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Hi guys! Sharing the latest chapter of my BL light novel. :) Hope you could check it out. Thanks! <3
Ryota's body moved on his own volition—or maybe it moved because subconsciously, he really wanted to just hold the boy in front of him before he disappears again. Before he leaves again. Maybe he just wanted a minute—a second—or even just another moment to touch the cold skin of his. And when he came to his senses, he had already closed the distance between them and snaked his arms around Arima who was just as shocked as he was.
The body in his arms was cold, but full of life—and it didn't make him feel uneasy at all. He felt weird about it because even as a kid, a slight touch of cold is enough to make him wary of everything. Cold was bad for him, cold made him weak... he didn't like it at all. But Arima's cold felt different. Almost like... being warm all the same.
@CrystalNnadi nope. it is not a manga. it's just a light novel. sadly, i am not talented in drawing.😞
Woah, you made this one your own? How did you go about putting a manga together?