Just like the past, it sent me 3 letters and it ended. I thought it wouldn't end, but thankfully it did. But i wasn't able to let myself be. Paying attention to everyone's movements in the hospital was something I had to do every single day. Anyone could be a murderer. I stared out the window looking at the city lights. 'Where could she be?' 'Did she come out of jail already?' 'How?' 'What about y/n? Is she okay?' I closed my eyes and tried to let go of the thoughts. That's when I felt two arms wrap around my waist. Y/n. "You okay oppa?" "Yeah.. It's just...nothing." "What is it?" "It's work. I've never really felt this kind of pressure in the country side." She snuggled onto my back. "Probably." I grabbed her hands and looked back. "Don't you think we're gonna get caught?" She laughed, "Not much doctors go around the hall at 3 o'clock. They're either sleeping, in their office, or in the emergency room." I smiled. "Y/n-ah," "Hmm?" "If you look at me, do I look happy?" I looked at my reflection across the window and waited for her reply. "You look... a little insecure.." "Do I?" She was right. Insecurity was the only way to describe my feelings right now. "I wish you were just happy with me. What is there to be insecure about?" I looked at my reflection again. Insecurity. "I am happy with you y/n. Don't worry." Insecurity. I woke up to the sound of my phone. A phone call. "Hello?" "..." "Hello?" "..." "HELLO?? CAN YOU HEAR ME??" "I WILL KILL." Beep- I had a feeling she was near. A bad feeling that she was to near. I thought about what happened in the morning all day. 'Please don't hurt y/n. Please don't y/n.' "Dr.Kim? Dr.Kim!" The nurse interrupted my repeated thoughts. "You okay Dr.Kim?" "Yeah, sorry. I'm just really tired." I let out a deep breath and asked her, "Did you have something to say?" "Yeah, There's a new nurse coming to our hospital, and I heard she's really pretty! All the doctors are already going goo-goo-ga-ga over her picture." "Really?" "Yeah, I don't understand the doctors at our hospital. First, they were all over other nurses, and then Dr.y/n, then this new nurse." I laughed at their ridicule. "They liked y/n?" "Yeah!! A lot of the doctors asked her out, but she never accepted any of them. It's hard to believe, because all of them were pretty rich and handsome." I had a sudden thought, 'They can't be more handsome than me.' I smiled at my own stupidity. "Do you have a picture of the new nurse that's coming?" "No. I saw it through someone else." I found something to bother y/n with. Later in the day, I started to see doctors and nurses crowd over to the entrance. All male doctors rushed over. 'Is it the nurse?' I pushed through the crowd and looked over. I saw y/n come over. I waved and let her know I was there. Instantly, she smiled. "OMG she's so pretty!!" I looked over at the new nurse. Ahn Sae Young She looked over at me and smirked. The world stopped. There was a criminal right infront of me.
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