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Who:Reader x Do Kyungsoo What: College AU/ Fluff ....some angst (Smut scene......sorry ) Chapter 7 Story: You are a famous novelist that has just released your newest book. At a signing you meet your number one fan Do Kyungsoo. His sweet face and big eyes capture your attention and he becomes the object of your next story 'Through paper-glass windows'.
The man that had approached Prince Inho and Princess Yeong In stalked towards them. He was a man of two faces. Prince Inho raised his hand to cover her but the man was intent on getting to this girl. "Come daughter/niece." His voice was not one but two: one that called her daughter, the father she had lost, the other.... niece? She saw one man but heard two voices. "There is something you need to know." the voices said in unison. Princess Yeong In wrapped her hand around Prince Inho's and he moved closer to her. "I will not leave the princess' side." he said. "You will not have to." the voices said. The man turned around and walked deeper into the garden. Princess Yeong in looked up at the castle window when the distinct sound of glass cracking was heard. Kyu Jin stood in the room where she always watched the garden, he was looking down on them and his hand was against the glass. It had already begun to break.... Kyungsoo's POV He didn't want to just leave her like that, he would've much rather seen her face when she woke up the next morning but he had classes and then he had to go to work. He wanted to see her so badly. It was still kind of amazing to him that he was actually seeing her. That he actually had the ability to call her his girlfriend. He felt bad though, she would've been fine had she not seen the man that claimed he was her father. She handled Baekhyun well enough but when her father showed up she had lost it. She must've felt jealous, or betrayed. He had a family yet she had been adopted with her older brother and she had grown up not knowing who her real father was until just now. Kyungsoo was curious as too why he was showing up now. Besides if he was the one to seek her out, why wouldn't his family know about it? He didn't really want to ask feeling like it wasn't his place just yet. They had been dating regularly for the past two weeks but just yesterday he'd gotten her approval to be her official boyfriend. That made him excited and happy beyond belief. God he loved the way she molded into his body like a puzzle piece. He really liked her a lot and he admired her. He liked how she listened to him read to her and clung to him. She made him nervous sometimes, she said she normally wasn't so forward with her affections, or her feelings in general which he had observed by the way she acted around Baekhyun but when it came to him, she was straight to the point and obvious in her affections. She was obvious in her flirting when they first met as well. He hated seeing her cry like that, she was out of breath and freaking out. It reminded him of how his mom was. When his first attempt didn't work, he resorted to the only other thing he had left. He hummed the song she sang for him almost every night when he was growing up and Y/N immediately calmed down when she focused on his voice. Her breathing came back in order and she was calm. She even thanked him for helping her. The last thing he expected was her request last night though. He didn't think she'd ask for something like that. He'd only slept with two other girls in highschool and sadly, at least he thought it was sad, it was at the same time. The girls had liked him and they were looking for something fun to do so they invited him over to their place. Kyungsoo was a bit stressed out from his mother so he was really just looking for an excuse to get out and stay out for a few hours. When he got to the one girl's place, she had started to seduce him. He was into it no doubt but he was still a virgin at the time. She was coaching him through everything, what she wanted him to do and how she wanted him to make her feel. Then the second girl had shown up and joined in. Kyungsoo had gotten super embarrassed and wanted to stop but the other girl kissed him and rubbed her hands all over him making him noticeably hard and unbearably weak to their spells. Had he been as smart as he was now he would've waited. Especially if he knew that moment was coming, the moment Y/N asked him to make love to her. *Last night* His lips met hers and his hand went up the small of her back. Her hands moved around to touch his body. His hand began to glide down her side tracing her body until he pushed his hand past their bodies. The moment one finger touched her core she broke the kiss with a slight gasp. Kyungsoo leaned up to look into her eyes. She was already breathing heavy. It wasn't in panic though which let him know he could keep going. A second finger joined the first one and hooked around her panties to push them to the side. The air meeting her folds made her shift slightly. He could feel her getting wet already. He was careful not to push his fingers inside her just yet. He