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Pabo you got hurt… what about everything you said i hope you are okay my Hanbin please get better soon i miss you Don't overwork yourself and just rest

I want to see this bright beautiful smile all the time I miss it so much

We will always be here for you Hanbin we love you please don't worry and get lots of rest

please be okay I love you my Hanbin

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@B1A4BTS5ever when? how? why him of all people? .......😲😲😲
The news came out today don't know how he was injured but pretty sure it's due to him stressing out and being overworked and I know I cried 😭😭😭 my baby is sick I hope he gets better
Awwww! Fighting! Health is important, so don't worry about us fans. We ain't going anywhere. We will all support you and wait patiently for you to get better. So just take care and pay attention to your needs for right now. (I don't know why I'm writing a message to him. He's not going to see it...) Anyway, fighting Hanbin!!! Stay strong!!
Hoping for a full recovery and hope he gets a lot of rest during this time.
I hope he gets all the rest he needs and more! Stay strong and healthy leader Hanbin!! 💙
oh dear pls get better Binny, do take of you Hanbinah