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I woke up this morning about ready to update my fanfic "It Is What It Is" when I soon discovered I didn't have the collection !! What the!!! 😡 I don't know how I lost it or what happened but all its chapters and contents are GONE! It pissed me off because I didn't save the chapters anywhere else and I felt really inspired to update the fanfic today! I don't think I'll be able to get those chapters back and continue my story. I'm sorry guys !! I will try to make it up to you guys who actually liked my fanfic with one-shots. It seems I'm more better at those and the long story I was making was frustrating.So again, I'm sorry but I won't able to continue the fanfic "It Is What It Is".
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Hmm...I wonder if anyone clipped it and has it still
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yeah but nothing came up :(
a year ago
i clipped it but now its gone?? your good at writing both!!! thank you for your hardwork
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Thank you for supporting! and ill work even harder :)
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