slowly crawled down her body, despite her still wearing her dress he kissed down between her breast and stomach only lightly peppering a trail down until he could get on his knees and rest between her parted legs. He carefully grabbed onto her underwear and slipped them off. She watched him without words, a look of slight fear and pure lust glimmered in her eyes. She was biting the back of her finger as she watched him. His hands came up to her thighs messaging them lightly and kissing down them until his lips and tongue made slow beautiful circles around her clit. He heard a sharp inhale come from her mouth and he looked up while he continued to slowly lick her. He saw her eyes close and her hand met his hair. She was trying to control the sound her voice was making before she said, "K-Kyungsoo, that's dirty." He smiled, "It feels good doesn't it?" She looked at him with half closed eyes, her bottom lip caught between her teeth she nodded to him. "It'll hurt a bit Y/N I want to try and ease it as much as I can. If you want me to stop just tell me. Okay?" She swallowed but nodded, she moved her hand and laid back on the bed helplessly moaning to Kyungsoo's soft lips and tongue rolling around her sensitive nub. He hummed into her as his tongue slowly trailed down her folds and to her entrance tasting her thoroughly. She couldn't help but release a louder moan especially when he shallowly pushed his tongue inside her. Her back arched off the bed and her hand met his hair again. She whined as he tried to fill the room with his hums and groans. The sound of his licks made her hotter. He stood up not being able to stand much more. He crawled over her body and kissed her. Her hands met his chest while his forearm rested by her head and held him steady. His other hand came to her core and his finger teased around her entrance. He leaned in her ear, "I'll finger you first to get you used to it. Is that okay?" She couldn't answer, she was panting in pleasure. She had her eyes closed tight as she nodded and gripped his shirt. He pushed his middle finger in slowly making her bite her lip. Her moan mixed in with a small scream and she opened her mouth but nothing came out. He let his finger stay there so she could get used to the feeling of something inside her. She opened her eyes to look down and then let her head hit the pillow again. She released his shirt a little and her hand raked through her hair. Kyungsoo dipped his head down to kiss her, "You look beautiful like this." he whispered against her lips. "T-this is- Amazing." She breathed through her pants. Kyungsoo smiled, "I haven't done much yet Y/N." "It feels good though." she said. Her eyes were dark with lust and pleasure leaked from her voice. He kissed her again and moved his finger slowly in and out of her. She wiggled below him pulling her lips away from his to bite the back of her finger again. Kyungsoo kissed down her neck and kept his tongue rolling between the crook of her neck. He could hear her slight whimpers rise when he pushed a second finger in. Her back once again lifting up from the bed. Her other hand shooting down to grab his hand, he stopped moving his fingers. Kyungsoo's eyes shifted from his hand up to her face. Her mouth was open but her eyes were closed and she was breathing differently. Her finger was now in the corner of her mouth, turned around so it could hook to her teeth. Her chest rose and fell rapidly, Kyungsoo fixed his position so he could see her more, "Look at me princess." he said softly. Her eyes slowly cracked open. Her lips closed around her finger as she looked at him, "Do you want me to stop?" he asked. His eyes fell to the finger in her mouth then back to her eyes. He tried not to look more turned on than he was but he liked having her in this position. It felt more like he was the confident one now rather than her. His affections were easily displayed when she was under him. When they were in public, she was the one that clung to him first. They held hands and hugged and even pecked each other on the lips but this was all initiated by her. It wasn't that he didn't want to do all those things but she beat him to the punch each time. This time he was confident because he was in full control and she was weak to him. At the same time, he didn't want to hurt her. "No, don't stop. I want you." she said in a whisper. He leaned into her lips and her finger slipped away, "Are you sure baby?" he asked She bit her bottom lip and nodded. Her hand released his wrist and she began to move them again. She shuddered and he kissed her again. He was soft but the kiss was deep; he'd pull back for a moment to see her eyes, she looked fucked out already. He wasn't even in her yet but he was hard and ready to be inside her. He kissed her neck while saying, "I want you Y/N. I want to be inside you." He could feel her walls tighten around his fingers at his words. He pulled his fingers out slowly and she seemed to whimper at the emptiness he left her with. He stood up and said, "We need to take off that dress." He held his hand out to her and she grabbed