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Hello, my names Mikayla, or @nimm14! I'll be one of the Monster Bloggers for the wonderful world of Anime! Let me start by introducing myself!

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Writer @nimm14, Anime Monster Blogger

Interesting things about me!

1.) I've been watching Anime since I was in middle school, when I turned eleven I believe! I'm eighteen now! Now let me tell you, seven years might not seem like a long time, but to me it is! That's seven whole years of awesomeness!

2.) I'm heading off to college soon to major in English and History!

3.) I am the DR. Chopper moderated in the One Piece community!

4.) I love Anime, especially the Shonen, Horror, Scifi, and Supernatural genres, but I dont like sticking to just those genres, so I tend to bounce around!

5.) I have never been to a Comic-Con!!! I wan't to attend one so bad! Sadly there are not really any near me! We have an extremely small one about three hours away, and a good sized one about eight hours away!

6.) Other than watching Anime my hobbies include Video Games, Reading, Drawing, Painting, Watching Horror Movies (Or Marvel Movies, or The Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. Okay, there are lots of movies I like! ), Writing Stories, and Playing Softball!

7.) I love Sushi!!! Sushi is like the best thing ever and one of my favorite foods! My mom actually knows how to make it, and is currently teaching me! I love cooking Asian inspired dishes, but sushi is defiantly my favorite!

8.) I'm probably the most accident proned person you well ever meet. I am on a first name bases with most of the paramedics and E.R. staff. It's slightly embarrassing (-_-)

Thanks for reading my ramblings!

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Nice to meet you!! ^^
like wise xD
Lovely to have you on the team!!!
We have so much in common :O!
Welcome!!! 😊😊😊