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Hey Hey everyone the lovely kpopping otaku @SimplyAwkward coming at you with some good news! I've became the Anime Monster Blogger for Monster Media *insert happy sounds here* So as for my introduction I am going to give out a little tidbits about myself (pleasedontkillmeforthefourthfact) Tagging the Monster Media Family! Ceo: @amobts Media Monsters: @MadAndrea @EllieNim @KokoroNoTakara @Helixx Monster Bloggers: @PrettieeEmm @nimm14 @SimplyAwkward

*ahem* None of the Images, Videos, Gifs and Fanart Belong to Monster Media. Credits to the Original Owners.

Writer @SimplyAwkward, Anime Monster Blogger

Fact No.1: My favorite childhood anime is Trigun

I've been a fan of trigun since I was three (that was the year I started watching anime) because of how he can change into a goofball to a complete awesome badass and lets not forget my favorite line of his "LOVE AND PEACE!!!" *does the love and peace pose*

Fact Number Two:.....I Don't like SAO

I'm sorry that I might offend people but its just I don't like how they didn't follow along the manga with a few things >>" Please don't Kill me

Fact Numbuh Three (anyone who gets this refrence will get a cookie):

I am a huge, HUGE fan of Kpop , My bias group was SHINee because they got me into it through a Amv i was watching P.S. Happy late birthday to our Diva Key ^u^

The Last and Final Fact(God I love Joseph)

The Current Anime I am watching that I got really hooked on now Is Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. I was recommend to watch the anime from a friend and i got hooked since Phantom blood all the way to Diamond Is Unbreakable (and im also reading the manga since he also told me to read it too)
So That is It, Those were my facts about myself and I am hoping to see you guys more when we give you awesome anime content!

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@alliepetey actually the monster media accounts is everyone account in that group I'm just their blogger along with other awesome people
@SimplyAwkward ohhh what's monster media anyway???
@alliepetey allow me to bring the CEO of the media to explain about it @amobts
@alliepetey If you would like to learn more about us please check out our card. Here's the link In a nutshell we are a group of awesome ppl who make cards about Anime, Skincare, Kpop, and Asian Dramas. If you want to be part if the team there is more information on how to join on that link I shared. We do have 1 opening for an Anime Monster Blogger, 3 openings for Skincare Monster Bloggers, 3 openings for Asian Dramas Monster Bloggers. If you want to just join the family and be tagged to our cards you can just asked to be tagged to our cards.
@Mediamonster can i be tagged for the anime and dramas???
I will let the team know!