it so he could pull her up. She switched to sit on her knees and he helped her pull the dress over her head. He went back to kissing her and she helped him unbutton his shirt until he started to lean into her more to get her to lay down on the bed. She grabbed a hold of him and pushed his shirt down his shoulders feeling them as he pulled it off. He unbuckled his pants and pushed them off along with his underwear. He fixed himself by her opening. He leaned over to ask her again, "Do you want me to stop?" "No." "It's still going to hurt some Y/N are you sure you're ready?" "Yes." she said. He slowly pushed into her just enough that he didn't have to hold himself there and he placed his hand on her hip; he kissed her as he lowered himself to her body. He moved slow making her gasp into his mouth. The deeper he went the harder her grip on his arm was. He moved at an even pace, his hand gripping her thigh and holding her leg up while the other one played in her hair while he kissed her. Her grip on his arm loosened up, and it seemed most of her pain had turned to pleasure now. He gently bit her bottom lip, and then whispered, "You're so tight Y/N. You feel so good." Her eyes had tears brimming to the edge, he wasn't sure why. He wasn't sure she knew why either. Her other hand slowly found its way up his side and to his upper back. He came down to her body again, chest to chest and he began to grind into with a little more speed. He felt her scratch at his back and he groaned in her ear feeling more excited from it. Her moans filled his ears as he kissed her neck and he felt her nibble on his shoulder. By mistake, he slammed into her a little to hard and he could hear the loud hitch in her breath. She silenced her scream and her nails dug into his arm and back. Kyungsoo stopped moving to help her adjust but could feel her tighten more around him. It felt good, she was so hot inside it was amazing for him. He heard her shallow breaths again and he looked her in the eyes, "Do you still want me to continue?" he asked. "Yes." she said helpless. "I'll stop Princess, if you really want me to. You just have to be honest and say it. I don't want to hurt you." "You're so much more confident than me Kyungsoo," she half giggled. "You're even manlier than before." she said. He looked at her in faint surprise. She said even manlier implying she thought he was manly in the first place. He always hated when Jongin called him cute but he tolerated it because it was Jongin, that was his best friend and he always did it teasingly. Even so, there were times he wasn't taken too seriously because he was the shortest of his group of friends. He looked innocent and incapable of posing a threat to anyone. Y/N had even said she thought he was cute but she acknowledged that, him being a man, he probably didn't want to be considered cute. The fact that she had seen him as manly at all had drove his heart wild. His need to have her calling his name rose more. Her adorable soft smile made him hungry for her. Not in a animal, ravenous way but just a need to have more of her. His next thrust into her body was smooth, deep but powerful enough to elicit a moan of pleasure from her lips. He continued doing this while exchanging kisses and bites to her flesh. He left a hickey on her shoulder in a place that would've been covered by a shirt anyway. Her brother probably wouldn't appreciate the fact that his sister was marked by him. Chanyeol didn't have a problem with Kyungsoo, he actually liked him but he was still her older brother and he was protective of her. His groans in her ear became more rough as he tried to chase the on coming orgasm that he desperately needed. He could tell she was almost there herself. Her hot body was calling for satisfaction and he felt more confident in the fact that he was the one that was going to give it to her. He was her first. She locked her leg around him probably not even realizing she had done it, she just did it because it felt right. He kissed her cheek and came up to her ear and whispered, "Come baby." It was as if that command alone was all she needed and she had come completely undone under him. Her hands tightened on his body and her back arched up off the bed and pressed into him. Her voice was shaky even as she breathed and he pulled out of her slowly as she made her way back down to the bed. He continued to pump himself with his hand outside of her trying to reach his own release. He had completely forgotten the idea of a condom upon her request but in honesty he didn't think any of this would happen. He didn't even carry condoms on him, he hadn't slept with anyone really since his highschool years. Aside from his first time, he had slept with his old girlfriend, who was his longest running relationship but after that he felt no need. Y/N seemed to give him everything he needed though. At some point she may ask to be with him again and if she continued to want him the pain wouldn't be there anymore. They could explore together, ways to make the other moan and beg for more. Even as he came outside of her, his body was