Doing random edits of the Kings out of boredom (and hunger lol)
Probably make another short FV too.
Made this as a new cover photo for the History Thirst Club FB group.
*Please be at least 16 tho, I mean "thirst" is in the name lol
And to end it off...
Kyungil doing the unexpected lol
Storia Crew:
Storia Family:
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I just joined thrist club! Yay!! 🎉
a year ago·Reply
welcome aboard fangirl as much as you'd like there lol
a year ago
love it
a year ago·Reply
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thank you
a year ago
no better eye candy for boredom jaja
a year ago·Reply
Thirst club? I gotta check this out...
a year ago·Reply
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welcome aboard fangirl to your heart's content lol
a year ago