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Que tal peeps!

Thanks for your support and as promised here is the next series. I'm killing time so here you go! Yall know the drill

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"Hafu....what? Human pain? What are you talking about?" The lady voice began to drift away as you were being called back to the world that you deemed as reality. It was the weekend but at your residential care facility it didn't matter. The direct Carr worker woke everyone up early for deep cleaning. You walk past your friend Eli who is being restrained by two male workers. He was too strong. Within seconds three other male workers run down the hallway. One quickly injects him with a syringe. This was an every weekend routine for Eli. He says it's his way to get out of chores. Eli smirks at you as he closes his eyes and allow the foreign substance to turn through his blood stream. You chuckles as the men bound him and then carry him into the dark hole where Eli will spend 48 hours in solitary. One of the men catch you laughing and stops and stare at you. You quickly run off for breakfast. You sit across from Lilly and Chuck. You run your spoon through the lumpy bowl of oatmeal. You sigh as you reflect over last night. You felt in your heart something was wrong with your Fluffy and wanted to know what that woman was trying to say. "Looks like Eli is up to his old ways. I would say he'd a fool but it's actually genius." Chuck says. "Yeah but if he keeps that up the therapist will place him on a more intense drug." Lilly said. You listen to the two chat as you drift away in thought. Fluffy you call out in your mind. You hear nothing. You play with your food and then you hear a deep exhale. You knew it was him. Fluffy where are you. I need you.... You heard the deep exhale again then his voice. But it was deeper than usual. Stay away from me...I will make them pay... Fluffy tell me what you need. Why haven't you.... STAY AWAY FROM ME! You jumps up and began crying. Your direct care giver looks at you with no empathy. "Get it together or I will increase your meds." You wipe your eyes and you dismiss yourself to began your chores.
You are in your room folding your clothes and you are still upset. You need some clarity. You feel super alone. Then you remember the extra medicine you stole from the cabinet that you hid under your pillow. You finished folding your clothes. When your worker walks in with your medicine and a cup of water. She hands you the meds and watch as you take them. She has you cough and then nods. "Light out!" She shuts off the lights and locks your door. You quickly pull from your hidden stash and pop two extra pills. You pray you don't overdose but you needed answers. You feel the medicine working fast. Your heart began to pound as you crash into the other realm. To your surprise you landed where you left in that village. The elder lady smiled as she welcomed you. She had the tea already prepared for you. "Aye I see you are a bit stronger than last night. Are you ready for the truth child." She says while grinnning. "Yes I am ready. I've been confused all day." "Well you will not like what I'm about to tell you. Where should. I begin? You are a hafu from this world. The realm of Jewels. You are part wolf and tiger. A rare but powerful combination. You are not quite a princess but Tomoe is your fiancee. You two would have been married years ago. You are a well know warrior in these parts. Unlike those in power you had a soft side for us humans. This would be your weaknesses too. Anyhow, you and Tomoe was said to have been the most powerful couple to rule these lands. Even greater than the elders. The elders feared this concept and needed to make sure the union of you and Prince Tomoe never happened. They began killing off humans. Naturally, the humans looked to you for protection. The elders came to my village. I was a child then. My village was your favorite village of all and you protected us a great deal. You even lived among us. The elders made deal with the leader to turn you in and the elders would spare the humans. The leader pretended to be under attack and he called to you. You were not up to your normal power levels. You were with child which for your kind a female with child power is cut in half. Tomoe begged you not go but you did. He didn't know you were with child and you didn't know either but the elders did. You walked into a trap and the elder took you. They beat you really badly and killed your unborn child. Tomoe came too late and found out about it. He grew red with hate and anger. The scent of your blood and of his murdered child drove him nuts and he cursed my people and all humans for that matter. Every since then he has been a killing machine. The elders took you to that world you go to from here and locked you away to keep you from Tomoe. He has been in battle with them for years. Your other friends too are victims like you. They belong to other realms. We need you to end this war, come back to Tomoe and Tam him once again." You sit in silence as you take everything in. When this lady was speaking you could tell it was the truth and you could see the pain and guilt her eyes. When she spoke of the events you could feel as if you were living it again. The flashbacks hit you hard. The smell of Tomoe, his voice, his touch...but you couldn't see his face. Then you felt the pain of your child being ripped from you. "If this is true what makes you think I want to help you all ever again?" "It's all we have. Besides it's not just us. It effects your life too. Those drugs they give you are to block out your powers and your memory plus keep you away from here. Don't you want to be happy again?" "Yes but what should I do? I don't have a plan." "All you need to do is break the barrier. You need to connect this world and the one that they created to lock you away. You need this key called the gate key. Here is a map. But a great warrior holds this key and he is your past enemy. His name is Prince Inuyasha. Once you get that you need to place the key in this door in the realm that you leave to go to. This door is the door that leads you to a place in the realm that tgey created called....dark hole. This will destroy the fake realm launch you to this realm where you belong. Stop taking those red pills they give you. It makes your power week. Abstain from them for about 3 days and your powers will return. You will be able to freely pass from the fake realm to this one. To pass freely from that realm to this whisper the words unity. Please speak some sense into Prince Tomoe and you two plus ur army can defeat the elders to bring back balance." "Inuyasha....flashbacks hit you as you said the name. You were filled with mixed emotions. Why does that name make me feel..." "Inuyasha was your first fiancee but he picked power over love. He sold his love for you to obtain power from this witch. He had to become her sex slave in order to gain this power he has. When he traded it off his love for you turned into hate. This witch envied you due to your looks and power. She is no longer powerful but the curse is active. However, try to catch him on a full moon when the curse is weak. He and Tomoe have always been back and forth in battle and they both hate eachother. Especially when Inuyasha captured you during battle, poisoned you, and had his way sexually with you." "How do you know all this stuff lady?" "I recorded all your stories before that awful night. I'm the keeper of stories and history." You stand up as you felt yourself getting foggy. You almost fall but catch your balance. "Give me that map and I will see what I can do. I'm not making any promises. Besides the full moon will be soon. I need to make a plan." The lady smiled and waves as you return back. You wake up to a throbbing head ache. You could hear voices but they didn't make any sense. It was some old language. Whoever was speaking around you had no idea that you were awake. You roll over and then you hear people quickly moving out your room. You open your eyes to see.....

jajajaja what's next peeps?! Until next time...

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CLIFF HANGER!!! DANG IT! Aw man, i love this already!
Ugghhhh darn cliffhangers!!!! I love this story can't wait to read what happens next
Oh no! what's happening now? I can't wait to find out. ❤
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to see what who was in the room