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1. When HJ filed criminal charges against 🐍, 🐍 countersued him. At tht time HJ was already in army. Thats why military prosecutor handled this case.
2. When prosecutor found one 'not guilty,' there will be no charges (=no indictment), the case doesnt stand for trial,September 22, Kim Hyun Joong was ruled not guilty in the case against him by his ex-girlfriend (hereafter referred to as β€œA”) for defamation and false accusations.
Previously, in July of last year, Kim Hyun Joong sued A for blackmail, fraud, false accusations, and defamation, at which time A countersued for defamation.
Lee Jae Man, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer from Law Firm Cheong Pa, said to Star News on September 23, β€œThis case is a new milestone that will be a warning to those who defame and falsely accuse innocent celebrities. This is the first case where a celebrity in military service has been ruled innocent of defamation.”
Lee Jae Man said that a decision must be made regarding A’s alleged defamation of Kim Hyun Joong, but that the military police are unable to investigate A, as she is a civilian. β€œI will be discussing how we will take legal measures about this with Kim Hyun Joong. I will work to the end to reveal the truth.”
Earlier in August, Kim Hyun Joong was ruled not guilty of causing miscarriage β€” of an alleged second pregnancy β€” by assault and coercion of abortion. Kim Hyun Joong, who enlisted in May of last year, will be discharged in February ,
Kim Hyun Joong's attorney has also argued that "Mr. Choi Hyun Joong claimed this was a naked sheep Artists J is completely false," through KBS2 'yeonyega relay.
At the time lawyers are, "Choi was already aware of Kim Hyun Joong's house password. I cut example Key in the password iteunikka latch is jammed broke it up while break this time to crush the latch and take Kim Hyun Joong two women in situations such turmoil is happening claims was lying naked and said that is not right. " [Full text of KE official stmt] HJside "Cleared of all charges of false accusation, defamation, etc"; "A has continuously made false claims"
2. HJside "A made false claims to gain benefits...it will be dealt with firmly"(official position)πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘
3. HJside "3yrs of legal battle ruling cleared of all charges, going forth will deal firmly (with remaining legal suits)" (official position)
4. Apparently in TW false accusation is considered a serious offence resulting 7 years in prison! Hope in Korea the punishment is more severe!