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Que tal peeps!

This is your favorite chica @amobts! I'm taking a stab about the new anime fanfiction. I can't sleep so why not be productive?

Mature Content

This story may start of slow...

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Writer @amobts, CEO

It's been like I'm running all over the world and I'm going nowhere! My heart is pounding and my vision is blurry as I feel the med kick into my blood stream. Why is this happening to me? Will this be my life forever? I bit my lip in an attempt to fight off the medication induce coma I was slowly but heavily falling into. It was like I being ripped out of my body and then thrown into another realm. I feel my spirit crash and hit what feels like the ground. I'm walking around in darkness until I feel some light surround me. I stand still as this world slowly revels itself to me. I was in this magical forest again. I've been coming here for about 4 years. I begun running and dashing through the forest. It's day time here. I can feel the sun beating and hear the animals running around. This place has always been better than my real life. Suddenly I hear a familiar voice. This was a male's voice. We talk all the time and sometimes when I'm in consciousness is my own world. I have never seen him but I have always smelled him, felt him, and heard him. He's my secret. "Oh you came? I missed you so much." He says. I stand up and smile. "Well I'm here everyday! I had my medication." I feel his spirit as if he's brushing my hair back. "I heard you thinking today. You think I'm a hallucination? You think I'm something you made up because you are lonely and sexual deprived. Stop thinking that. It pissed me off." "Well, you know I'm diagnosed as loca. I live in a mental institution. Besides if you are real why I only interact with you in my mind. You always hide in the shadows." "This place is real and not in your mind Shappire. This is where you belong and was taken from. You have great powers my love. I can't show you myself know or we will never be." "My therapist said I would think that up. My love? What's up with that." You begin to laugh. Suddenly you feel his body weight shift and push you up against a tree. You can hear him breathing. His skin cold. He brushes his lips across your for head as he smells you. "They are the enemy and the one to blame for all of this. But they all will pay and all their descents will pay." You could feel him pause as he changes topics. "I love you and always remember that. Please stop touching yourself too it turns me on and pisses me off. I should be touching you like that." "What? I'm confused you can see me in my world? Besides enjoy it then. I'm always pretending it's you." You smirk and then you feel something warm between your legs. You gasp. You can hear him laugh. "If you liked that just think what I would do to you once we are again." "I want...I want to see you! I want you so bad!" "I know you Shappire my love. The feeling is mutual. Suddenly, you felt him floating away. "No, no I'm not ready to leave. Fluffy..." "So you gave me a name. Hum. I will allow you to only call me this. Good luck on your test today. Remember I love you...." "I....I love you too..." Suddenly you felt your eyes blaze with pain as your staff opens up your blinds and allow the sun to come in. You wanted to cry but you held it in. You were super confused. Why did he call me "my love?" That ish was new. He can see me?
During free time I was super happy to see my friends. Lilly, Chuck, and Eli. We all had been friends in this residential care for about 4 years. We used to have a friend named Tokyo but she vanished. She used to share her dreams with me and mine are so similar to everything she was talking about. "Hell I wonder if we all are chosen. What if what Tokyo was saying was true?" Chuck said. "I remember her saying that we all are from a different realm or world but where taken away from our families due to the elders fearing our powers. The therapist are actually the people that kidnapped us and they drug us. They label is with these mental issues and make us believe we are all crazy. Isn't it funny that mo one can remember their lives before the years we all came here?" Lilly said. "Then I had that dream last night. I would have failed the test if Fluffy didn't help me. I could hear him giving me the answers." "Fluffy...excuse me for laughing but that's what you named him?" Eli said. "Yes, so what he loves it!" I say while pouting. Finally it was time for lunch and you all had to do your daily rounds.
You were crashing again. It has been 4 days and you ha ent heard from your Fluffy. He seemed super distant and busy. Sometimes you would hear screams and loud noises but you thought it was the meds. You were waiting by the spot where you always meet. He didn't show and you were scared. The sky had an odd darkness and you could smell blood. Suddenly, some young boy that looked like a servant appeared. "Ah princess Master said toy would be here looking for him. He apologies for his absence. But he can no longer see you." The boy bowed and attempted to leave. "Wait...Master? Princess? What are you talking about? Where is my Fluffy?" "Master does call you Shappire correct? He says you have a set of Shappire ear rings that he gave you. I see you have them on. Fluffy? Are you referring to Prince Tomoe?" You tug at your ears. For all this time you never paid any attention to them. But then you did remember a dream you had where he gave you this gift. "I guess the legend is don't know who you are or what is going on." The boy said. Suddenly the a loud noise came from the East end and the boy ran off in fear. "If you were wise princess you should leave. It is dangerous times now!" The sky turned a blood red. The air was cold and full of death and none of your questions were answered. You found yourself wandering around. You came upon a village. It look dead. It looked lime something ran through and snatched the life from this village. You heard people crying and some older lady reciting a prayer. There were fresh dead bodies that were just buried. When you walked into the the presence of the people who looked barley alive they stopped all they were doing. A woman cried out. "Princess you have arrived! Our prayers were answered!" She hugged you. "Sorry to give you bad news, but I'm not a princess. I'm lost and confused. My Fluffy....Tomoe...." Everyone gasped and they began crying. The older woman grabbed you and walked you to the village. She had to be the eldest in the community. She poured you some tea and sat down across from you. "You are lost my child. Prince Tomoe is a great evil! He did all this and he's on a killing spree again. He's a blood thirsty monster. He takes joy in killing us off. I know we did our dirt as humans but...this is uncalled for." "I see. But my Fluffy would never do anything like this. He's a gentle soul and super loveable. I love him!" You try not to cry. "Child the stories must be true. You know nothing do you. They said on the blood red sky a bright Shappire would appear just as bright as she is lost. If only my ancestors knew what they did would cause us so much pain. A hafu like you wouldn't understand human pain but..." "Hafu....what? Human pain? What are you talking about?" The lady voice began to drift away as you were being called back to the world that you deemed as reality........


Until Next Time Monster Peeps!

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Im hooked! I cant wait for the nedt update!!
Ok, you got me. I'm already hook on this story. I can't wait to read what happens next. ❤
Oh my gosh... what gonna happened to them and what happened to Fluffy
if I could I would post a pic here but eh
tag me please😊
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