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ANIME: Plastic Memories


Eighteen-year-old Tsukasa Mizugaki has failed his college entrance exams, but after pulling some strings, he manages to land a job at the Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation. SAI Corp is responsible for the creation of "Giftias"—highly advanced androids which are almost indiscernible from normal humans. However, unlike humans, Giftias have a maximum lifespan of 81,920 hours, or around nine years and four months. Terminal Service One, the station Tsukasa was assigned to, is responsible for collecting Giftias that have met their expiration date, before they lose their memories and become hostile. Promptly after joining Terminal Service One, Tsukasa is partnered with a beautiful Giftia named Isla. She is a Terminal Service veteran and considered the best in Giftia retrievals, contrary to her petite figure and placid nature. Time is fleeting though, and Tsukasa must come to terms with his feelings for Isla before her time is up. No matter how much someone desires it, nothing lasts forever. EPISODES: 13 (2015) GENRE: Drama / Romance / Sci-fi


Isla is a Giftia and Tsukasa's partner in the Terminal Service. Isla fears other's forgetting her and making memories. She is afraid of any attachment to other's that will hurt them when she has to go one day. Isla hopes to become stronger and not be a hindrance to others because she is clumsy and destroys a lot of things. She doesn't mean any harm and tries her best. Isla is emotionless at times but when she does show some sort of happiness in her expression you can't help but smile with her. It's obvious when Isla is shy around the one she likes. She is caring, bright and strong-willed. She is also the funniest character in Plastic Memories in my opinion.


Tsukasa Mizugaki basically falls for Isla when he first see's her. He kind of give's off a perverted vibe because of what he tries to do and what one of the other female character sees. Tsukasa is a likable, kind and warmhearted guy. He is scared to hurt others but will do whatever needed to protect others too.


In order of Pictures. Michiru Kinushima - A 17-year-old employee who works at SAI Terminal Service One and is Tsukasa's superior by one year. She seems to be developing feelings for Tsukasa, but refuses to admit it. She was raised by a Giftia, so she empathizes with the "android children", people who were raised by Giftia or other androids. She had tried to protect her guardian from being retrieved, resulting in him becoming a "Wanderer", and he was later shot down by members of the private security firm R. Security, resulting in her longstanding hatred of them. This experience has since resulted in her joining Terminal Service One. Zack - A Giftia with the appearance of a high-class young boy. He is Michiru's marksman. He loves to tease people around him and reveal their innermost secrets. Kazuki Kuwanomi - Tsukasa's boss at SAI Terminal Service One. She was once Isla's spotter and is highly protective of her former partner, being downright scary to her coworkers. She seems to be weak to alcohol, and has an amputated leg that was the result of an attempt to retrieve Michiru's father three years ago.


I have 2 favorite scenes. 1. Isla Smiling Scene (CUTE!) - Isla finally shows a bright and cute smile after eavesdropping in on what Tsukasa says.


2. Goodbye Isla (SAD!) - This scene sent me straight onto a feels trip that kept me crying until the end. I started crying before this scene even started because knowing that she will have to go is what killed me. It's the matter of when it would happen. Right from the beginning of the last episode I kept tearing up because she was saying goodbye to everyone, and I was yelling at my screen "When is the sad scene coming? Just give it to me already! How long will you drag it out? Your making this more painful than it already is!" And then this scene finally came, they went to the amusement park and when it got dark they went onto the Ferris wheel. That's when Isla asks Tsukasa what he likes about her and then when she pulls out the ring, that's when I lost it. The tears started to flow. Tsukasa starts to cry and then puts the ring on her. They then share a kiss as they hold hands and lastly we see Tsukasa carrying Isla off of the Ferris Wheel as she is asleep now. She has run out of time... What would have made this scene more emotional would be some sad music like most sad scenes have. You know what I'm talking about if you've seen "Clannad", "Angel Beats" and "Anohana". Those are just a few.


Plastic Memories music was good but I wouldn't download the opening to my phone. The opening animation is fun to watch though, it's beautiful and if you watch the ending of the opening each time you will notice a slight change in Isla's facial expression for every episode. I do like the ending song a lot though, it's slow yet has an upbeat tone at the same time. It would've been great for a sad scene. *HINT, HINT* XD Oh well, it was still good. The ending song visuals are pretty to look at as well as the song itself! I really enjoyed it.


First off the animation was beautiful to look at and it popped. Bright colors and great visuals. There was one thing that reminded me of Anohana and that was the sparkle in the eye when they were moved. Isla had it and so did Menma from Anohana. I think it's so cute! You get attached quickly to the character's in less than 13 episodes which makes it harder to let them go. Adorable main couple that you want to be together forever! Lovable and funny female character. Emotional scenes that will tug at your heartstrings. You'll need your tissues ready before episode 1! It has a sweet story and funny scenes. The music's isn't anything special in my opinion but other's might think differently. I found it to be good but not the greatest. Plastic Memories has a great storyline that will make you laugh and cry. Lastly, I want to talk about the ending. Now this may be a spoiler if you have seen the ending of either Amnesia or Angel Beats. I compare the ending for both of those anime's with Plastic Memories because they all have similar style ending's. They make you think one thing but can confuse you. So the ending of Plastic Memories leaves us thinking that Tsukasa ends up with Isla once again but we aren't 100% sure of that. We see him shake hands with his new partner at work but we don't see their face only their hand and it looks like Isla but we aren't sure. Now if you have seen either Amnesia or Angel Beats then you completely understand how the ending style is similar. I won't spoil the endings for those too but you get my drift. These kinds of ending bug me so much making me want more but I know they won't give it to us. Angel Beats had the best ending from these 3 because we knew what was going to happen in the end. Sort of. All in all, Plastic Memories was a really good anime although I don't think it's any better than any of the other sad anime's I've seen and I've seen all of the popular one's besides "Little Busters" which I plan to watch eventually. I'm also currently watching "Orange" and this one is going to be another legend to the sad anime list. I think "Your Lie In April" is the least sad anime from the known sad anime list. Sorry to say, I did cry but not as bad as the rest. So, if you are a crier than prepare some tissues and get ready for "Plastic Memories". It will hit you!


I thought it was cute but I wanted more at the end.
Agreed, I really wanted more as well!
Such a good anime! The ending was so heartbreaking, probably the scene that made me cry the worst out of any anime I've seen, Angel Beats and Clannad included!
This anime demolished my feels. I cried so hard. Especially knowing she would have to die eventually was tough. It's amazing how the metaphor for this show is symbolic towards those with terminal illness.
Exactly Knowing it was going to happen crushed me! Yeah, it has a really deep meaning and I think that may be the reason it hits in the feels even harder.