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Lee Min Ho still keeps the fans updated through his SNS. :) They already started shooting. How excited could we all be? :)) You could add him on Line and send messages. He could receive it when he's on air. If not, you could still send him messages even though he could not receive it and have his auto replies instead. :)
@awesomeerika Hiii! It's okay, and okay cool yay lol!
@chiamakaemesim9 hi!! Uh.. As Faith71996 had said, you can go to the shield that says official.It means it's a menu that shows a list of official accounts of artists registered in Line. Regarding the country, it doesn't necessarily have to be Singapore.You could also select the country that you actually live in. :)) You'll find him there. :)
@faithy1996 Hii! Sorry for not replying immediately. I'm glad you're able to have an access in Line. My username is still Awesomeerika. Feel free to add me up and let's be friends. :)
@chiamakaemesim9, you go to more, got to the sheild that says official, go down to select country and put Singapore, then you will see Oppa right there under a girl
@awesomeerika sorry for disturbing again but I have downloaded the application but how do I add lee min ho???
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