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I can honestly say having three kids and myself into kpop clearly shows in side my home. The album collection is both mine and my youngest and the posters were placed all over my home by all three of my kids... As a mom I'd rather them be Adamant about this then drugs and alcohol. And it has brought us closer as a family even initiating Kpop family night and discussions about where they see themselves in their future. So spread the kpop love all over my home.
My boyfriend and my kids are a blessing and are very talented in their own self. Blonde is my eldest she's a cosplayer the young man is a musician and the brunette is an artist All three have unique opportunity to achieve their goals and as a parent I'm very sure they will succeed
my kids are my world
I feel better. family (minus the husband) is the same way.
@JaxomB I'm glad! 😁