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Pairing: Jimin/Reader Genre: Thriller, Angst Part: 1/? WARNING: There will be mature content throughout this imagine so please be wary. I'm also putting a trigger warning for potential violence but that won't be until later chapters.
“Ah,” you pant, “You’re so good.” You draw out your words to make them sound lustful than you actually were. You hold on to the chair in front of you as the man behind you pounds your ass relentlessly. His groans indicate your words only turned him on even more. You feel his thrusts start to stutter and become sloppy. About time, you think. Rolling your eyes, you decide to finally finish the job. This guy had an extreme foreplay obsession which took up too much of your time. It took him almost fifteen minutes to finally fuck you and he weren't even that good. “Come on my face baby,” you whisper as he grips your hips tighter, “Ahhhh...please! I want to taste you.” You turn around and get on your knees as he yanks the condom off and jerks his cock in your face. You lick his head teasingly as he mutters about how you’re going to enjoy this. You roll your eyes at his arrogance but keep nodding, pleading for his seed all over you. “Ugggghh....fuck,” he groans loudly before his climax hits him. You close your eyes instinctively as he releases all over your face in small little spurts, marking your cheek. You watch as his body quivers, still recovering from his high. For extra measure, you take the head of his cock in your mouth and suck lightly. He gasps in pleasure and tumbles back and you release him from your mouth and smile. “Hope you enjoyed sweetie. Let’s see each other again okay?” You sport another pearly white smile, with no intention of keeping your words, before leaving the dark room with a playful wave. Your whole demeanor changes as you close the door behind you. Sighing, you grab the bathrobe that’s hanging on the hook across from you. You run your hands through your hair as you stroll past other rooms where you hear over exaggerated moans and groans through the walls. At the end of the hallway, you turn and enter a room where there are other girls applying make-up or conversing in identical robes. “Hey Y/N,” says one of the girls applying a little too much eyeliner in your opinion, “You don’t look too happy. Did you get another douchebag?” You smirk at her. Out of all the girls here she was the only one you associated with outside this job. Her name was Sam, a junior in college like you. You both met at school at first and Sam’s energy drew you to her and it wasn’t long before you two were partners in crime. That is until your father threatened to stop paying for your school if you didn’t start doing better in school. He even stopped your funds for a whole semester to show you how serious he really was. But you weren’t a girl who depended on anyone, not even your father. So you asked Sam how she always paid her immense college fees on time, despite not having any help from her family. Looking back to that moment, you still couldn’t describe how you felt when Sam told you she worked at a gentleman’s club, known as the Red Boutique. At first, you didn’t know exactly what it was. As soon as she sneaked you into the back of the building and saw a room filled with girls with hardly any clothing on, you understood. That was the day where your father had sent you a mocking letter, asking how you were doing. That was also the same day you received your first client. It was a process you actually caught on to rather quickly. Sam would comment that you were a born natural and you would promptly punch her in the arm. You showed up every day at nine o’ clock. Then you would see The Boss- that’s what everyone called him because no one knew his name- and he would assign your clients to you for that night. There would be no question and no objections. You took what you gave him and that was it. You were then expected to ‘entertain’ your clients to the best of your ability. Depending on how well you did, your client would pay some extra money for a chance to see you again. This, in turn, got you more money from The Boss. So, understandably, you did you’re your best to make sure you left an impression on every client you were given. You moaned a little louder, teased them as much as they wanted, and did everything they requested. One thing you had a rule against were these douchebags staying away from your vagina. You were a virgin despite this job. Some girls believed that any kind of penetration immediately got rid of your virginity, but you deemed only vaginal sex as an act of losing virginity. You would let any guy get you in the ass but that place was something you wouldn’t give up so easily. You decided that you would allow yourself at least that much dignity. “Sam. Every guy that come here is a douchebag. You should know that.” The other girls in the room laugh and nod in