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complicated romance story...see the pics carefully and analyze here: 1. Lee Bo Na == Rachel Yoo ==> Kim Tan ==> Cha Eun Sang 2. Choi Young Do ==> Cha Eun Sang ==> Kim Tan 3. Cha Eun Sang <== Yoon Chan Young ==> Lee Bo Na 4. Lee Hyo Shin ==> Jeon Hyun Joo <== Kim Won https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=390937257672577&set=a.343029705796666.1073741825.343024429130527&type=1&relevant_count=1
i like when the love story is complicated. it makes it more fun to watch and you have to pay extra attention to every detail or you get lost...
@StephiiKins yes i agreee but i love it you just dont know what to do and whom you choose his/her side :D but for me i will always choose lee min ho :D
@hebamaher same here, Lee Min Ho all the way
@StephiiKins hahahahhahaah :D