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"I couldn't help but to fall in love with someone I vowed myself not to fall in love with, so I guess it's my fault, huh?"
"I lied to you because I liked you. If I knew you were definitely going to say yes, then I wouldn't have lied."
"If you knew that I would find out and act this way, why did you try so hard in the first place?"
"Because I love you."
Title: Summer Nights Description: Cha Hyein vowed that she would never even think twice about dating a popular guy.. What will happen when she starts liking an international star? Chapters: Undetermined
This is the first fanfiction I'm going to publish :) what do you guys think?? Please let me know if it sounds interesting!
taglist - @AbbyRamey
Can you tag me?? 😍
please tag me it has a great story line so far, we'll done
I'm looking forward to your story ☺ tag me please💙
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