap, this is really happening! I’m going to be part of a group!
Hope you guys enjoyed!
Love you guys! ~Elayne
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