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Recently, MBC‘s talk program ‘Come to Play‘ came under fire for cutting out a segment that mentioned JYJ‘s Yoochun. The issue started when one of the guests, Kim So Hyun, posted her feelings about the broadcast on Twitter: “What is this? Why were Yoochun oppa’s parts all cut out?” The viewers were left even more confused as the press release for the episode, released prior to broadcast, had indicated that Yoochun’s stories would indeed be featured on the episode. However, when it was actually aired, no mention of the JYJ member took place. In a response to the questions and rumors surrounding the editing, the producers of ‘Come to Play’ released a clarification, saying, “There wasn’t a particular reason such as outside pressure. Since there were six guests with several different stories, a few of them were edited out.” “There wasn’t much material concerning Park Yoochun during the taping,” they continued. “The talk was left out due to filming and editing issues. It is our mistake that it was included in the press release but wasn’t broadcast.” Credit: allkpop