screaming 'take her again'. What she had done to him wasn't a bad thing, she had woken up his senses. Much like her books had opened up his heart, he had never had a book reduce him to tears yet some of her books pushed him between an intense anger at the villains and an intense empathy for the hero or heroine. She was the most incredible experience he ever had. He felt confident and in control and he loved it...he loved her? That was a new feeling, even with his old girlfriend, Gi, it was more of just hanging out and sleeping with each other when the mood was right. She took charge in the bedroom. It wasn't that she dominated over him but she was always telling how she wanted him to do it. It was fine to be told what to do to make her feel good but it seemed more about her pleasure rather than his. He felt like she was wearing down his manhood little by little. He had little fantasies he wanted to try out but never said anything because she would just blow it off. If she wanted act out little fantasies he'd just go with though in the hopes it might be something different. Still she kept repeating how she wanted it as if had no idea what he was doing in the first place. Like he wasn't good enough for her. Apparently he wasn't because she ended up going behind his back and slept with someone else. He was hurt by that but at the same time he felt a sense of relief. He didn't realize how much he submitted to her to the point that, even though he was tired of being with her, he wouldn't leave her. Now, it had only been two weeks of dating Y/N and they had only recently agreed they were boyfriend and girlfriend but Y/N gave him what he had wanted from Gi. She made him feel alive. She made him feel period. He had read her work for three years and he had grown such admiration for her and, something he'd only admit to Jongin, he had developed a crush on her. The day he met her at the signing, when she asked to have his number he didn't want to show it but he was so excited he could've burst. He was beyond nervous when he went to go meet her. When she said she would wait for him to ask her out, he felt his heart skip a beat. When he saw her first panic attack, his heart broke. He could see it in her eyes she didn't want him to see her like that but he wanted to be the one that she needed. He wanted to be the one she could count on. While they were going out on dates, going to parks and walking around just doing simple things, his admiration and love for her grew. She was like him and he was like her. They both didn't need such fancy things, they didn't need expensive dinners and nights out shopping she was content in sitting with him in silence and leaning against him just watching the sun set. She was content listening to him read to her, or listening to him sing. She loved to talk about her books and she loved even more when he questioned her about the characters and their decisions, where she came up with the ideas, the connections and symbols she used in them. They were a complete set and he just didn't want to tear himself away from her. She let him be in control, she let him take her, she said she trusted him, all of these things had killed his old self and revived him into someone new. He had never felt such love and such confidence all because of one person. She had fallen asleep just under his body with a slight smile on her lips. He couldn't help but come down and kiss her again. He stayed the night but got up early in the morning to leave. *present day* Kyungsoo had left Jongin's side after classes and had headed to work. She had called him while he was in class but he had to ignore it so on his way to the coffee shop he called her back. "Kyungsoo-ah!" she said happy. He smiled big thinking about the giant smile that she was wearing just for him. "Hi Y/N." he said with the smile that wouldn't leave his lips. "Sorry I called you while you were in class. I wanted to know why you left then I realized what day it was." she giggled. "It's alright, I like that you called." "Mmm." she hummed into the phone. She was probably blushing hard, embarrassed. She chuckled and said, "I guess I shouldn't call you oppa anymore." He laughed, "Considering what happened last night that might be for the best." "Ahhh Kyungsoo was so gentle but so good. I felt my whole body tingle this morning when I remembered it. I'm so embarrassed." "Why's that?" "I liked it a lot. It keeps coming into my mind at inappropriate times though. Soo-Young thought I was catching a fever at first because my face turned red. She some how knew what happened though. She said she could tell from my face. Is that really a thing?" she asked. The way her voice changed from happy embarrassed to adorably innocent made him chuckle. "I wouldn't really know for sure it could be a girl thing." he said. "Hmm maybe. Anyway, I want to see you again but I have a photo shoot this afternoon what time do you have a break?" "Probably around two or three o'clock." he said. "Aish I'll still be in the studio. Plus I have to meet this guy, he's some kind of director for music videos he's