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I am so excited to be bringing you Squshy fridays! It has been too long since I last post. I have been doing nothing but studying. Long study hours every day, no more social life, not much vingle time... Minhyuk has been known to study his English for long hours through the night. If you have ever watched their Diary episode, Minhyuk sownds his night dedicating to learning a new language. If only I could dedicate my time to learning korean, it's just sleep is more important to me. *just last week I was studying for chemisrty. I had woken up at 6:15am Thursday morning and didn't go to bed until 3:30am Friday morning just to turn around and get up at 6:30am Friday morning. That was THE worst night I ad ever stayed up just to study for one class subject. This is my life right now guys*
Here is the clip on just one time Minhyuk was up all hours studying English. He has some strong dedication and I really admire him for it.
Now enjoy all the members introducing themselves in English. I swear that can't be any cuter. Oppa! When school is done, I'll start focusing more on my foreign language. Please forgive me for now.
I also wish to have the dedicated to learn a new language ☺
so cute.