agreement. You all probably seemed like you enjoyed being here but truthfully, it was only the money that kept you coming. Most of the girls here were in the same situation like you. Young girls trying to pay for college. There were a few who actually did this to pay for their family. This definitely wasn’t the most glamorous job but it kept a lot of people from hardships. Sam shook her head, turning her chair to face the girls in the room. “Well I don’t know about any of y’all but I’ve met some shy, cute guys. You know the ones that act all innocent?” Your face scrunches up in remembrance. You hadn’t worked here that long but so far you’ve only seen the usual snarky assholes and one or two kinky freaks. Maybe you weren’t that lucky like Sam. “No, I don’t. Maybe once I’ve been here as long as you have I’ll finally meet some.” The room bursts into laughter again and you give Sam a teasing grin before hugging her. Sam’s frown disappeared immediately and she hugged you back. “I’m going back to the apartment for the night so I’ll see you when you get back okay?” “Kay. I only have this last guy and I’ll join you.” You nod and head to the showers The Boss recently installed not too long ago so we would always be clean and ready for our next client. So considerate. After you wash up, you decide to go get your earnings from Boss. The Boss’ office is on the top floor of the building so you walk up the narrow, dark stairway that only has a black door at the end of it. The silence in the hallway is almost overwhelming as you walk up to the door. No matter how many times you marched down this hallway you couldn’t help but feel like you were completely alone. Before you can even make a fist to knock on the door, you hear his voice. It's deep and distant and yet it's like he’s right in front of you, towering over you. “Y/N. You’ve come for your pay yes?” Your voice quavers in fear and you can hardly squeak out a response. “Y-yes sir. Umm, I’m about to leave and so-" “Take it and leave.” You shut up as a little slot opens up on his door and a brown envelope slips out. Before you can even blink the slot closes. You hastily snatch the envelope from the floor and hurry from the menacing hallway. It feels almost surreal as you go back downstairs to hear the laughs and chatter of the girls. You decide to wait for Sam outside in your car. You’re dozing off by the time you spot Sam crossing the street to you. You check your phone and yawn as you read that it’s half past eleven. You get out the car and signal for her to take the driver’s seat. “Fuck that. You’re driving.” “Oh wow. You’re so kind,” Sam smiled as you waved her off. You hardly allowed Sam to touch your radio let alone your car so you understood her enthusiasm. At this point, you didn’t really care. All you needed was your bed and sheets. Sam is jumping in the seat beside you and you almost change your mind. It’s too late though as Sam starts the car and drives off to your apartment. Your fear of dying keeps you awake as Sam drives the streets like she’s a NASCAR driver. When you two finally returned home, you almost jump out the car and kiss the pavement. Instead, you settle on smacking Sam on the head and taking your keys from her. “Ow,” Sam rubbed her head, “You know not everyone drives like a grandma.” You ignore her as you two enter your apartment building and go up the elevator to the room you share. You are unlocking the door when a stench pierces your nose. It reminds you of smoke and burnt meat. You’re suddenly pushed to the side by Sam as she rushes to the oven. “Sam,” you ask not wanting an answer, “what did you do?” You watch as Sam grabs an oven mitten and opens the door releasing a cloud of smoke. You pull your hand to cover your nose and mouth as you see Sam pull out a pan. “Damn. I burned my cupcakes!! Shit...” You roll your eyes, too tired to even ask why she was making cupcakes in the first place. You saunter past ignoring the freak out she’s having. Closing your bedroom door, you place your envelope on your counter. You lazily switch out of your clothes and into your pajamas, not wanting to spend another second away from your bed. Out of the corner eye, you spot the brown envelope. You had planned on opening it up tomorrow because of how tired you were but curiosity gripped your mind. You grasp the envelope, the rough paper crinkling as you rip the top off. You smile as you see green bills but another color catches your eye. White? Had The Boss left you a note? It was unheard of. He never left any sort of communication. Your heart skips a beat as you pinch the thin piece of paper out of the envelope. The note has no writing except a name. A name you have never seen before but send chills over your body as you read it out loud to yourself. “Park Jimin?” That night you fall asleep to the sound of Sam’s chatter and the mysterious name resonating in your mind.
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