exploring one of my books to use as a concept for one of 2pm's comeback. Why he's using my book I have no idea." "Because your books are amazing." "Yeah but there all kind of depressing, shouldn't comebacks be exciting? I feel like it'll just end up killing their fans." "Well K-pop groups tend to do that to their fans anyway it's how they make their money. If they didn't like it they wouldn't be fans." Kyungsoo said Y/N chuckled over the phone, "You have a point." "Y/N I really want to keep talking but I'm at work now I have to go." "Aw, okay. Hey when do you get off we can have dinner at my place!" "I get off at eight tonight." "Perfect I'll be done with everything by then, actually I'll probably be writing. Anyway come by the penthouse tonight okay." "I will." Kyungsoo smiled at her excited rambling. "Promise?" she said. "Promise." "Yay okay bye bye Prince Kyungsoo." she teased. "Bye Princess." his voice had a lingering seductive tone much like the one he used last night. That tone had earned him an excited 'oh' from her. As if the sound of him calling her princess alone had made her excited for him. She chuckled and hung up so that she could get back to work and let him get to his. Nothing much had gone on for a while until two girls walked into the coffee shop and pointed out Kyungsoo while he was taking care of a customer. One girl had a magazine in her hand and when he went back behind the counter she came up and showed him it, "Is this you?" she asked. On the magazine there was a photo of Y/N and him walking down the street holding hands. She was an amazingly popular writer so he was surprised there hadn't been talk about them walking around together much sooner. He for some reason didn't expect the picture to be in a magazine though. When he saw it he nodded slightly with a blank face and the girl got super happy, "Oh my gosh, are you two dating?" she asked. He didn't know if Y/N wanted people to know they were going out yet. He wasn't sure if her agency wanted people to know they were going out. From the looks of the photos they had already looked like a couple but without confirmation everything was just rumors based off of a photo of them holding hands and walking down the street. It was like being innocent until proven guilty. He figured saying they were seeing each other would make her company upset, so until he asked her he denied seeing her in a romantic sense. It didn't feel right to him though, denying that they were now dating it just didn't seem like the right response. A few other people came up to him the rest of the day asking about the picture and he had tried to keep as silent as possible. He really just wanted to smile and say ' yes she's mine' especially to the men that came up to him. Things were finally slowing down when someone walked into the shop a few minutes before closing. Kyungsoo looked up to see the man from the restaurant last night. He came up to him and said, "Hi, you know Y/N right?" Kyungsoo nodded cautiously. "Look I really need some help, Chanyeol doesn't want me any where near her but I really want to see her. Can you help me?" "I don't think it's my place to get into the middle of this." Kyungsoo said. "Please, she doesn't know what happened between me and her mother. Yesterday she fainted when she found out I was her father so I didn't get to explain anything. Look I'm just asking you to help me talk to her. I can give you my number to give to her. Would you just ask her to call me?" He looked at his name tag, "Please Kyungsoo, I know I have no right to just show up out of the blue and expect her to accept me but she needs to know why. She needs to hear it from me why I didn't come back for her. Chanyeol is too angry he'll either distort the truth or he won't tell her at all and honestly I don't know which one's worse." "Well you saw her last night and acted like you didn't know her. It sent her into a panic attack. She was hurt that you had family but you ignored-" He shook his head, "No," he stopped him. His voice sounded helpless, "That wasn't me, the man she spoke to yesterday... He wasn't me." When Princess Yeong In and Prince Inho reached the middle of the garden the man with two voices turned to them. Yeong In held firm to Inho and Inho made sure she knew she was safe with him. Before their eyes the man with two voices split into two men. The same face but different in status. One of high quality and worthy of being a King the other lowly and looked as if he'd come from the lowest part of the Kingdom. They both bowed to them, their bows even showed what their status was. They both spoke at the same time, "It is an honor to be in your company Princess. Allow us to shed some light on the situation at hand."
I love how Kyungsoo is so innocent yet so manly. ❤
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yeah that's exactly why lol
My images of squishy have been ruined!!!!!! I wanted him to stay cute and squishy forever, but he's becoming a man!!!!! Can I find someone like Yixing and Kyungsoo combined?????
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lol thank you